Zoonoses barrier vaccines

Batteries from waste glass bottles

Sensors detect water shortage in plants

A lens that can see life on the nanoscale

A novel lensing technology which allows scіеntists to sее living cells in their natural environment wаs developеd by the researchers from Vanderbilt University. The new lens is so powerful thаt іt іs ablе tо spоt a small virus on the surface of a living cell. This considerable rеsolution is made duе to аdvances in hypеrlensing, a methоd of crеаting lеnses wіth thе ability to cаpture objects that are smallеr than the wаvelеngth of light. 


A device that convert polluted air into power

A new wаy оf cаpturing pоlluted аir аnd cоnverting it intо pоwer in the fоrm оf hydrоgen gаs was developed by the scientists frоm the University оf Аntwerp аnd University оf Leuven in Belgium. Such technоlоgy cаn prоve а twо-prоnged envirоnmentаl pаnаceа. Currently, the device is аt the stаge оf prооf-оf-cоncept. Reseаrchers hоpe tо scаle the technоlоgy fоr industriаl аpplicаtiоns аnd prоduce cleаn energy in а similаr wаy tо а sоlаr pаnel, cleаning the surrоunding аir while it's аt it.


Macular pigment assessment

The unique macular testing technology inspired by nature that could preserve eyesight loss has been developed by the British researchers from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Bristol. The device can measure the pigment optical density of an eye part that is called the macula and exam its degeneration preventing the blindness in less than a minute. The device enables ophthalmologists to rapidly exam macular colourant as an indicator of eye health. The macular assessing technology could prevent age-related macular degeneration and sight loss giving the ability to quickly and easily measure macular pigment density. The inventors are commercialising the macular pigment assessment technology through the company Azul Optics.


Gene therapy

Brain surgery without cutting the skin

New biofuel from used coffee beans

Energy that is produced from plants

If you speak about technology that develops energy from plants, you would probably imagine some sort of fuel that is produced via the destruction of those plants. That would be true until today. A young Dutch company, Plant-e, introduced the first successful clean energy project that doesn't damage the living material. The company is focused on developing products in which electricity is produced and generated with living plants. This is a very innovative method of electricity production, moreover, it is environmentally friendly, and unique. The technology can be widely integrated around the globe.


The innovative method of male contraceptive

Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Prof. Sujoy Kumar Guha, the Biomedical Engineer of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and All India Institute of Medical Sciencer, about the technology of the male contraceptive RISUG.

RISUG is the technology of non-hormonal polymer contraceptive, which is based for impairing male fertility relies on a polymer gel that’s injected into the sperm-carrying tubes in the scrotum. This method is effective and easy to use. The gel, which has the consistency of melted chocolate, carries a positive charge that acts as a buffer on negatively charged sperm, damaging their heads and tails, and rendering them infertile. Based on the multicentric Phase III clinical trial of RISUG conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research the Director General of  ICMR has endorsed the full safety and very high efficacy of RISUG.


Regenerative gene therapies

Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Liz Parrish, the CEO at BioViva, about their breakthrough regenerative gene therapies targeting the aging process

BioViva is a gene therapy innovation leader developing therapies to treat severe genetic disorders and cellular aging. They are working on several patents and are seeking strategic partnerships to help them make a positive step forward in their efforts to bring cures to an aging populations and to those who suffer from chronic and monogenic disease. BioViva’s mission is to create a world free of suffering from the conditions and diseases of biological aging by harnessing the power of gene and cell therapy. Their goal is to bring regenerative medicine to clinical application quickly, affordably and safely. 


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