Implanted brain prosthesis restores memories

Collabody technology for the effective delivery of anti-cancer drugs

Nanoparticles will reduce the cost and improve the accuracy of blood tests

New and cost-effective breast cancer screening tool

The Indian spinoff NIRAMAI provides a highly-accurate, automated, portable and non-invasive cancer (lat. Carcinoma) screening tool that is easily operated. In contradistinction to mammography, this novel technology is radiation-free and unpainful. It does not require any touches and pushes. Furthermore, this method is suitable for women of all ages. Developers hope that this novel technology can be applied in the cancer diagnostic test in usual hospitals for regular preventive health checkups, and, moreover, for large-scale screening in village and semi-urban areas.


New healthcare platform develops unique diagnostic tests

iGenetic Diagnostics spinoff, which is based in Mumbai, provides and creates a wide range of unique medical test in order to maximize coverage of a patient’s pathology needs. The spinoff offers differential diagnosis panels in addition to a highly precise range of individual laboratory tests in various medical areas such as oncology (lat. Oncologia), gynecology, and infertility. iGenetic has the ability to perform many in-house tests and products that, currently, are not accessible on the market today and others different innovative tests, which have been just commercialized.


Openwater is new abilities to diagnose and treat diseases

New MRI technology of brain was created by OpenWater Company. Mary Lou Jepsen, a former professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, founded its own Openwater spinoff. Openwater has set itself the ambitious task of creating a wearable technology so that one can see the inner workings of the body and brain. Mary Lou Jepsen wants to replace the functionality of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) with true wearable permanent monitoring. As a result, it will help in the rapid and effective detection and treatment of cancer (lat. Carcinoma), cardiovascular diseases (lat. Vitium Cordis), internal bleeding, mental illness, neurodegenerative diseases.


An innovative microscopic sensor

The novel device can provide testing of cancer drugs

Elastic metal rods to treat scoliosis

Electricity from wind power

The innovative wind panel was developed by the Ukrainian scientist. It is possible to pay for electricity at times less or not pay at all thanks to the wind, which is the kinetic energy and is for free. Currently, the scientist is engaged in the manufacture of a prototype of his invention, namely the wind panels, due to which the wind energy will turn into electricity.


The device provides better treatment for BPH symptoms

The technology of treating an еnlarged prostatе has devеloped by Stanford spinoff Zenflow, Ink. About 30 milliоn men in the Unitеd Statеs and morе than 400 milliоn people worldwide suffеr from obstructiоn of the bladdеr associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. According to scientists, most men will еxperience symptоms of this disеase at some point in their lives. An increase in the prostate leads to a tension in urination, frequency, urgency and sleep disturbance. Thus, this disease is quite common, but the treatment methods are limited only to drugs that have poor efficacy, and surgicаl trеatment can have many side effеcts. The solutiоn to this prоblem was invented by Zenflow, Inc. They developed the device, which helps alleviate the symptoms of the disease and makes it possible to avoid complications and side effects. This device can be easily used by urologists, and the procedure itself is quick and painless than any existing therapy. The company received the last financing through Round A in the amount of $ 31 million.


Killing of tumour cells by alpha radiation

Alpha DaRT developed at Tel Aviv University and commercialized by Alpha Tau Medical enables the first radiotherapy treatment based on alpha emitters for solid tumors. The high-energy alpha particles are released into the tumor and destroy the tumor cells’ DNA causing immediate tumor cell death with minor side effects. Multiple preclinical and clinical trials showed that Alpha DaRT is effective and safe for treating solid tumors achieving high control of local and metastatic cancers, and can be augmented when combined with chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Now, the company collaborates with major key opinion leaders worldwide to launch further clinical trials at top cancer centers, such as Memorial Sloan Kettering New York, MD Anderson Texas, Gustave Roussy France, Evangelische Kliniken Gelsenkirchen Germany, National Cancer Center Japan and TATA Memorial Hospital Mumbai.


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