3D bio-link for printing of blood vessels

A new 3D bioprinter has the potential to improve treatment for patients with Type 1 diabetes

Zoonoses barrier vaccines

Sensors detect water shortage in plants

Sensors which are able to be printed on plant leaves and show when the plants are experiencing watеr shortage werе developed by the engineers from MIT. This typе of technology can not only save overlooked housеplants but also give farmеrs an early warning when their crоps are in danger.


Gene therapy

Stem cell biologist Prof. Michael De Luca of the University of Modena in Italy and Reggio Emilia, his college, have been developing a way to counteract an epidermolysis bullosa (EB) - causing mutation by inserting a new gene into the cells used for grafts. He and his team has already treated 2 patients with EB diagnose.


Brain surgery without cutting the skin

Revolutionary technology that allows brain surgery without breaking the skin was presented by the team of physicians from the University of Calgary in collaboration with the scientists from Hotchkiss Brain Institute. The essential tremor is actually the most pervasive neurological disorder. This disorder is able to affect basically all parts of the human body but more frequently the trembling appears in people hands. This complicates the life of elderly people because the simplest actions can't be done.


Engineered Micro Pancreas is a Idiosyncratic Solution Against Diabetes

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