A robotic arm for self-help mobile rehabilitation for stroke patients

Minimally invasive treatment for valve disease

Innovative technology for vital sign monitoring

Subcutaneous implanted device for vascular access

Access for Life Inc. is a medical device company, primarily funded by its inventors and management, working in tandem with medical consultants and development engineers and with patented devices in development stage, undergoing animal in-vivo trials. The Company has received its first significant funding from Pharmes Innovations Limited, a boutique medical device accelerator whose senior partner, David Grey, has now joined the Board of Directors. Access For Life Inc. was incorporated in Delaware in Sept. 2013 by its founder, Dr. Roger Mason who is a highly reputed vascular & general surgeon, trained at Yale and currently practicing in Arkansas. It was founded by physicians and is led by business professionals. JEM ™ is a trademark used by Access for Life Inc. 

23 days ago

Sight-saving treatment for eye infection or trauma

A novel eye drop that rapidly reduces sight-threatening scarring to the surface of the eye has been developed by the researchers at the University of Birmingham (UBirmingham). The surface of the eye (the cornea) is usually transparent, but scars resulting from eye infection or trauma make it opaque causing blurred vision or in extreme cases complete blindness. Their pre-clinical research shows that within a matter of days the eye drop speeds healing, reduces scarring and improves corneal transparency compared to the current standard of care for Pseudomonas aeruginosa, an eye infection commonly associated with poor contact lens hygiene. The current standard of care for eye infection are eye drops containing antibiotics and corticosteroids to reduce inflammation, followed by intensive lubrication to prevent further damage to the eye during blinking.

23 days ago

Artificial intelligence system learns to diagnose, classify intracranial hemorrhage

A new system that uses artificial intelligence to quickly diagnose and classify brain hemorrhages and to provide the basis of its decisions from relatively small image datasets has been developed by the researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Such a system could become an indispensable tool for hospital emergency departments evaluating patients with symptoms of a potentially life-threatening stroke, allowing rapid application of the correct treatment. While ever-increasing computational power and the availability of big datasets have improved machine learning - the process by which computers analyze data, identify patterns and essentially teach themselves how to perform a task without the direct involvement of a human programmer - important obstacles can prevent such systems from being integrated into clinical decision making. 

23 days ago

Motif Bio provides treatment against serious and life-threatening infections

New machine-learning program shows promise for early Alzheimer’s diagnosis

Smart cancer screening test can diagnose six cancers from a drop of blood

Nightstar Therapeutics: revolutionizing the treatment of blinding eye diseases

Nightstar Therapeutics is a clinical-stage gene therapy company focused on developing and commercializing a pipeline of novel and potentially curative, one-time retinal gene therapies for patients suffering from rare inherited retinal diseases that would otherwise progress to blindness, and, for which, there are no currently approved treatments. Nightstar' retinal gene therapy product candidate, NSR-REP1, is being developed for the treatment of choroideremia (CHM), a rare, degenerative, X-linked genetic retinal disorder primarily affecting males that is caused by a mutation in the CHM gene.

26 days ago

Blood test to predict Alzheimer’s

Researchers in South Korea have developed a new technology that can predict the onset of Alzheimer’s disease (lat. morbus Alzheimerianus) before the physical symptoms start to show, paving the way for early diagnosis and treatment planning. Alzheimer’s is a neurological disorder in which the death of brain cells causes memory loss and cognitive dementia. It is a progressive disease without a cure, and dementia symptoms worsen over time. Scientists do not have a clear answer yet as to what causes Alzheimer’s, but beta-amyloid plaques - the sticky buildup of proteins that accumulate outside nerve cells - are said to be one cause. 

26 days ago

A protein that makes skin cancer cells more invasive

Squamous cell carcinoma is a common type of skin cancer (lat. Carcinoma), usually affecting skin that is exposed to the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. A protein that normally helps repair DNA, called TRIM29, is also involved in cancers of the breast, pancreas, prostate, lungs, bladder and stomach. Its role in squamous cell carcinoma, however, was unknown until now. A research team led by dermatologist Teruki Yanagi and Professor Shigetsugu Hatakeyama at Hokkaido University found that human squamous carcinoma cells with lower levels of TRIM29 were more mobile and invasive, and thus correlated with a worse prognosis.

26 days ago

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