Fast and highly accurate biocompatible body monitoring sensor

RS Research develops next-generation nanomedicines

Ingestible, expanding pill monitors the stomach for up to a month

Initio Biomedical provides lab-on-a-chip technologies

Classical drug discovery uses 2D cell culture coupled with animal testing for preclinical studies. Neither 2D cell culture nor animal testing truly recapitulate the in vivo microenvironments of cells in a human body. The paradigm shift is to use 3D cell culture in lab-on-a-chip devices that can faithfully mimic the in vivo conditions. With this modern drug discovery approach, costs can be reduced ten-fold, results can be achieved ten times faster, animal testing can be significantly reduced and personalized medicine can be realized. Therefore, Initio Biomedical, an Izmir Institute of Technology 's (IYTE) spinoff, is aimed to transform the pharmaceutical and medical industries today by developing lab-on-a-chip and organ-on-a-chip technologies.

18 days ago

Self-powered sensors could increase life span of knee implants

Assistant professor Sherry Towfighian at Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science of Binghamton University (BinghUni) began work on a smart implant that could drastically reduce the number of knee replacement surgeries. Knee replacement surgery is one of the most common bone surgeries in the United States, yet the average implant will only last about five years. Increasingly, this surgery is being performed for younger, more active patients who are faced with a dilemma. When they undergo the surgery, they are expected to remain physically active for their overall health, but that activity can also wear down the new implant. Often, doctors don’t know if patients are overexerting themselves until they begin to develop symptoms. By that point, the damage to the implant has already been done. For a young patient, going through knee replacement surgery every five years is a daunting task, but finding the perfect balance of activity levels to maintain the integrity of the implant has been equally daunting.

18 days ago

Converting Wi-Fi signals to electricity with new 2-D materials

A new device made from flexible, inexpensive materials that could power large-area electronics, wearables, medical devices has been developed by the researchers at MIT. Devices that convert AC electromagnetic waves into DC electricity are known as 'rectennas.' The researchers demonstrate a new kind of rectenna that uses a flexible radio-frequency (RF) antenna that captures electromagnetic waves - including those carrying Wi-Fi - as AC waveforms. The antenna is then connected to a novel device made out of a two-dimensional semiconductor just a few atoms thick. The AC signal travels into the semiconductor, which converts it into a DC voltage that could be used to power electronic circuits or recharge batteries.


18 days ago

VideoVitals is a tool to detect heart rates from a distance

Interact Technologies provides a Robot-Assisted Rehabilitation

AI can detect Alzheimer’s disease in brain scans six years before a diagnosis

First 3D colour X-ray of a human

Colour X-ray imaging technique could produce clearer and more accurate pictures and help doctors give their patients more accurate diagnoses. This is now a reality, thanks to a New-Zealand company that scanned, for the first time, a human body using a breakthrough colour medical scanner based on the Medipix3 technology developed at CERN. Father and son scientists Professors Phil and Anthony Butler from Canterbury (CantUni) and Otago Universities (OtagoU) spent a decade building and refining their product.

20 days ago

A hydrogel-based material that efficiently captures moisture from the air

A simple device that can capture its own weight in water from fresh air and then release that water when warmed by sunlight could provide a secure new source of drinking water in remote arid regions has been developed by the researchers at KAUST. Globally, Earth’s air contains almost 13 trillion tons of water, a vast renewable reservoir of clean drinking water. Trials of many materials and devices developed to tap this water source have shown each to be either too inefficient, expensive or complex for practical use. A prototype device developed by Peng Wang from the Water Desalination and Reuse Center and his team could finally change that.

23 days ago

Breakthrough genetic fix could give big boost to important crops

When San Francisco State University Professor of Biology Zheng-Hui He was an undergraduate, he learned a curious fact about some plants: The way they store the energy of light is horribly inefficient. Now he’s part of a research team that’s figured out a way to use genetic engineering to streamline the process, pumping up the productivity of rice plants. The researchers' team from the San Francisco State University and the South China Agricultural University developed an approach, called GOC bypass, which enriches plant cells with CO2 that would otherwise be lost through a metabolic process called photorespiration. The resulting rice has a long way to go before it’s a consumer product, but it may in time help curtail food shortages by giving a needed boost to one of the world’s most important crops.

23 days ago

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