An ultrathin camera inspired by parasite eyes

Turn any surface into a charger with cuttable coils

New technology gives unprecedented look inside capillaries

Opening up a pathway to cost-effective, autonomous IoT application

Objects in our daily lives, such as speakers, refrigerators, and even cars, are becoming “smarter” day by day as they connect to the internet and exchange data, creating the Internet of Things (IoT), a network among the objects themselves. Toward an IoT-based society, a miniaturized thermoelectric generator is anticipated to charge these objects, especially for those that are portable and wearable. Therefore, the recent development of Japanese scientists pathed the way to cost-effective, autonomous IoT application. They created a high power thermoelectric generator to utilize thermal difference of the only 5ºC in environmental and body heats.

23 days ago

A method to make industrial polymers sticky without glue

Polymers containing plastics are essential in modern life. Being lightweight, strong and unreactive, a vast range of technologies depend on them. However, most polymers do not adhere naturally to other materials, so they need adhesives or corrosive chemical treatments to be attached to other materials. This is a problem in areas like food and medicine, where contamination must be avoided at all costs. A clean way to make industrial polymers adhesive is urgently needed. Therefore, a researchers' team at the Osaka University has achieved just that. They have developed a suite of plasma treatments to allow vulcanized rubber and the plastic PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) to adhere to one another, or to other materials. The method activates the polymers’ surface chemistry.

23 days ago

A novel viral identification method was developed

Currently, influenza typing in clinical practice is performed using an immunochromatography method based on antigen-antibody interaction. This method enables a simple diagnosis of infectious diseases. However, it also has a problem in that a single molecular recognition element (MRE) only recognizes a specific single target analyte. Meanwhile, a team of researchers led by the Osaka University had previously succeeded in multiplex detections of influenza viruses (influenza types A and B and the subtypes of influenza A) with high accuracy using a novel single virus detection method that combines a nanopore sensor and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Currently, they created a new nanodevice for influenza virus typing at the single-virion level by combing a nanopore sensor with peptide engineering.

23 days ago

Novel proprietary biomarkers for monitoring the Immune Status

A new way to turn carbon dioxide gas into valuable chemicals

A new method to convert waste heat into electricity

An optical system for monitoring underwater sensor positions

A novel optical system for monitoring sensor locations has been developed by the researchers at KAUST. Extensive networks of underwater sensors - some attached to the seabed, some suspended in the water and some on floating surface buoys - are proposed by Nasir Saeed, working with Professors Tareq Al-Naffouri and Mohamed-Slim Alouini from the Department of Electrical Engineering.  In their latest work, the team tackles the sensor localization problem - monitoring the positions of sensors in an ever-changing 3D ocean environment, where surface tools, such as a global positioning system (GPS), do not work. The team has ambitious plans to develop underwater wireless sensor networks to assist with biological sampling, offshore exploration, and disaster management. But building such networks is hugely difficult, with one of the biggest challenges being to simply keep track of where the sensors are.

23 days ago

Valentis provides coated plastic films with increased tensile elasticity

Valentis Nanotech produces polymeric films, coatings, and compounds that can be used in a variety of materials and applications. Its films, which are thin, strong, and made from green materials, act as a barrier against UV rays, oxygen, and moisture. Valentis has a patent, covering the use of cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) with a combination of nanoparticles for use in a wide range of applications. In lab tests and limited trials, the Valentis films showed added strength, greater spectral control, improved oxygen barrier and other functionalities. Valentis has collaborated on new product development with one of Israel’s leading agricultural thermoplastics applications companies. The team of the company includes Sigal Meirovich, who is CTO of Valentis Nanotech and has Ph.D. in Prof. Oded Shoseyov’s lab at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI).

23 days ago

A new technique paves the way for the new generation of flexible electronics

A researchers' team at the University of Exeter (UniExeter) has developed an innovative technique that could help create the next generation of everyday flexible electronics. This novel way to ease the production of van der Waals heterostructures with high-K dielectrics- assemblies of atomically thin two-dimensional (2-D) crystalline materials was designed for the first time. Furthermore, this innovational technique paves the way for a new generation of flexible fundamental electronic components.

24 days ago

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