Todos Medical provides affordable and reliable early cancer screening

Scientists develop minimally invasive brain probe

Squeezing cells to cure diseases

New ceria nanoparticles attack Parkinson’s disease from three fronts

Parkinson's disease is characterized by the sudden degeneration and death of neurons that secrete dopamine in the brain. Accumulation of reactive oxygen species damages the neurons, by contributing to the onset of mitochondrial dysfunction, neuroinflammation, and neuronal death. Researchers at the Center for Nanoparticle Research, within the Institute for Basic Science (IBS, South Korea), have developed a set of nanoparticles for Parkinson’s disease (lat. Parkinson scriptor morbus) treatment. Tested in mice, this study represents the first biomedical application of nanoparticles in the clearance of reactive oxygen by-products in Parkinson’s, and gives new hints of therapeutic targets. In the future, the system is expected to be used in the identification and treatment of other pathologies caused by reactive oxygen species, including cancers, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and sepsis.

7 days ago

This RNA-based technique could make gene therapy more effective

A new way to regulate the expression of RNA once it gets into cells, giving them precise control over the dose of protein that a patient receives has been developed by the biological engineers at MIT. This technology could allow doctors to more accurately tailor treatment for individual patients, and it also offers a way to quickly turn the genes off, if necessary. Only a few gene therapies have been approved for human use so far, but scientists are working on and testing new gene therapy treatments for diseases such as sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, and congenital eye disease, among many others. As a tool for gene therapy, DNA can be difficult to work with. When carried by synthetic nanoparticles, the particles must be delivered to the nucleus, which can be inefficient

7 days ago

Technological solutions for patients suffering from paralysis due to neurological disorders

Bioness is the leading provider of innovative technologies helping people regain mobility and independence. The company is spinoff of Ben-Gurion University (BGUni). Bioness solutions include functional electrical stimulation (FES) systems, robotic systems and software-based therapy programs providing functional and therapeutic benefits for individuals affected by central nervous system disorders and orthopedic injuries. Bioness Inc. was founded to help individuals with neurological impairments regain their independence. With the support of entrepreneur and philanthropist Alfred E. Mann, Bioness was formed to develop and distribute neuromodulation devices into the field of rehabilitation.

7 days ago

Sweet cherries can help reduce weight gain

Pediatrics 24 - an innovative pediatric management ecosystem

Universal digital secretary for dental clinics

Novel process for synthesizing DNA could lead to better gene therapies

A new process that could lead to stickier and better gene therapy drugs has been developed by the researchers at Michigan Technological University. The drugs, called antisense DNA, are made from short, single strands of synthetic DNA. They work by blocking cells from making harmful proteins, which can cause maladies ranging from cancer to Ebola to HIV-AIDS. Only a couple of these synthetic DNA drugs are on the market, but a number are in clinical trials, including a potential treatment for ALS (lat. amyotrophic lateralibus lumbos). Disease organisms can inject harmful proteins into our bodies, and so can mutations in our own genetic material.

7 days ago

Cardiology24 helps track and manage all the data more efficiently is a multimedia interactive service created by cardiologists for both healthcare professionals and patients. Their focus is on innovative cardiac rhythm management (CRM) systems, providing reliable performance and data security. Cardiology24 helps physicians by providing an easy-to-use system to spend more time assisting patients. Cardiology24 is a smart solution for cardiology industry. Cardiology24 is a part of Apollonia's ecosystem. 

7 days ago

WideMed provides a solution for treating sleep disorders

WideMed, Ben-Gurion University's (BGUni) spinoff, is a leading company in the growing bio-medical signal diagnostics and treatment market. Leveraging its innovative signal processing algorithms, the company offers comprehensive signal analysis and workflow management services and solutions to the fast growing Cardio-Sleep market. Ever since its establishment WideMed has been a pioneer in offering advanced, web-based, automated sleep scoring solutions to the sleep clinical market. Introducing the company’s Morpheus® – the world’s first FDA-cleared computer-aided sleep scoring solution – WideMed has brought major breakthroughs in the development of monitoring, diagnosis and analysis sleep management solution for the growing respiratory market.

7 days ago

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