Breakthrough device heals wounds and organs with a single touch

An imaging method identifies letters printed on first nine pages of a stack of paper

Nanocomposites-Inspired Sensors

Two-Dimensional Transistor

Australian scientists had created a two-dimensional transistor. They mentioned that such discoveries happen "once-in-a-decade". The new material is able to change many processes in chemistry and improved electronics, providing an ideal transistor, increase storage capabilities and make electronics much faster. Furthermore, the invention can be used for touch-screens, making them more sensitive, responsive and quick.


Highly-efficient Aluminium LED

In Hong Kong, scientists had invented the highly energy-efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp. It is in 1.5 times the efficiency of traditional led lamps and also can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30%. Furthermore, it is 80% from recycled materials. This LED technology based on the Aluminium as a basis substrate material.


Unique Therapeutic Approach for Treatment of patients with T-Cell Lymphomas

The cure based on Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies was developed by Dr Martin Pule and is currently applied by Autolus Limited, the University College London clinical-stage biopharmaceutical spinoff focused on its development and commercialisation. This method showed effectiveness in some haematological malignancies and has wide applications as a cancer treatment, with the potential to offer a cure. With such an innovative approach, Autolus Limited is at the forefront of a revolution in cancer treatment.


Edible batteries make ingestible medical devices and targeted drug delivery safer

Polarfin additives help eliminate the major limitation associated with polyolefins

A novel way to clear the water from all possible pollutants

The photovoltaic additive that can convert pavement and paint into a solar panel

SolarLayer іs the new addіtіve for all kіnds оf surfaces that transforms them іnto a sоlar energy receptor. After the coatіng іs applіed to the surfacer іt transfоrms іnto photovoltaіc generatоr, that works as a replacement or supplement to the tradіtіonal power grіd. Thіs brand new solutіon іs desіgned to work іn 3 / 12V, can be applіed to any for external or іnternal surfaces and іs expected to last for mоre than 20 years wіth no maіntanence.


3D printed rocket engine

Australian scientists had designed and tested a 3D printed rocket engine. They printed and tested engine for several months. This engine is effective and does not reduce cravings during the exit flame, unlike ordinary rocket engines. But this kind of engine is difficult to construct using general technology.


The Composite Aircraft with the Detachable Cabin

The Ukranian engineer had developed a composite aircraft with the detachable cabin. The safety system is able to provide practically guaranteed the salvation of all passengers and crew in a plane crash in the air, during the flight or landing process. The system based on the shoot-capsule that is attached to the fuselage and can if necessary be separated from the aircraft in few seconds.


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