ten3T Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. uses AI for the early detection and prevention of fatal medical events. The company, which was founded in 2014 and is based in Bengaluru, India, builds, deploys, and manages wearable medical devices. The company developed Cicer, a wireless wearable health monitoring system that monitors and transfers patient data in real-time to a cloud-based system. Its devices gather, analyze, and report clinical grad information on ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, Sp02, and temperature.

ten3T, founded by Dr. Sudhir Borgonha, Rahul Shingrani, and Prasad Bhat, provides a platform that has evolved to continuously integrate technology, ensuring it remains at the forefront of patient monitoring. The company's mission is to be the leading vital signs monitoring system wherever the user is - in the clinic, after a procedure, on a trek, or at home.

First of all, developers started by building the most sophisticated self-enclosed, real-time monitoring device. This innovative device is a patch that has the shape of a triangle and 9 cm. It could be placed on patients' chest -for as long as is required - from a minute to several days.

Furthermore, patients vital signs are wirelessly transmitted and viewed remotely by physicians, on any smart device across the globe. The machine learning algorithms look for immediate signs, symptoms, biomarkers as well as longer-term subtle changes, allowing clinicians to make immediate, accurate, and predictive decisions.

The developed system Cicer provides biomedical sensing, continuous and streaming real-time data. Moreover, it has wireless charging and includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, and proprietary event detection algorithms.

The company endeavours to make the intensive care medicine mobile. With the help of its technology, it provides 6 lead ECG and monitors pulse, respiration, blood oxygen, temperature, posture, and falls. It also has integrated BP.