The shirt, which controls human posture, was developed by Adela Health Inc. The new technology has built-in nanosensors designed to monitor the human posture and measure the bending of his back. Scoliosis as one of the types of curvature of the spine is today a fairly common problem, which will subsequently occur even more often, doctors state. Moreover, the main reason for the ever-increasing frequency with which this disease is observed is urbanization and inactivity already at school age when there is an active shaping of the spine.

'Smart' clothing, which is able to solve this problem, has the name TruPosture. The shirt is made of soft lycra, and the sensors built into it are synchronized with the mobile application, which if necessary gives the command to straighten the back with the help of weak vibration of the built-in device. One vibrator means that a person is too leaned forward and two - on the contrary, too much bent over backward for example, when a person sits in an uncomfortable position.

The application allows setting your own goals for correcting the posture with the participation of a doctor and has several modes of back training. The state of the user's body is tracked in time, and all data can be shared with the doctor. Communication with the application is via Bluetooth. New smart clothes are designed for permanent wearing, can be washed in the washing machine. The TruPosture Smart Shirt shirt can easily be worn under ordinary clothes and train a good posture both at home and at work. The blue curve, in the appendix, represents the reference position, and the orange one - the actual posture. The smart shirt TruPosture Self-Contained and will work without the need to connect to a smartphone or computer.

According to Dan Ikoyan, Engineer and product developer, he was surprised when he started having back pain after years of being fit and jogging miles in the mornings. His physical therapist said it was his bad posture. At the time, he did not believe it and thought there was something wrong with his spine but the doctor was right when he paid attention to his posture the pain went away. However, the doctor could not find an easy solution to help him regain and maintain his healthy posture, especially during the vulnerable 8+ hours he spent working at an uncomfortable desk and lab. That’s why he invented the TruPosture smart shirt. As result, this device trains and strengthens back muscles and core for a good posture naturally. It can also monitor posture and training progress in real-time, record posture continuously over time and improve the environment at home or the office for optimal ergonomics.

Thus, the TruPosture smart shirt is designed to help maintain a healthy back posture and help reduce back pain. TruPosture is a nano-sensor enabled, comfort-fit smart shirt that’s packed with technology and features. TruPosture trains your back, resulting in an improved posture that sticks. Adela Health Inc. has raised $29,034 via IndieGoGo platform.