Turbomachinery is commonplace at high flow-rates but requires high operating speeds for operating at low flow-rates, increasing the cost of bearings, motors and drives as well as reducing efficiency, reliability and durability. However, Dynamic Boosting Systems Limited, City, University of London's spinoff (CITY UL), developed a radically new turbocompressor design that delivered the low flow rate characteristics. Electric supercharging for engine downsizing, refrigerant gas compression, and energy recovery from waste steam soon emerged as promising opportunities for company's new technology TurboClaw®, where its low flow-rate capability, simplicity and low production cost give it a significant edge over competing products. DBS's mission is to contribute to a significant reduction in global CO2 emissions by making a range of large and global industrial processes more environmentally sustainable and cost-efficient.

Using patented TurboClaw® technology, the company has developed compressors that bring the benefits of turbomachines to low flow-rate applications such as steam compression, refrigerant gas compression and electric supercharging.

TurboClaw® compressors offer a unique solution for low specific speed requirements, operating at much lower speeds than conventional turbocompressors. The lower operating speed eases problems with the electric machine, drive as well as bearing support which traditionally hindered the use of turbocompressors in low flow rate applications. TurboClaw® benefits from low parts count, low manufacturing cost, oil-free compression, low vibration and high efficiency - and enables these benefits to be realised in low specific speed applications.

TurboClaw® based compressors have been tested extensively to supply low flow rates at moderate shaft speeds. It achieves low flow-rates for a range of pressure ratios, at comparatively lower speeds of operation when compared to conventional turbomachinery. At low specific speed, it achieves a similar or higher efficiency than both positive displacement and turbocompressor technologies at a fraction of the cost.

DBS is also developing a high-speed flywheel for use in the automotive and grid stability industries. Innovation in the design of the rotor has allowed for a safer, cheaper and smaller machine. In addition, the company has created high-speed motors and generators that range from 3.5kW @110,000rpm to 150kW @30,000rpm. These can be tailored to meet client specific requirements and range from simple greased to fully integrated, oil lubricated machines.