Umoove, a Jerusalem-based spinoff, created a face and eye-tracking solution that is compatible with any smartphone or tablet with a front-facing camera. The company's core technology does not require any additional hardware of any kind. Furthermore, the developed in-house medical application is also powering eye tracking research in top universities across the world. Eye tracking and digital biomarkers are used as a method for diagnosis and therapy of many neurological disorders such as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), concussions, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's disease (lat. morbus Alzheimerianus), autism (lat. Autismus), strokes (lat. Apoplexia), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (amyotrophic lateralibus lumbos) and more. The company's first product, uHealth, was released in 2015. 

By nature, the face and eyes are capable of different types of movement; though by tracking both they prove to complement one another. Tracking the face allows intuitive interaction using gentle controlled movements. The eyes, however, move involuntarily; thus making eye-tracking less relevant and natural for interaction and more suitable for deep analysis of patterns and movement as a key to understanding the users' state and screening/diagnosing brain disorders.

Founded in 2010, Umoove is the first ever, pure software, face and eye tracking, for any mobile device. No extra hardware needed. A unique technology, built from ground up, that has attracted the attention of many of the biggest companies in the world. With simple app downloads, any device can become capable of seeing the user and looking him in the eye-opening new possibilities in many markets (Gaming, Security, Advertising, Sports, Wearable AR/VR etc.) including healthcare where looking at the user's eyes is a window to diagnosing their brain activity. Things like fatigue, ADHD, concussions, strokes, autism, Parkinson's and more can all be seen through the eyes.

This means that with no extra hardware any mobile can become an advanced medical device diagnosing and tracking brain activity, dramatically impacting major healthcare markets. Umoove's face and eye-tracking technology was built especially to facilitate the challenges in mobile environments such as shakiness, lighting and limited hardware resources.

The technology runs at a CPU as low as 5% in real-time and needs nothing but the raw frames of the front-facing camera for input. On top of the core technology, the company developed an interpretation layer which turns the face and eye movements into a language of interaction and valuable data. This innovative technology is built on top of unique algorithms and has four granted patents plus over ten more pending.