Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Mikhail Svarichevsky, CTO at Wayray SA, about the first true augmented reality car navigation system. WayRay is a Zurich-based spinoff that develops holographic augmented reality (AR) technology and hardware. AR technology enhances not only navigation systems but establishes an AR platform for smart cities and smart buildings. WayRay's portfolio includes applications in different sectors - from AR in transportation to AR smart glass and windows in the smart home business and construction industry. Navion is the first True Augmented Reality car navigation system that applies aeronautical principles to land navigation. Just like in a video game, the driver follows the green arrow, directions, trip details and a route overview in front of the car to reach the destination. It became possible due to the technology of True Holography. It allows Navion to display virtual indicators exactly where the driver needs them to be ­— on the road ahead. The system is smart, safe, and fit for almost any car. No headgear or eyewear required.

S.O.C.: Mikhail, SPINOFF.COM team and I are so grateful that you agreed to spend this hour speaking with us and sharing your insights about WayRay. First of all, I would like to express my respect and admiration to your team. WayRay impressed us all. Your product is a breakthrough in the sphere of navigation systems. At first, I would like you to say a few words about your background, your previous experience, and how did you join the WayRay team?

Mikhail Svarichevsky: I’m a CTO in WayRay and I joined the team as it typically happens at the very beginning of the company. The founder of the company Vitaliy Ponomarev approached me when he had this idea of creating the holographic head-up display for automobiles, but of course, he had this idea and I had to find out how to make this happen. We had a scientific advisor and we had to go from there.