Taiwan spinoff Winnoz has developed a scalable POCT platform for disease risk assessment. This unique technology has the ability to analyze blood (lat. Sanguis) samples without nucleotide purification in order to detect nucleic acid-based biomarkers, which are linked with life-threatening diseases. Comparing to current screening devices, Winnoz provides a more allowable, sustainable, effective and scalable on-site system that is easy to use anywhere.

Winnoz Technology Inc was founded by Dr. Joses Hsiung in 2014. During his study in Tel Aviv University, Dr. Joses Hsiung and his colleagues created cutting-edge devices for point-of-care testing (POCT). After this, Mr. Hsiung and Winnoz's team, being supported by investors, developed the medicine screening platform that is based on the POCT technology. Dr. Hsiung mentioned that keeping people healthy is a key to a better quality of life. Therefore, the ability to assess the disease risk leads to an early treatment in the cause of the in case of illness. It is obvious that an early treatment leads to the more effective results. Consequently, researchers developed onsite POCT platform, which is consists of 2 portable medical devices, HaiimTM, eGGiTM, and an AI, facilitates blood micro-sampling, qPCR analysis for biomarker detection and AI for decision-making support.

HaiimTM is the handheld blood micro-sampling device. It has the ability to alleviate blood collection from fingertips by phlebotomists and provide a unique experience for individuals. It takes 1 minute without unwanted painful pushes. Furthermore, the device was specially designed to be applied in different situations for various patients such as neonates, infants, elderlies, chronic and hospitalized patients. eGGiTM is the portable disease-risk-assessment device, which analyzes whole blood samples and detects nucleic acid-based biomarkers for specific diseases. It has 2 versions: for research use and for clinical use. eGGiTM's technology simplifies qPCR analysis without nucleotide purification. It significantly decreases time and endeavor. The device provides results in 1 hour. AI storages, analyzes and distributes anonymously clinical data to support the decision-making process.

Winnoz has been honored to present their innovative platform at the Global Stage for Innovation, 2018.