The researchers' group from Singapore has managed to develop an innovative technology in order to improve building structures. It based on the mixing of biochar from saw dust with cement that makes concrete, which used in buildings, stronger at 20% and watertight at 50%. The novel development is absolutely eco-friendly as biochar is recycled. Furthermore, the method will allow reducing of a large amount of wood waste.

The technology of improving buildings constructers reusing wood waste was developed by the scientific group, which is led by Associate Professor Kua Harn Wei, from the National University of Singapore.

A well-known fact that wood was the main source of energy until the mid-1800s. Furthermore, wood continues to be a significant part of the natural source and even fuel in many countries, especially in developing countries. Furthermore, there are many technologies of wood reused were invented. The quality of recovered wood in different waste streams varies considerably and different end uses can utilize different types depending on their technical and commercial capabilities. Biomass facilities can consume a variety of different biomass feedstock, including wood waste. Despite the presence of various methods of wood waste reused, the significant part of which is disposed of in landfills or burnt.

Scientists discovered that biochar, which was generated from wood waste, is the suitable material for buildings improvement. It is a carbon-rich material that has the ability to effectively absorb and keeps the water. Biochar is produced from the biomass and often applied in the field of agriculture as an alternative soil to enhancement crop yield. 

The scientific group mentioned that a small amount of produced biochar has the ability to make concrete structures stronger at 20% and impermeable to water at 50%. The technology is based on the using of the porous and fibrous structure of the biochar and its absorption and keeping characteristics. It significantly increases the solidification of the concrete that provides the improvement of the buildings' strength. Using this technology, up to 50kg of wood waste can be utilized for each tonne of concrete production. In other words, about 6 tonnes of wood waste can be reused for each house unit with a 100sqm floor area.