SPINOFF.COM Ltd. is a syndicate of professionals that develop turnkey Personal Retail Brands (PRBs) for famous scientists, medical doctors, athletes, influencers, opinion leaders and celebrities and build global online and offline distribution the fastest way. We know how to “Spinoff the Fame” of our clients into their PRB. We build turnkey PRBs in beauty, makeup, cosmetology, healthcare, sports and recreation, sports food and dietary supplements from scratch. We start by discussing the strategy with the client, choosing the most suitable brand that does not contradict his/her style, considering client's ideas and wishes. We professionally develop a brand strategy, product line, we make market analytics and market acceptance, set up the production, marketing and sales strategy to the global online and offline retail, build distribution network from local to global markets, care about logistics, shipment, storage, paperwork (the certification and licensing). When Personal Retail Brand is already in place, we act as external International M&S department and set up online and offline sales for Personal Retail Brands. Thus, with our team, this could not be more difficult than putting together puzzles for our clients.

SPINOFF.COM PLATFORM is an additional business tool, which allows to make market analytics of PRBs and work with retailers and distributors around the world. With our professional articles, they can learn about new unique PRBs that fit their portfolio, store line, price segment & style. Our digital platform replaces time-consuming trade fairs and markets. It also provides an overview of the types, terms and conditions of partnerships PRBs are interested in. The tool is very useful for famous personalities and their team while developing their PRB. It allows reviewing and making an analysis of the retail brand’s market. The platform has both desktop and mobile adapted version. AI-driven filter allows hiding unrelated PRB, to customize the interface, and synchronize the settings on all gadgets. AI-system allows consolidating filtered information into narrow reports with all necessary attachments and visuals, which can be used online as well as offline as PRB Bespoke Report in the form of PDF file and download the search results in a matter of seconds with one click. 


Alexander Miller, the founder of the company has 15 years of extensive working experience at top management positions in International M&S in the leading corporations (e.g. Siemens, HeidelbergCement Group, GFK, WashTec). During this time, together with our professional team in Europe and Asia, he brought dozens of PRBs (e.g. Niance, Biopeptix, Amedei, Forlle'd, Eye Slices) on the shelves of international big retailers and increased their cashflow at times. Total investment into SPINOFF.COM up to today has reached over €2 mln and over 120,000 working hours of the team of in-house employees and external syndicate members. We plan to invest around €3.5-4 mln for further growth within the next three years, extend our team to over 100 employees in all four locations. In 2020 we plan to open a representative office in the New York area in order to have a better interface to North America partners and clients. We also plan to actively invest in the development of our offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, Burgas, Bulgaria and Mumbai, India.