We are the #1 Group Procurement Organisation (GPO1) focused on retail and professional products with clear biotechnological background (spinoffs) that consists of independent retailers and distributors with own staff/ offices/ warehouses/ training premises/ points of sale in 75 countries and purchasing volume €368 mln/year. We buy only brands with 100% clear USP. We pay only cash up front. GPO members are passionate longevitists that united to leverage novel unique product scouting, purchasing power, obtain better discounts from vendors, secure exclusive distribution rights on the brands, speed up all the processes and make them time, resources and costs effective. The focus of GPO is on brands utilizing the latest cutting-edge biotechnologies that radically enhance human healthspan. In case of an urgent need for a non-existent product with a great potential demand that fills a certain gap on the market, GPO can invest or co-develop brands from scratch.

What are spinoffs?

Spinoffs are ready-to-market physical products (in separate cases, at the latest stage of development and will be ready to market in the nearest future) that apply the latest spun off scientific biotechnologies and discoveries in various forms for enhancement of the human healthspan and increase a likelihood of a healthier thus longer life.

What is GPO and its main benefits?

Group Procurement Organization (Einkaufsgemeinschaft2 in German) is a model of procurement, known in the German industry since the end of the 19th century, where the members are independent businesses that act as a group with the collective buying power to get various benefits through a common purchase.

GPO provides its members:

GPO provides suppliers (spinoff's owners):

GPO terms and conditions for procurement

All GPO members buy ready-to-market spinoffs at the same purchasing price with cash up front adhering to common distribution terms and selling in their markets. Despite the fact that the volume of purchases and discounts, based on total purchases by all GPO members, are negotiated, the procurement contracts are concluded with each individual member of the group for each separate market. Spinoff brand owners mandatory conclude a five-year exclusive distribution agreement with each interested member for his core market with the possibility of prolongation for at least five years, subject to the fulfilment of the agreed annual purchase volumes by GPO members. Accordingly, the buyer pays the supplier and receives the products directly according to the terms of the contract. Such a contractual division allows simplifying the procurement procedure and proper build financial relationships between the parties.

Group Production

We are the first worldwide who were forced to introduce such GPO extension. Only if GPO sees an urgent need or unrealized product gap in the market, it can enter into a deep collaboration with an independent manufacturer (not MNC) and, respectively, create own private label from scratch to fulfil the demand and fill in the gap on the market. GPO is guided by the fact that there are already own customers who need this product in all markets of operation and ready to buy it. It is very important that GPO does not consider the subject of copycats. Representing the interests of the market directly, GPO develops the products only after careful market assessments by all members within the framework of BRAND LAB thorough market testing and surveys of all GPO members.

The novel brand evaluation process consists of:

The novel brand production process consists of:

GPO members who have developed the brand share all marketing costs and additional expenses on the development of such brand among the participants. In such a case, all rights on this brand 100% belong to the GPO members who participated in brand development and sales. In case of deep integration into product development, the right may be also shared with the manufacturer/brand owner.

How does GPO secure the rights for co-owned brands?

Since GPO co-develops private label from A to Z completely at own expenses and independently from the manufacturer, it retains full rights to the trademark, as well as intellectual property rights and remains unbound to the location of the production facilities. In case of exit of such spinoff, the GPO receives an entire 100% compensation, that is distributed among the members who sold the product. If the manufacturer partially obtains certain rights for the private brand, investing in the brand's production, he gets the share in accordance with his participation in the event of the exit. The rest of the shares are divided between GPO members who were involved in its sales, in the percent ratio tied to purchasing volume.

Which brands does GPO work with?

The focus of GPO is on brands utilizing the latest cutting-edge biotechnologies that radically enhance human healthspan.


All GPO brands could be downloaded as Biotech Brands Report in the convenient .pdf  form with just one click.

How does GPO work with spinoffs?


GPO has a very simple procurement chain, where there is an independent spinoff brand on one side and there are GPO members on the other. In the middle of this chain, there is a centralized office with an in-house international team for the effective GPO process house. The centralized team scouts for the new biotech brand in the portfolio, applying online and offline channels (member’s recommendations, mass media, social media, exhibitions, etc.) and selects the best brands according to generally accepted requirements as stated above. It starts with market assessment and at the request of the brand, excludes the markets where the brand is already being sold or has exclusivity. After the market assessment, GPO tests the products for short, middle and long-term performance within the BRAND LAB by a group of professional medical doctors and technologists, who either own retail companies or work for them and have the necessary competence.


After the assessment of the products, the centralized team personally informs GPO members in 75 markets about new potential spinoffs in the portfolio and updates with all news with the help of special personal notifications. Based on the GPO member's request and feedback, the team arranges online conference calls between the parties. At the final stage, after the presentation and warm introduction by the team, all communication is transferred to GPO members for further direct interaction. Also, in some cases, the team helps with the provision of business samples to GPO members, at their request, as well as with certification, sales and marketing and international go-to-market strategy, customers check and product demand in all markets. Usually, after the preliminary online conferences and meetings between the interested parties, if the situation permits, GPO members hold a personal centralized meeting with the brand where it is more convenient for everyone, to define all the conditions and sign spinoff brand-GPO member direct contracts.


As a standard, for the convenience of GPO members and spinoffs, we developed the Spinoff.com platform that works as a modern assessment tool to secure time and resources. The team compiles dossiers using the information provided by spinoff brands, that is shared among GPO members in a convenient electronic form with the well-remembered perpetual link by any modern means of communication. The platform has 10% of visible information, available to all, and 90% of invisible information, secured under the password and available only to GPO members. This detailed information allows GPO members to make own assessment of brands in the GPO portfolio and also to observe the assessment of others, as well as work with spinoffs directly in the "all in one place" format, or work as a group on solving some problems or within the framework of best practices discussion.

The platform has a highly reliable level of protection since all information is located on our own physical secured servers based in Germany. Spinoff.com has its own video streaming. Tailored smart software ensures high-speed uploading/downloading unlimited number documents, including videos, to any device, with any operating system, in the highest resolution without the risk of viruses. It also allows tracking all viewed /downloaded information flow based on IP address, which gives the opportunity to secure all sensitive information.

How the GPO is financed?

GPO is funded by:

Who are GPO members?

GPO members are the passioned longevitists who buy the spinoff products i.e. direct/indirect retailers and distributors in each individual home market. Each GPO member out of 75 countries has a legal entity/ staff / offices / warehouses / training premises/ budget and it is desirable to have at least one and more points of sales or POS (e.g. own clinics, offline and/or online stores, beauty salons and do distribution themselves or network with other local retailers/professional distributors). GPO doesn’t cooperate with entities which act only as distributors or agents and do not sell anything directly to customers and do not have direct access to them, as well as with any other forms of the middleman.

Each GPO member is independent of the others and decides on his own whether to work with the spinoffs from the GPO portfolio or not according to his financial sources and capabilities. It is very important that all members of the group have equal rights regardless of any factors. They interact with each other exchanging best practices, new trends, experiences, marketing and sales statistics and feedback on brands in the portfolio. These connections have been accumulated over many years in corporate business and operating in the healthcare and aesthetic medicine industry.

Who can become a GPO member?

GPO mapping

For effective interaction between all members in 75 markets and global spinoffs, GPO has several offices with warehouses in Europe and Asia. There is a head office in Burgas, Bulgaria that coordinates all strategic, marketing, legal and financial work between the brand owners and GPO members and is engaged in the BRAND LAB, production and procurement projects in 24/7 mode. There is a logistics and certification centre in Burgas port, Bulgaria and Istanbul, Turkey that supports GPO members, if needed, with import-export, logistics, customs clearance and certification (e.g. CPNP) within the European Union and Asia. There is an office and logistic hub in St. Petersburg that covers CIS and Eastern Europe with an in-house team and sales people that deal with all aspects of logistics, e-commerce, communication, marketing and PR. The office in Vienna deals with legal issues, certification and trainings. There is also medical, scientific, and training center in Madrid, Spain which helps GPO with the development and testing of new products.

We would like to stipulate that the Group Procurement Organization consists of and regulates by its independent members that represent single buying power. We are not any kind of agency or consultants, since all members BUY products from independent biotech brands CASH UP FRONT and SELL in up to 75 markets, respectively risk with own money and reputation the same as the owners of spinoffs. We are open to discuss any possible forms of cooperation and partnership. Please, send your inquiry to the following email s@spinoff.com, give us a call to +49 15114076593 or chat online with our specialist right away.

You will find more detailed answers to all questions in the FAQ section. 


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