Sentrian enables a remote monitoring of complex chronic disease

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Sentrian enables a remote monitoring of complex chronic disease

Maisense provides a smart cardio monitoring solution

Membrane filters with uniform, straight-through pores

An advanced material that can sense impacts or pressure

XOnano Smartfoam (BYU technology) comes in either an Impact sensing or a Pressure sensing variant. The impact measuring material requires no supply voltage to work, the foam sensor itself generates a voltage when impacted. The pressure sensing material, however, does require a small voltage generating device to measure the change in internal resistance. XOnano Impact Sensing Smartfoam has been demonstrated to provide critical impact data and protection in many different products. XOnano has partnered with Rogers Corporation to provide sensing foam capabilities to their Poron and XRD product lines. These foams provide industry-leading energy absorption while XOnano’s Smartfoam technology enables them to sense the impacts.

9 hours ago

IsoTruss structures are 12x stronger than steel and 1/12 the weight of steel

IsoTruss® (BYU technology) is a lightweight and efficient alternative to traditional wood, steel, aluminum, and composite structures. The highly symmetric and redundant nature of IsoTruss structures provides an attractive, efficient, and damage tolerant design. The three-dimensional, yet relatively simple geometry of the IsoTruss® grid structure provides substantial resistance to local and global column buckling while lending itself to cost-effective fabrication using automated continuous manufacturing. IsoTruss® achieves its incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio with a special geometry that uses longitudinal and helically wound members.

11 hours ago

Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) technology to enable a new phase in clean, safe power production

Reliable, clean energy and freedom from fossil fuels is the goal of Alpha Tech Research Corp. (BYU technology). Nuclear power plants offer the best path to freedom from fossil fuels. First, they can generate massive amounts of power from small amounts of fuel. A single uranium pellet, smaller the end of your little finger, can generate as much electricity as: 1,800 pounds of coal; 3.5 barrels (147 gallons) of oil; 17,000 scf (standard cubic feet) of natural gas. MSR design will be fueled with thorium, which has similar energy potential. And, unlike the fossil fuels listed above, nuclear power generates no greenhouse gas emissions.

12 hours ago

Rapid and automated bridge inspection for Departments of Transportation and bridge owners

The new generation of smart and affordable colposcopy to detect cancer and other diseases

Mobile platform that analyzes the human body and its full body metrics in 3D provides clinical urinalysis at home created a home-based urinalysis kit for detecting biomarkers of urine disease. This test turns a smartphone into a clinical-grade diagnostic device. It’s the first smartphone-based urine test to secure clearance as a Class 2 device. harnesses the exponential growth of computer vision and smartphone camera quality to provide access to key medical procedures. The aim is to digitize color-based medical examinations and provide patients and doctors with a set of tools for at-home medical assessment. Giving patients the capability to conduct this critical diagnostic test themselves can help stem the tide of chronic disease, significantly reduce the cost to the health system and create simplify patient journeys.

15 hours ago

Consumer-oriented software apps to improve near vision sharpness

GlassesOff is a non-invasive product helping people suffering from Presbyopia to improve their near vision. Presbyopia, commonly referred to as 'aging eye', is the inevitable condition related to hardening of the crystalline lens inside the eye that affects most people by the age of 40 and practically everyone by the age of 51, making it difficult to see near objects clearly (for example, reading) without the aid of reading glasses. GlassesOff is based on leading-edge scientific breakthroughs in the area of eye-brain dysfunctionalities.

15 hours ago

KenSci offers a healthcare AI prediction system

KenSci, a Seattle-based company, was built by doctors and data scientists to help providers and payers intervene earlier, at lower costs. KenSci's risk prediction platform helps uncover clinical, operational and financial risks by aggregating data from existing sources such as EMR, ADT, Claims and Financial data. This innovative platform is built on 5 years of deep industry research that ultimately resulted in a predictive analytics tool for the healthcare industry, focused on saving lives and costs. Therefore, KenSci system, which uses AI, can predict patient risks of acquiring diseases including heart disease.

3 days ago

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