Natasha Denona advanced makeup line



Natasha Denona advanced makeup line


If you have salt and water - you've got light and power


A Premium Home-Style Ice Cream

Shlosem's innovative products are unique by their recipe and content

Shlosem Ukraina, Ltd. is a specialized agro-industrial company in the cultivation and production of medicinal and aromatic plants that prepare extracts, ether oils and functional (prophylactic-curative) products from plants. Cultivation and production of the products are executed at the company’s own production sites and in the facilities of partners located in ecologically clean areas in the Cherkasy, Zhytomyr and Volyn oblasts. Their plant raw material is standardized in compliance with the requirements of the SPhU (State Pharmacopeia of Ukraine), the EP (European Pharmacopoeia), the USP (United States Pharmacopeia), the JP (Japanese Pharmacopeia) and others. In its work the company complies with the main industry standards: GACP, GMP, ISO9001. The safety of products starts with the seeds on the field and ends in the form of a ready product in the hands of the consumer. In this way, The company assumes full responsibility for the products.

24 days ago

WITAL tea combines the best technologies and materials

WITAL is a boutique German tea house with a unique product concept called WITAL TEA – a tea brand created in the luxury niche market for clientele with refined and exquisite tastes. The uniqueness of the product lies within its origins. All the exclusive WITAL TEA varieties are collected from the most distinguished, rarest and thoroughly cared for plantations worldwide. WITAL creates luxury tea blends from the finest leaves from around the world, using the experience of the prominent German tea taster Stephan Schonewald combined with the cutting-edge innovation. The highest quality and standards are applied during each step of the process: from tea leaf selection to harvesting and packaging into royal tea bags.

24 days ago

Beardbrand: the best beard care for you

The Beardbrand's story started in 2012 when Eric Bandholz participated in 2012 West Coast Beard & Mustache Championships. He was about 8 months into his yeard and was competing in his first beard competition. It was at this event that Mr Bandholz first experienced the bearded lifestyle at its fullest. Later, Eric Bandholz, who is the company's CEO, Lindsey Reinders, and Jeremy McGee launched Beardbrand. Currently, this American men's grooming company is based in Austin, Texas. It provides a wide range of innovative products for grooming, styling, and maintaining of beards, hair, skin, and moustaches. The Beardbrand's founders started with an initial financial capital of $ 8,000 and did not profit from sales in the first 10 months of the company, trying to keep it afloat. After the company was mentioned in an article for The New York Times, it got around the "beard's" world.

28 days ago

Portable espresso machine


SOVA candies: Natural sweets from fruit without harmful additives


Pheromone infused men’s grooming line

Skinesis is a luscious and efficacious skincare brand

Beauty specialist and skincare expert Sarah Chapman, one of London’s most sought-after facialists, formulated her own products, Skinesis, based on her philosophy to deliver an anti-ageing range that is a true blend of cutting-edge cosmeceutical skincare, botanicals and luxury. She has founded the Skinesis Clinic London that became a mecca for skin-savvy celebrities, editors and skin obsessives. Each of Sarah's luxurious, award-winning in-house treatments are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the client, meaning no two Skinesis facials are the same. Her products brilliantly deliver the extraordinary results of her facials with a synergistic mix of the most advanced potent ingredients. The Skinesis skincare line comprises highly active, complex formulas founded on the best of modern science and cutting-edge research available today, coupled with a luxurious feel that make them as enjoyable to use as they are effective. Skinesis eponymous professional retail line allows the clients to share in the miraculous results from home.

35 days ago

Meduse - innovative LED shisha

Meduse Design Ltd., the manufacturer of Meduse shisha pipes, was founded in 2005 in the Czech Republic. The shisha consists of a glass flask, made of luxury Bohemian glass, and a tripod stand. Transparent jars allow to pour a liquid of any colour, make a cocktail of ice and fruits and watch a play of colours. The design of this high-tech miracle resembles a jellyfish. The shisha is equipped with a LED light module, due to the steel basement the hookah stands firmly and doesn’t fall. The smoking process of one coal lasts not for half an hour as in ordinary shishas, but for an hour and a half. Unique fruit cocktails, play of colors, light and shadow, clouds of smoke in the transparent flask will provide a unique smoking experience. 

36 days ago

World's strongest coffee

Death Wish Coffee is a coffee brand that bills itself as "the strongest coffee in the world" with 200% more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee. in a 12-ounce cup of coffee, there is an average of 650.4 milligrams of caffeine per serving. it is made from robusta coffee beans which are much higher in caffeine than arabica coffee beans, which is generally used in most commercial coffees and coffee houses. Death Wish Coffee provides extra energy and possesses a unique aroma and mild taste.

36 days ago

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  • Purchasing volume over EUR 368 million a year;
  • 71 Countries are covered;
  • Cash upfront payment;
  • Bulk Discount and Equity for Distributors;
  • Scale-up Brand Revenue 10X+ within one year;
  • Personal Retail Brands largest Dossier DB.