Patient-specific aptamer generation for noninvasive diagnosis of MRD

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Patient-specific aptamer generation for noninvasive diagnosis of MRD

Blood test may help determine who is at risk for psychosis

A therapeutic target for anorexia nervosa

The new biomarker for cancer patient survival could lead to novel therapeutic strategies

The new biomarker that causes cancer (lat. Carcinoma) cells to escape from the immune system was discovered by scientists from Researchers at the Texas A&M Health Science Center. Under normal circumstances, the immune system recognizes and successfully fights cancer cells, eliminating them as they develop. However, sometimes the process breaks down and tumors form, and now scientists know why. Scientists found that when cancer cells are able to block the function of a gene called NLRC5, they are able to evade the immune system and proliferate.

9 hours ago

New way to detect tumor biomarkers through a simple blood test

A groundbreaking, proof-of-concept technique that allows biomarkers from a brain tumor to pass through the tough blood-brain barrier into a patient’s blood using noninvasive focused ultrasound and some tiny bubbles, potentially eliminating the need for a surgical biopsy has been developed by the researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The blood test would reveal the amount of mRNA in the blood, which gives physicians specific information about the tumor that can help with diagnosis and treatment options. The researchers tested their theory in a mouse model using two different types of the deadly glioblastoma brain tumor. They targeted the tumor using focused ultrasound, a technique that uses ultrasonic energy to target tissue deep in the body without incisions or radiation.

10 hours ago

The novel biomarker for prostate cancer patients

The new biomarker to better forecast prognosis for prostate cancer (lat. Carcinoma) patients was discovered by researchers at the Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC) Institute of Biosciences and Technology in Houston. They have identified a biomarker that will aid in more accurately determining the prognosis for prostate cancer patients, a finding that could have further implications for anti-cancer drug discovery and ultimately, cancer prevention. The study was led by Leyuan Liu, Ph.D., assistant professor with the institute’s Center for Cancer and Stem Cell Biology.

10 hours ago

Disintegrating brain lesions may indicate MS is getting worse

Heart rate variability may predict risk of disease in premature infants

Biomarkers in saliva for early diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer

An enzyme with the capacity to suppress cancer growth

The researchers' team at the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB), an alliance between the University of South Australia and SA Pathology, have discovered a new aspect of cancer biology that may help to battle the spread and growth of tumours. The research focuses on aneuploid cells, which are often associated with abnormal chromosome content and cell division – and how an enzyme known as caspase-2, initially discovered by the lead researcher 25 years ago, can act to prevent their growth. Furthermore, this innovative research identifies caspase-2 protein levels as a potential biomarker for cancer (lat. Carcinoma) prognosis.

12 hours ago

Getting electricity from the atmosphere

The technology that produces electricity from the atmosphere was developed by the inventor from Ukraine. After winning the national stage of the International Competition of scientific and technical creativity Intel ISEF 2015 Ukrainian student Samuel Kruglyak received the right to take part in the Olympics geniuses that were held in Oswego, USA. The inventor presented a draft invention that will help clean water from spilled oil in less harmful and significantly cheaper methods than the known ones. According to him, the hydrophobic adsorbent will only collect oil and repel water. The oil is collected in lumps that can be taken from the water by any mechanical means. This adsorbent can collect liquids seven times its weight.

12 hours ago

First diagnostic test and better treatments for chronic bronchitis

A new method that could help relieve bronchitis symptoms and prevent disease progression in chronic bronchitis subjects has been developed by the researchers at UNC School of Medicine. A key mystery has been what causes the accumulation of mucus in the lungs of chronic bronchitis patients - an accumulation that produces symptoms and disease progression. This UNC-led study suggests that the inability to normally hydrate airway surfaces leads to increased mucin concentrations and the accumulation of mucus in the lung. This process then leads to phlegm production and chronic airway infections typical of chronic bronchitis patients.

12 hours ago

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