Innovative vital sign monitoring was developed by Cosinuss GmbH. This is an advanced technology company building body sensors, algorithms, and data for people who are pushing their bodies. The first development, earconnect™ , is a cosinuss° in-house technology that enables to continuously capture heart rate, heart rate variability, core body temperature and arterial oxygen saturation of the blood (lat. Sanguis) conveniently and accurately from within the ear canal. Based on this technology, Cosinuss offers sensors and apps for sports, health care, and worker safety. Cosinuss° was founded in September 2011 by  Dr. Johannes and Greta Kreuzer. Since then, new shareholders have joined the team and contribute their specific knowledge to the company. Cosinuss° has filed several international patent applications on the earconnect technology.


Cosinuss GmbH is a certified medical technology company based in Munich that specializes in mobile real-time monitoring of vital parameters. Vital parameters are measures for the vital functions of the human body, such as breathing, cardiovascular function and heat balance. For this purpose, the highly motivated team develops proprietary in-ear sensors, gateway solutions, algorithms and a Health platform.

More than twelve years of research and development form a solid foundation for the company. Numerous patents and medically certified products make cosinuss° a pioneer in the field of mobile monitoring. The main field of application for monitoring solutions is digital healthcare. The company follows the vision to fill the white gaps of vital signs monitoring in healthcare.

The Vision

cosinuss° transforms the ear into the central interface to everyone’s health in a world of connected and mobile health. The healthcare industry is facing a major transformation and we will be a part of it. The company is convinced that sensors for mobile and continuous measurement of vital parameters can significantly improve and expand primary care. And not only this: they can also significantly improve the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients in preventive healthcare. cosinuss° technology can be at the heart of a better, patient-centric healthcare system.

The Goal

The company's goal is to give healthcare providers the tools they need to deliver the best possible care to their patients. cosinuss° wants to provide technology that is designed to be used throughout the entire hospital stay, starting from rescue situations, transport to the hospital, and even at home after leaving the hospital. Such cutting-edge technology provides physicians with real-time access to important information about a patient’s health, allowing them to make informed decisions and provide the best possible care. So the goal is to improve the lives of patients and make the healthcare industry more efficient and effective, and we are committed to doing just that.


cosinuss° technology has very obvious USPs compared to traditional with invasive, stationary and expensive devices. The main USP's are:

The main advantages are:

The Team

Innovating continuously while having a lot of fun. cosinuss° is a team of highly motivated electrical engineers, data analysts, designers and marketers who firmly believe in the enormous potential of cosinuss° technology and see the meaningfulness of our work. This drives us to provide our customers with access to this valuable technology.

Dr. Johannes Kreuzer, CEO

An experienced medical engineer, father and guitar fanatic on a mission to use his God-given gifts to help others by creating meaningful things.

Greta Kreuzer, the CEO

An entrepreneur by heart, mother and perfectionist. Greta loves to create new things and manage innovations on- and offline.


The cosinuss° One mini sensor is a real best-selling power pack. The award-winning and ergonomic design, inspired by the hearing aid technology, allows to adjust the sensor perfectly to the ear and wear it permanently. The first sports wearable for an ear. The long battery life and short charging time are perfect for long endurance training sessions. The Plug&Play application allows concentrating on nothing but training. One receives constant free updates for cosinuss °One app as usual via the app store of the smartphone‘s operating system. One may get a notification from his/her app store when a new update of the app is available. No need to buy a new one. The cosinuss° One App shows the measurement accuracy of the position of the sensor in an ear. A person can always control the quality of measuring even during a training session. The App visualizes training data. They are open source so that anyone can export them at any time into training plans or develop their own applications.

The products could be divided into such groups as:

In-ear sensors, minicomputers, software and algorithms for vital data acquisition and processing of:

cosinuss° Technology

The cosinuss° One technology is an In-Ear Wearable that monitors heart rate precisely. Additionally, it measures heart rate variability and body temperature. Blood Oxygen level will be coming soon. This technology is the smallest and lightest heart rate monitor worldwide. It weighs only 6 grams and has an overall size of about 4 x 4 centimeters. For the first time, the optical heart rate measurement has become as precise as the electrical one. With the cosinuss° One person is part of the most innovative athletes with a new body consciousness. Precise physical data from training and competition support to improve performance efficiently.

The Measurement with invasive, stationary and expensive devices is immobile and restricting and too many devices are needed to monitor multiple vital signs simultaneously. The Measurement with one in-ear wearable is non-invasive, mobile and cost-efficient. The cosinuss° technology is a convenient way to monitor multiple vital signs at once.


Vital signs are measured variables that reflect the basic functions of the human body. They allow numerous conclusions to be drawn about our health. For this reason, vital signs are measured and evaluated in medicine to check vital functions. Vital signs include respiratory rate, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate and oxygen saturation.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure (force per area) of the blood in the blood vessels. It is directly related to cardiac output and vascular resistance. It is highest in the aorta and continues to decrease as blood flows through the circulatory system through arteries, capillaries and veins until it returns to the heart. In a healthy body, blood pressure regulates itself. Elevated blood pressure has negative effects on health and life expectancy that are often not subjectively perceived. Therefore, blood pressure should be measured from time to time. Blood pressure is usually expressed in mmHg (millimeters of mercury).

Body temperature

Body temperature is essential for maintaining all vital functions and metabolic processes. In humans, as warm blooded species, the body temperature is largely constant. However, various external and internal influences can reduce or increase it. Measuring body temperature therefore provides important information about a person’s health.

Pulse rate

In medicine, the term pulse rate refers to the number of pulses generated by the heart’s activity in the blood vessels during a specific unit of time (usually one minute). As a rule, the pulse rate coincides with the heart rate. Various factors, such as exercise, stress or certain diseases, can influence the pulse rate in the short or long term.

Oxygen saturation

Oxygen saturation (sO2) refers to the percentage amount of oxygen in the blood. Among other things, it provides information about the functional capacity of the lungs and the effectiveness of oxygen transport in the blood. Oxygen saturation can be determined either outside the body via pulse oximetry or invasively with the aid of a blood gas analysis.

Respiration rate

Respiration rate is the number of breaths per unit of time (usually per minute). It affects heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. The respiratory rate, like all vital signs, depends on individual variations and external influences. It is an important parameter for assessing the state of health.

Remote Vital Signs Monitoring System

cosinuss° offers a complete vital signs monitoring system from continuous data acquisition through data transmission to data access and data analysis. The system can be accessed at any point via standardized or customizable interfaces. In this way, individual components or the entire monitoring solution can be integrated into the existing infrastructure of third-party systems.

The cosinuss° monitoring technology can be divided into four different areas. Each area has a specific product range with customized solutions that adapt to a wide range of applications:

The Product Portfolio

c-med° alpha

Integrate quality-rated vital signs streamed from one single in-ear device.

The c-med° alpha is a class IIa medical measuring device that generates continuous data streams of three important vital signs:

The c-med° alpha is a wearable sensor fusion of two frequently used medical measuring devices: Thermometer + Pulse oximeter.


The medical product degree° only shall be used to measure continuously and in a non-invasive way the body temperature in the human auditory ear canal. As a reusable and wearable device, it is intended for home use on children and adult people innovating the way of tracking  and taking the temperature.

cosinuss° One 

The cosinuss° One is a professional fitness tracker monitoring multiple vital signs with stunning accuracy.

Inside this small and light ear plug the patented earconnect technology is taking vital sign monitoring to the next level. You can use the cosinuss° One with all devices featuring Bluetooth.

cosinuss° Two

It is an in-ear wearable sensor incorporating a red/infrared photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor element, a contact temperature sensor and an accelerometer.

It seamlessly monitors the following vital signs and additional parameters:


For better temperature monitoring. Only temperature, nothing else.

Run time: +2 days

Accuracy: ± 0.1 °C


First demonstration in Remote Patient Monitoring

The Telecovid study from cosinuss° was a pioneering study that highlighted the importance of remote patient monitoring in the fight against Covid-19. This study marks the first use case where our monitoring technology was used to provide critical vital signs to healthcare workers.

The Telecovid study demonstrated the ability of remote patient monitoring to provide real-time, accurate data on vital signs, including body temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. By using this technology, healthcare workers were able to remotely access critical vital signs of patients, reducing the need for hospitalization and reducing the risk of exposure to the virus. This resulted in improved patient outcomes and a reduction in the spread of the virus in healthcare facilities.

Second Demonstration in Mountain & Alpine Rescue

The vital signs of patients in rescue situations are critical to their survival and recovery. Despite advancements in medical technology, there are still significant gaps in the monitoring of these vital signs, particularly in the case of centralized patients. This is where cosinuss° comes in, filling the white gaps of vital signs monitoring in rescue.

Several studies and testings in simulated as well as real environments were conducted to demonstrate the ability of cosinuss° technology to fill white gaps of vital signs monitoring in the roughest rescue situations. With great success! The cosinuss° technology is a game-changer for rescue teams, providing a reliable and effective way to monitor vital signs even in the most challenging of situations.

Future Demonstration in Emergency Rooms

We are committed to taking the next steps and demonstrating how cosinuss° technology can fill white gaps in emergency rooms. The monitoring technology is able to provide healthcare personnel with a reliable way to monitor the vital signs of all patients at the same time on a continuous basis. By doing so, it immensely relieves the personnel and helps them focus on providing the best possible care to the patients who are most in need.


From April 25th to 27th, 2023 at DMEA in Berlin, Germany cosinuss° was showcasing innovative remote patient monitoring technologies as well as solutions for emergency departments and ambulance services at our booth in Hall 2.2, Booth A-107. 


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