Erythra, a biotech company, which was founded in 2018 to make use of the dynamic antigen store idea and owns the patents for it. Using this idea an innumerable number of products can be produced. Erythra's mission is to conduct research and development based on the discovery of Erythrocytes Dynamic Antigens Store (EDAS) to manufacture highly reliable medical products for the welfare of human and animal. In the establishment phase, the team are all volunteers. The shareholders and the team are mainly believing in the values that Erythra is aiming to achieve, although the expected profits are beyond calculations.

The company has three main pillars representing three types of products: diagnostics, vaccines, and treatment. The future diagnostic products will be able to diagnose diseases while they are in the incubation period. This is crucial in malignant diseases. The early the diagnosis the more effective is the treatment. Moreover, it will be able to diagnose disorders that currently has no way to be diagnosed accurately, for example, the Alzheimer disease (the diagnostic kit of which is under development). 

There are also many vaccines existing that show excellent impact on health management. In fact, if humanity wants to get rid of a particular disease, people should have a good vaccine for it. For example, smallpox disappeared from the world because there was an efficient vaccine. Polio is about to disappear because of the polio vaccine. The company's vision is to prepare vaccines for malignant diseases and also try to improve the currently available vaccines. The new products will be developed with the progress of the team's understanding of the idea.

Furthermore, Erythra is also intended to create new products that can treat autoimmune disorders. Currently, there is no curing drug for those types of disorders. The treatment is based on palliative drugs. Erythra has already developed a simple to use lateral flow test for tuberculosis (lat. Phthisis). The test is not only used for diagnosis but also for managing of the treatment which spans for at least 6 months. In effect, the company is introducing a new concept in diagnosis, they termed the product "Case Evaluation Diagnostics" because the test does not only diagnose the condition but also prognosis its severity and its response to treatment. The product's prototype has been developed, verified and validated. The next step is to start large scale production.

Based on what was presented to concerning lateral flow chromatographic assay for tuberculosis (TB-Kit), the technology is very acceptable and the price is very competitive. The company started a scientific project comparing TB RT PCR with the kit presented, till now all the results are very comparative. In addition, Erythra guarantees full shift to this technology at NSA labs with 37 branches all over Egypt when the product is commercially available.