Ibex Medical Analytics was conceived when its two founders were looking for ways to apply their skills to contribute to human well-being. They were captivated with the opportunity presented by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to medicine and, in particular, the potential it holds for advancing cancer care. They decided to combine their accumulated knowledge of AI, data science, image analysis and machine learning, and apply it to cancer diagnostics in pathology. Today, Ibex is a multidisciplinary team comprising entrepreneurs, data scientists, software engineers and medical experts, working together to realize vision: Applying AI to cancer diagnostics, striving to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Ibex Medical Analytics applies artificial intelligence (AI) to cancer diagnostics. Scientists combine data from digitized glass slides and electronic medical records to reveal underlying patterns and extract valuable clinical insights that can transform how pathology and oncology are practiced and propel them into the information age.

Ibex Decision Support enables pathologists to deliver rapid, objective, and accurate diagnoses using state-of-the-art AI technology while supercharging pathology lab operations. The Ibex Second Read (SR) system was deployed in March 2018 at Maccabi Healthcare Services in Israel to detect misdiagnosed prostate biopsies. Shortly following the deployment, the system identified a suspicious prostate core needle biopsy (PCNB) that had been reported as benign by a pathologist just hours earlier. It was subsequently re-examined and confirmed as low-grade prostate cancer (lat. Prostate Carcinoma), which has clinical significance for patient management.

The Ibex Second ReadTM system analyzes cases in parallel with human pathologist review and identifies discrepancies between pathologist diagnoses and its own analysis. It subsequently alerts the users to discrepancies with a high clinical value and a high probability to enable a second human review, outlining suspicious areas and regions of interest. This enhances the quality control process in the lab and provides a safety net, resulting in decreased diagnostic error rates and more efficient workflow.

Ibex has deployed the first ever AI-based pathology cancer diagnosis system in a live clinical setting. The Ibex Second Read™ (SR) system was deployed in a large pathology institute to detect misdiagnosed prostate biopsies. All prostate cases are analyzed by the system and when a discrepancy with the diagnosis is detected, the case is sent back for an additional pathologist review. Ibex is also developing Ibex Precision Medicine computational prognostic and predictive tests, designed to enable enhanced patient population stratification and quicker personalized treatment selection.