iFeel Labs award-winning apps guide you to discover the benefits of a specialized technique to optimize breathing by playing fun games. The mobile apps include popular games (like Candy Crush) which have been converted to even more engaging biosense games. The apps precisely guide your inhale and exhale to maximize the proven benefits of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) breathing. You only progress in the game when you are breathing properly and healthily. With iFeel Labs optimal breathing solution, a healthier future is already here.


iFeel's Asthma clinical trial preliminary results with Apollo Hospital Group show: 1) improvement of 32% in Asthma control; 2) reduction of 28% in rescue medication intake; 3) improvement in the quality of patients' life. The above findings indicate a significate cost savings for patient and payer/insurer which combined pay an additional €1773 yearly when Asthma is uncontrolled.

With its focus on asthma, iFeel Labs takes a revolutionary approach to one of the biggest global health problems today. It combines medical insight with computational expertise. Most importantly it manages the actual cause of asthma, maladaptation to stress, rather than just masking symptoms. With over 300 million asthma sufferers worldwide, iFeel Labs has the potential to make a major impact on one of the most common debilitating chronic diseases today thru respiratory digital therapy. By combining popular games on mobile devices and an ISO/FDA/CE approved oximeter to optimize the way asthma patient breath while they are having fun. Creating a playful tool for a chronic disease that is closely related to the feeling of anxiety

iFeel Labs is the only dedicated optimal breathing system which uses an FDA and CE approved pulse oximeter and popular mobile games. Using a biosense solution based on our wearable device and mobile apps, iFeel Labs guides you to discover the benefits of a proven breathing technique to improve your lung function. iFeel Labs optimal breathing solution has attracted pulmonary doctors and pharmaceutical companies, who acknowledge the proven clinical efficacy of breathing physiotherapy.

Asthma attack (Bronchospasm) is a sudden constriction of the muscles in the walls of the bronchioles. iFeel Labs games guide you to decrease sympathetic response and relax your breathing muscles through HRV breathing.