Owlet Baby Care is a health technology company. The company’s flagship product is the Smart Sock Baby Monitor, which uses pulse oximetry technology to track such biomarkers as a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels during sleep. Owlet’s mission is to empower parents with the right information at the right time. The Smart Sock comfortably wraps around baby’s foot to track heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep. The base station glows green to let know everything is okay but notifies with lights and sounds if heart rate or oxygen levels leave preset zones. Parents can see live readings using Owlet’s app but can also use trended sleep data and historical heart and oxygen information using the Connected Care app to improve their baby’s overall wellness.

The Owlet Smart Sock is worn comfortably on a baby’s foot. Pulse oximetry – a technology found in most hospitals – is used to track the baby while sleeping. The Smart Sock sends notifications via a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) base station, to the parents’ smartphone, making it easy to check if their baby is sleeping soundly. If a baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels deviate outside of pre-set levels, parents are notified via an alarm. According to Owlet CEO and co-founder, Kurt Workman, who is the father of two young children, the first year of life poses the highest sleep-related risks to infants and the greatest stress for parents. The company clinically-proven technology delivers key information to parents, when and where they need it. The Owlet Smart Sock helps provide peace of mind, and a better night’s sleep for all. Since launching in 2015, Owlet has taken the US market by storm, selling more than 150,000 Smart Sock products in just 24 months. Australia is the first market outside of the US to officially get the Smart Sock.

Owlet takes clinically-proven technology and makes it appropriate for, and accessible in, the home. The Smart Sock is wireless, wearable and comfortable. It’s designed with parents in mind, and is made easy to use. Eighty-three percent of parents report that their own sleep is improved using the Smart Sock. To provide a greater level of information and historical data analysis, parents can also download the additional Owlet Connected Care app. The new app also provides insights for parents to better understand their baby’s sleep patterns. In addition, parents can choose to share the data with the family paediatrician to proactively address infant health issues and make more informed decisions. Owlet Baby Care announced the closing of a $24 million Series B investment. The round was led by Trilogy Equity Partners, with participation from existing investors, including Eclipse Ventures, Broadway Angels, and Enfield Ventures, and the addition Pelion Venture Partners.