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Gumboo Bear All-Natural Hair&Nails Vitamins


The colorful biodegradable eco toothbrushes from Berlin

SCHAU AUF DI hand-stirred organic skincare

SCHAU AUF DI is hand-stirred organic skin care founded by Michael Friedl and Christopher Robl in 2017 in the heart of the Austrian Waldviertel Region. The idea behind SCHAU AUF DI skin care was to develop skin care products inspired by nature, full of 100% natural ingredients, organic and to ensure the highest quality. Currently, the company produces only small batches by hand in their own manufactory. All SCHAU AUF DI products reflect values that surround us in nature. The brand is currently presented in Austrian cosmetic salons, online and offline retail chains and organic shops such as Naturkosmetik Josefstadt, Ecco Verde, Sonnentor etc.

48 days ago

ARMINA organic floral cosmetic

Founded by research scientist and environmentalist Dr. Svetla Nikolova, Armina is a family-owned business specialising in pure, functional, highly effective and gentle natural skin care as well as essential oils and hydrolates for aromatherapy and culinary uses. Thoroughly honest and transparent from the field to the bottle, no short-cuts and no concessions are made in terms of quality. Armina has consciously decided against using inferior and harmful ingredients hidden behind fancy names and designer packaging. All products are organically certified, 100% free of preservatives, fillers, foaming, stabilising and flavouring agents. All recipes rely on the synergy of active natural, plant-sourced ingredients only.

84 days ago

KLATZ For Professional Oral Care

KLATZ is a brand of toothpastes and toothbrushes, made to satisfy all needs in oral care for all ages. Active components prevent diseases of the oral cavity, remove plaque and provide fresh breath. With qualitative ingredients, modern technologies and special recipes KLATZ guarantees effective hygiene and gentle care every day. Regular use of KLATZ makes enamel strong and minimizes the risk of bacterial plaque. The toothpaste provides prevention of caries, gum disease and provides long-lasting refreshing effect. For complete oral care and health, the experts recommend alternation between toothpastes with calcium and fluoride, plus fluoride-free if recommended by a dentist. The innovative KLATZ formula contains unique dioxide particle ratio silicon, providing at medium abrasive paste (RDA 75) maximum effective mechanical removal of bacterial plaque and polishing enamel without damage to the protective layer.

86 days ago

ananné premium natural skin care


Curativa Bay Proprietary Organic Skincare - The Cure for What Ages You


Elysius Premium Natural Aloe Vera Gel

dieNikolai - World's only Demeter-certified Grape Cosmetics

dieNikolai is the youngest member of Nikolaihof Wachau, Austria's oldest winery, with almost 2.000 years of history. In 2015 the youngest son of the owner family, Martin Saahs, decided to process the unused bio-dynamic resources, from the own wine gardens to the worlds first Demeter-certified grape cosmetics. The idea was to create the worlds cleanest and most sustainable cosmetic line. Therefore nearly all ingredients for dieNikolai are coming from the own, bio-dynamic vineyards. All products are based on the precious grape seed oil, which is especially known for its high proportion of antioxidants. Mixed with bio-dynamic resources from their own vineyards, such as saffron, linden flowers, elder, etc. dieNikolai offers individual face care routines for different skin types. Packed in recycling materials, dieNikolai ensures a wholistic sustainable approach with the smallest possible footprint.

92 days ago

New transformative skincare for those who need a “reset button”

The Cool Derma Company was founded in 2017 by Shidrokh Ghawami an authorized skin care therapist. It offers the innovative and cutting edge science-based skincare series that are aimed to balance the skin and designed for all skin types, ages and genders. Currently, there are two main series of high-performance skincare products called Skinfitness and Skinstamina. The skin is a cool organ and that is where the name Cool Derma comes from. Cool Derma product prices are very customer friendly despite the fact that these high-quality AHA / BHA acid products are manufactured in Sweden using the latest technologies and only natural ingredients. Thanks to smart packaging Cool Derma is portable and easy to use. The Founder is personally involved in the step-by-step sustainable process of skincare products creation, from a selection of ingredient to the final product. The brand is aimed at well-being and lasting transformative results now and for future generations. The main goal is to allow all customers to help with their problem skin, no matter where they live or who they are.

92 days ago

Fruitful cooperation with ROLIPOLI natural bars

The company BIOLOGY OF TASTE LLC is a manufacturer of healthy fruit and fruit-nut ROLIPOLI snacks. At the moment, the company produces 6 basic unique tastes of bars and does not stop there, constantly experimenting. ROLIPOLI are suitable for everyone, allowing to keep fit and manage weight, helping to comply with beauty and slimness. Low-calorie bars are also rich in fiber, necessary for intestinal motility, so sportsmen can safely consume bars during a weight loss program to monitor their weight. Moreover, the snacks positively impact on health, improving well-being. Filled with vitamins and minerals, ROLIPOLI bars increase the level of haemoglobin in the blood and saturate it with oxygen. All the ingredients have a low glycemic index and could be consumed by people sick on diabetics. In addition, the bars are nutritious and can be used as a healthy snack for those who need energy for a day. 

92 days ago

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