ananné is a Swiss premium natural skincare brand founded in 2009 by Prof. Dr. med. Urs Pohlman and a team of multidisciplinary experts. They were researching the latest scientific findings with regards to the skin and its functions and finally found the perfect combination of nature and science. Today ananné is a highly concentrated plant-based premium skin and body-care with active ingredients derived from nature. It is characterized by innovative product development, the latest know-how in the fields of medicine, herbal medicine and dermatology. The raw materials are purely plant-based, free of synthetic substances and artificial preservatives. ananné skincare is the union of purity, nature, high quality & science with the proven result.


Professor, Medical Doctor Urs Pohlman, the founder of ananné is a doctor and neuroscientist who studied the effects of the senses on the brain and consciousness. As a researcher and medicine developer, he was particularly interested in phytomedicine substances and therapies, as well as the physiology of the skin. He brought this experience into cosmetic research and combined it with the aim of creating a new generation of cosmetics. A cosmetic with a novel, natural raw materials of special quality, which specifically meet the needs of the skin.


Prof. Pohlman, the doctor in neuroimmunology, spent many years of dedicated research at Basel University Hospital Switzerland about externally caused skin disorder. ​He decided to share his scientific research results in the field of medicine & cosmetology by creating highly efficient and purely natural formulations for all ages and skin types, in particular for extremely sensitive skin. ananné derives from Greek and means “regeneration”. The name expresses the conviction of what scientifically oriented skincare should deliver: address and promote the skin’s regenerative capacity with the best active ingredients and medically validated formulas.

The result of Prof. Pohlman's research is a plant-based skincare brand composed on a concept in which the products perfectly complement each other. Skin is a fascinating organ that wants to be listened to and understood. That is why ananné is committed to natural skincare that not only promises but visibly and tangibly works for everyone. Perfect care is not a utopian vision but can be part of our everyday reality. Caring for and looking after our body so that we feel healthy and enjoy a natural sense of well-being. ananné is resolutely focused on plant-based active ingredients that naturally work in harmony with the skin’s biology. The certified and vegan products are noticeably absorbed by the skin, have a subtle scent and deliver excellent results. All product line is reliably developed, tested and manufactured in Switzerland by a dedicated and experienced team.


ananné offers clearly thought-out system care. In the development of the recipes, careful attention was paid to the combination effects and interactions of the individual ingredients. The products are based on the absorption capacity of the skin. The skin is comprehensively cared for with just a few products for optimal regeneration. These harmoniously coordinated products allow for optimal skin care. The products complement each other ideally and can be used in many different ways.

ananné is a сlean beauty that works because it combines:

All the active ingredients that ananné uses for the production of skin care are medically researched and scientifically endorsed. More than 70 active ingredients are collected from five continents exclusively from sustainable sources. The rare, luxurious ingredients are carefully processed to effectively promote skin’s regenerative potential. They are very gently extracted by the patented CO2 cold extraction technology, so that not to be lost. Exclusively, plant-based raw materials are harvested from the wild, certified organic farming or fair trade. All-natural products have better absorption compared to those with synthetic active ingredients.

The ananné product range always of high tolerance even for most sensitive skin types. The company produces a comprehensive line of personal care products such as cleansers, products for daily routine, specific face treatments, essences and oils, products for body and hair care.


1. LAVANTICUM 150ml. Nourishing Cleanser & Mask

2. PURGATIUM 150ml. Purifying Gel-Cleanser

3. TONICUM 150ml. Pore Toning Mist

Daily Routine:

1. EQUILIBRIUM light 50ml. 24h Beautifying Cream

2. EQUILIBRIUM rich 50ml. 24h Beautifying Cream

3. OCULISSIMUM 15ml. Firming Eye Balm

4.CURA OCULI 15ml. Nourishing Eye Cream

Face Treatment:

1. PURGATIO 50ml. Detox Mask

2. REGENERATIO 50ml. Overnight Repair Mask

3. EXFOLIANT 75ml. Detox Exfoliator

Essences & Oil Serums:

1. SOLACIUM 30ml. Fine-molecular Repair Serum

2. NUTRICIUM 30ml. Glow Lifting Serum

Body Care:

1. LAVATIO 200ml. Revitalizing Shower Gel 

2. SERICUM 200ml. Firming Body Lotion

3. OLEUM QUIETIS 150ml. Treatment Oil

4. AMABILIS 60ml. / 25ml. Organic Hand Cream

Hair Care:

1. CLARITAS 200ml. Healthy Shine Shampoo

2. AMICIO 200ml. Rejuvenating Conditioner & Mask

ananné SPA

For spa treatments, ananné offers a set of products, tools and techniques that were specially developed for Face & Body. Such perfect combination works like ananné ritual.

Face Treatments. Face treatment starts with deep cleansing using ananné Cleanser. The next stage is peeling with Exfoliant. After professional cleaning analysis, the treatments are made according to the condition of the skin and its type. The special activating face brush-massage treatment is applied together with workout massage for the face, neck and decollete incorporated with ananné serum. Then the mask is applied to consolidate the result. The set of spa treatments for face include:

Body Treatments.  ananné body ritual starts with luxurious EXFOLIANT. Gentle Scrub combined with special ananné technique brush massage. Deeply relaxing and soothing massage with an effective mix of precious oils by applying the “ananné technique” to body,  head and foot and as a final chord of this procedure, the nourishing Body Lotion SERICUM is applied. The set of spa treatments for the body include:


ananné is a highly concentrated plant-based premium skin and body-care with active ingredients. ananné has the main advantage - its sustainable, smart and premium packaging and the compact assortment. The products are fruitfully and few steps easy process of application. ananné is also very loved by people with hyper sensible skin as the products are very clean and very compatible. This is a huge market to introduce ananné as more and more people have sensitive skin and looking for a result-driven “clean” cosmetic.


The ananné face products are filled in glass airless dispensers. The cleansers, body & hair products are packed in a PET dispenser (these are recyclable). The packaging in matt white with rose gold reflects the high quality and purity. The airless dispenser highlights the safety of the product and the scientific approach. The design stands out with elegance and purism.


ananné is currently sold at the Swiss, German and Austrian market offline through retailers, pharmacies, hotels and day spas. Also, it is available through its own webshop. ananné supports the clients and customers with various product presentations, participates in beauty expos and different skincare and healthcare events held locally and worldwide to promote the brand. ananné is present in social media with own Facebook and Instagram page.

ananné has celebrated the launch of the brand in a new look at the end of September 2020 at the beautiful Hotel Signau House & Garden in Zurich. Thanks to 70 invited guests and a wonderful program with musical accompaniment by the Swiss singer Lea Lu, the evening was a success. Founder and developer of premium active vegan cosmetics, Prof. Dr. med. Urs Pohlman, in his charming manner and cheerfulness, explained his personal motives for the development of the brand. The team introduced the products to the numerous guests at their booth and were able to inspire everyone. All guests received unique gift bags with ananné  Swiss natural cosmetics. More detailed information and a photo gallery of the event dated September 23, 2020 can be found here.


After successfully launched in its local Swiss market, which tends to be one of the most difficult to launch a new brand, ananné is ready to go globally having know-how technological platform, strong management team, customers reference and approval on board.


Recommended retail prices for some ananné products in Europe without VAT in EUR (as per May 2020):


Daily Routine:

Face Treatment

Body Care: