IC Zolotoi Standart LLC is a leading supplier of a natural, environmentally friendly medicinal product Chaga fungi under the brand name CHAGA GOLD. It is hand-picked in the Ural and Siberian forests which are the natural habitat for medicinal birch fungi called Chaga. Compliance with the technique of collecting raw materials, the right processing technology and a quality approach to packaging allow the company to offer its customers a product with unrivalled healing properties. It's a fact of life that nobody can buy health, but it is possible to strengthen the immune system and slow down the ageing process with the help of Chaga fungi. Healing Chaga has a beneficial effect on the immune system, helps in tissue repair, improves brain activity and saturates the body with microelements crucial for living. Also, the Chaga contains nitrogenous compounds that help cancer patients recover, improving their well-being.


The company IC Zolotoi Standart LLC and its CHAGA GOLD brand exist in the market of natural products since 2008. During this time it is able to consolidate its reputation as a reliable supplier and representative of high-quality products. All the company's products pass certification and quality control in independent laboratories. It does not work with spoiled and low-quality raw materials. All CHAGA GOLD medical products are the result of manual selection in combination with a competent technological approach. Especially for each customer company created a series of Chaga's products. Every taste is unique and definitely will please the customers with its variety of tastes and medical characteristics. The customers can always count on:
• high-quality raw materials and finished products;
• individual approach and advantageous offers;
• the efficiency of ordering and delivery.


Inonotus obliquus, commonly known as Chaga (birch fungus) is a high-quality natural product with a 100% guarantee. Chaga contains a specific intensely colored pigment, which is formed from a complex of phenolic aldehydes. The fungus is enriched in fiber, resins, and organic acids that contribute to the normalization of the acid-base balance of the body. It has a huge amount of chemical elements necessary for the body. Among them, iron, silver, cobalt, nickel, potassium, magnesium, zinc, etc. In addition, the fungus has Melanin - an element responsible for the regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect. It also helps to improve the body's metabolic processes. Volatile - antimicrobial action. Flavonoids are elements that have a diuretic and choleretic effect, and also fight spasms and inflammations. 

There is a variety of ready-made product of Chaga such as capsules, lumpy, extract, head for wholesale buyers, as well as different varieties of teas such as Chaga tea with lemon zest, currants, mint and pure Chaga without any additives.

CHAGA GOLD products are packaged in 140 * 215 mm craft bags made of strong and eco-friendly kraft paper. Each bag reliably protects Chaga from extraneous odors. Inside the bags, there is a layer of lamentation, which improves the tightness of the package. The packaging has a transparent window for evaluating product quality.


The company has been specializing in the production of CHAGA GOLD wild ecologically clean products for more than ten years. The teams collect Chaga only in the ecologically clean areas of Urals and Siberia. The preparation of the fungus usually takes place in spring and in autumn, because during these periods of time the shelf fungus concentrates the highest number of useful and beneficial components. The teams are very experienced so they collect only the qualitative funguses, that is why the collection of the already dead trees' fungus is impossible. That is another reason for not having any doubts about the quality of CHAGA GOLD.


The Ural and Siberian forests are a natural distribution area for medicinal fungus Chaga. Only the correct collection, assembly and processing technology allow saving all the healing properties of this natural medicine and extend its healing effect. The quality control of each consignment is tested by the State Main Control Unit "Control Center of the quality and certification of the medicaments'' according to the norms and standards. The most important control is the radiation test control.


Firstly, the shelf fungus is hand-checked for any defects such as mold, pieces of wood, etc. If there are any of it, these funguses are never further used. After the checking process comes to the separation process. One half of the product is ground in the Rotor crusher DKR and the other half remains as solid pieces and is packed in 15kg bags two different ways (logistic company PER, five-ply paper bags).

Drying of the collected product is carried out using foreign technology of the Italian company SECAL. The main advantage of this drying chamber is that the temperature regime is not more than 50 degrees ° C. As a result, the drying and dehydrating processes are safe and don't damage the structure of Chaga cells, so it keeps all the useful components. Such temperature regime can be found in all the SECAL equipment famous for its quality and security. It is important to notice that the ovens are updated to the latest software version called UV CURE by SECAL. The high-tech and reliable equipment helps to maintain the structure of the fungus, which contributes to its further therapeutic use. 


To date, it is proven that Chaga fungi contain organic acids, minerals, resins, salts and manganese, which in the right proportion possess the very useful properties that can have a beneficial effect on the human body. With the right use of this natural medicament, it is possible to have a complex treatment for a lot of problems. It is impossible to overestimate the effect of this natural medicine, especially since there are many studies on the use of birch fungus in immunology, biochemistry and neurophysiology. For example, in Pharmacology, these birch fungi have the following properties:

Therefore, all CHAGA GOLD products have such a multifunctional effect on the body as:

With such a set of qualities, Chaga becomes an excellent tool for maintaining health, increasing immunity and improving well-being.

Here some CHAGA GOLD products:

The prices for each market may vary and can be adjusted in accordance with the needs of each individual market after in-depth analysis.


CHAGA GOLD is sold nationwide and also available in an online store by the link.  the company always arranges in time delivery that can be made not only within the country but also to the neighbouring countries, Europe and Asia as well. Company does the shipment of goods in any amount necessary, even the day of order and payment. The company always has all-ready-made product assortment in its warehouses. CHAGA GOLD is also open for the offers and discussion of white labelling with new brand names with logos, taking into consideration all client's wishes and desires. For assurance of the quality of Chaga products and for own examination, the company is ready to send the samples of shelf fungus.