The Cool Derma Company was founded in 2017 by Shidrokh Ghawami an authorized skin care therapist. It offers the innovative and cutting edge science-based skincare series that are aimed to balance the skin and designed for all skin types, ages and genders. Currently, there are two main series of high-performance skincare products called Skinfitness and Skinstamina. The skin is a cool organ and that is where the name Cool Derma comes from. Cool Derma product prices are very customer friendly despite the fact that these high-quality AHA / BHA acid products are manufactured in Sweden using the latest technologies and only natural ingredients. Thanks to smart packaging Cool Derma is portable and easy to use. The Founder is personally involved in the step-by-step sustainable process of skincare products creation, from a selection of ingredient to the final product. The brand is aimed at well-being and lasting transformative results now and for future generations. The main goal is to allow all customers to help with their problem skin, no matter where they live or who they are.


The founder of Cool Derma Company Shidrokh "Orchid" Ghawami is an authorized Swedish skin therapist, functional nutrition therapist and makeup artist. For more than 20 years, she has been working in the skincare industry where she has met people of different ages with countless skin types and skin problems. Her extensive interest in current cosmetic chemistry, anatomy, biology and nutrition has resulted in the startup Cool Derma, which was launched in autumn 2017. Today under Cool Derma there is a skincare salon and self-developed skincare personal brand. The salon offers unique and personalized beauty treatments for different skin types and all ethnicities. The in-house skincare, developed with the Swedish skincare elite, consists of unique formulations.

Care much about social skincare problems Ms. Ghawami has a private foundation dedicated to anti-bullying of children for skin problems where she personally consults mothers and newborns as well as treat many babies for skin problems for free.


These skincare products were developed by Ms. Ghawami thanks to all conversations and wishes of her clients over the years of a professional career. During this time she has realized that there is something missing in the market. Therefore, she has developed effective skincare for home use, so it could be affordable to everybody in contrast to professional skincare products. The first skincare series Skinfitness is designed for unclean skin. The series consists of few but effective and multifunctional products for both face and body. Skinstamina is the latest skincare series from Cool Derma with results-oriented skincare for home use. Prices are customer-friendly for high-quality exfoliating AHA / BHA acid products. All products belong to the NON-Gender skin care generation and should suit everyone in the household. The company's motto is "Well-being and lasting results, now and for future generations."


SKINFITNESS - exfoliates and balances the skin

The Skinfitness series contains high-quality acid products and is designed for those who need a reset button to balance, exfoliate and increase the skin luster. Skinfitness is the first series by Cool Derma with vegan results-oriented skin care for home use. The products are made for unclean skin, clogged pores and pimples as well as for mature skin. The products consist of a large proportion of active ingredients that exfoliate the skin without drying out. Skinfitness includes three multifunctional products and washable, reusable, sustainable cleansing cotton cloth:

Skinfitness with orange logo is for oily skin with acne, large problem pores, discolouration, pimples, blackheads etc. This line is very active with low pH which means that it will sting on the skin so that skin gets red and it may be red up to 15 minutes. This is not allergy nor that means that the product is harmful to the skin. As an important part of the law and for customer safety Cool Derma has had all of products Dermatologically tested and the line is approved by Swedish Medical Products Agency. Still, since AHA/BHA are the active ingredients in cosmetics, every skin reacts differently to them and the sting or the redness would be different too. 

It is recommended to read the instructions on the product and on the website before use. Customer should use the products a few times in the week to start and then slowly step up to everyday use after 3-4 weeks.

The Glycolic Essence from this series has been often compared by the clients to some famous luxury skincare brands in quality, but the main difference that Cool Derma products go at a much more affordable price. 

SKINSTAMINA -  strengthens and protects the skin

The Skinstamina products were developed for normal, dry as well as sensitive and mature skin. Just like the previous series, the content is vegan and with a high proportion of effective ingredients. The ingredients in Skinstamina strengthen the skin against external stress, reduce the skin's loss of moisture and collagen as well as prevent age signs such as sagging skin, pigmentation, discolouration, dehydration, dullness and grey skin tone and large pores.

This series consists of three multifunctional products with minimal environmental impact. The Skinstamina line is a delight to use and feels very good without redness or stinging, even though Cool Derma has used a great number of active C vitamins. There are natural ingredients such as green tea, oat and grape seed extract, jojoba and other natural oils in it. These are 2 in 1 product for both face and body. The prices are rather competitive for this kind of high-quality potent products. The series includes the following products:

Both series main features are: 


Cool Derma Skinfitness line is compared to the bigger and more expensive brands like Peter Thomas Roth, Bioloqiue RechercheSkinceuticals. The founder did not have a compromise in relation to the quality of the product, but as for the price, she believes that the products should be available to everyone. According to Ms.Ghawami "A good high tech science-based brand should never be exclusive for the Rich people and Everybody should be able to go to a drugstore and get the coolness of Cool Derma". The brand has already received approval from numerous customers who use and see amazing skin improvements and results.

Also, Cool Derma has the main advantage - its smart packaging and few steps easy process of application. Cool Derma is also very loved by fitness and sport athletes because of the name and easy to use when sporting. Many sportsmen and not only suffer from acne, bacne (spots on their backs) and find it so helpful to use Skinfitness line. This is a huge market to introduce Cool Derma. Together with classic retailers and drugstores, thу line could be successfully introduced to fitness clubs, sporting stores, spas, swimming halls and hotel gyms.


The main feature of both lines of skin care products is their lightweight and portable packaging that can be used "on the go". Moreover, thanks to smart packaging Cool Derma is very easy to use. The process of using cosmetics is pretty simple and require few steps instead of being in many heavy glass "jam" jars that nobody likes to put their fingers in. You should only squeeze a small amount of the product and apply to the skin avoiding touch with mass, which can negatively affect the product’s life cycle.

As a part of a global effort to minimizing the carbon footprint, the company doesn't have paper boxes, plastic wraps, brochures and shares all of the information online. This method has been proven to be the most effective to reach the younger generation which buys everything online and does not want the fancy wrapping anymore! 

The retailers which are big pharmacies in Sweden have honoured Cool Derma for being so straightforward and this is one of the most important differences the company has done in the cosmetic industry! 


Cool Derma is currently sold at the Swedish local market offline through own salon, pharmacies and some major retailers. Also, it is available through its own webshop.

Cool Derma supports the clients and customers with various product presentations, participates in beauty expos and different skincare and healthcare events held locally and worldwide to promote the brand.

Cool Derma is present in social media with own Facebook page, Instagram page and YouTube Channel which contains skincare tips from the Founder and promotion statement movie with a call to action, to join the movement against bullying.


 After successfully launched in its local Swedish market, which tends to be one of the most difficult to launch a new brand, Cool Derma is ready to go globally having know-how technological platform, strong management team, customers reference and approval on board. According to the Founder, Cool Derma succeeded because of the best argument you can have to enter retailers market is to give the people the solution to their problems at an affordable price.


Some Cool Derma products recommended retail prices for Europe in EUR are:

These prices can be adjusted in accordance with the needs of each individual market after in-depth analysis. 


The new Gala magazine has Cool Derma in its list of the Best of the Year. Also, in one local Swedish magazine, Cool Derma skincare was assigned with 5 bees which means the best rating among other skincare products.

Cool Derma Glycolic Essence from Skinfitness series that results in intensive skin renewal, combines facial water and serum in one product, exfoliates the skin without drying and damaging the skin's protective barrier, causes cell renewal and contributes to a smoother skin tone, became the finalist of skincare Daisy Beauty Awards 2019.

Cool Derma face mask has been nominated for Swedish Beauty Award, the highest acknowledgement in Nordic countries for cosmetics.

Ghawami has been in the beauty industry for more than 20 years.... Read more at Scandinavian MIND