Derma Lotana is a new, unique skin care retail brand from world-recognized beauty therapy professionals, Anna Lotan. The Derma Lotana product range emerged as a result of extensive experience in addressing skin care problems, with a focus on meeting the needs of sensitive skin. To ensure excellent skin tolerance, all Derma Lotana formulations have been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and have also been found to be hypoallergenic. The Derma Lotana modular approach allows us to select the optimized minimum building blocks for individual skin needs with a focus on maintaining healthy skin.


Ms. Anna Lotan (1922-2019) was a recognized pioneer of the Israeli professional skin care industry, extensively researching the fields of cosmetology, cosmetic chemistry and biology. She is the owner of patents for unique cosmetic concepts and the developer of world-famous methods of treating problematic skin conditions such as acne, seborrhoea, and rosacea. She was also a highly respected teacher who trained generations of leading aestheticians. In the sixties, Anna Lotan invented the concept of Cold Hydration, leaving behind the steam machine as the accepted method of skin hydration, minimizing the spread of inflammation on impure skin and adopting a just on time approach to preparing the skin for effective deep pore cleansing.

The company was founded with the objective of developing functional formulations that would equip licensed aestheticians with the tools required to achieve tangible results. Anna Lotan products are designed not only to improve the appearance of the skin but also relieve specific skin discomforts. Its formulas are created to work in harmony with the skin’s metabolism, with a sensitivity to the needs of individual skin types and respect for the skin’s principal function as the body’s protective barrier. The company’s expertise lies in understanding the chemistry of combining natural active ingredients with the right functional carrier. In addition, a modular approach has been adopted to vary treatment intensity according to individual skin tolerance.


Derma Lotana’s product range includes a selection of formulations that address the needs of sensitive skin. They are based on sustainable ingredients and are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. The focus of all products is on maintaining skin health and nurturing its appearance.  Out of respect for individual skin sensitivities, customers are provided with a trial size product together with their retail purchase, giving them confidence in their selection. The products can be easily assembled into treatment sets compatible for a specific skin condition. Product brochures outline the functional benefits of the components of each set, recommending relevant individual care protocols. The range includes facial cleansers, serums, masks, scrubs, tonics, night creams, day time protection with SPF, balms and eye care gels. This unique product line serves the individual skin care needs of sensitive combination, oily/problem and normal to dry skin.

The Derma Lotana line is produced at the Or Akiva plant in Israel. Ensuring consistently high product quality, the plant is equipped with state of the art manufacturing capabilities and comprehensive filling capabilities of thousands of units per hour. Product development and manufacturing focus on advanced emulsion-based formulas (creams) for a wide variety of skin types. Product quality and safety are the company's first priorities.


In spite of being soft as a feather it effectively improves the hygiene of the skin.

This velvety face and body cleansing foam has been especially formulated for sensitive "reactive" skin types - for those who tend to "flush" in response to various environmental triggers. The foam is excellent for the very young (3 months old and up) as well as for fragile adult skin suffering from Rosacea.

The sulfate-free, vegetable-based cleansing components produced from corn, olive and coconut prevent a sensation of dryness after rinse off. Papyrus root extract, rich in moisturizing minerals and softening starch promotes the calming effect of the mousse.

A targeted molecule, combining the amino acid glycine with undecylenic acid, supports the skin’s hygienic condition while serving as part of the delicate preservative system of the foam.

The mechanical foam pump is environmentally friendly, free from any gas propellants! When using this airy foam the skin is exposed to a much lower detergent concentration than any liquid soap and is easily washed off the skin leaving it calm and clean.


The intensity of this modular scrub may be adapted to any individual skin sensitivity

A concentrated cleansing paste, rich in mineral crystals.  This paste is ideal for deep cleansing sebaceous residue in oily skin pores (blackheads), using a slow, gentle massage. Unlike other natural scrubs based on ground nut shells or fruit kernels, the abrasive particles in this scrub dissolve easily in water, allowing the user to terminate the abrasive action at will. To obtain maximum benefit from a minimal amount of the scrub, gradually add water until completely rinsed off.  The concentrated mineral lotion that forms during rinsing activates the metabolism to also rid the skin of waste from within.

Best used in the evening, before retiring.  Apply a little on both cheeks. Spread with gentle massage motions to other facial areas.

For Sensitive Skin: Massage with gradual addition of water until completely rinsed off.

Non-sensitive skin can be massaged without the addition of water for about a minute, then washed off.


A fast-drying treatment mask designed to purify the skin and improve its appearance upon removal!

The mask formulation is based on clay powders (including the mineral rich black mud from the Dead Sea). Due to their excellent adhesion clays are known for their effective oil absorbency, which assists in cleansing waste from the pores of oily/problem skin.

Targeted components of the mask are focused on improving surface hygienic conditions. These include Propolis and traditional tree resin extracts (Myrrh, Frankincense, and Lenticus gum), known for generations for their purifying properties.

The astringent effect of the silica rich Polygonum extract exerts a smoothing effect on the skin’s surface which is felt once the mask is rinsed off. A balanced addition of Jojoba seed wax prevents an over-drying sensation, leaving clean, smooth skin with an elegant matte appearance after removal of the mask.


'Comfortably relaxing' best describes the feeling while using this liquid soap ... as well as after rinsing it off!

A gentle, sulfate-free formula effectively removes makeup, dirt and oily residue while leaving the skin clean, soft and feeling fresh. Lathers into a mild foam, specially designed for daily cleansing of sensitive skin. The sustainable formula is based on vegetable cleansing ingredients derived from corn and coconut oil. The carefully chosen ingredients, including red Seaweed, Chamomile, and Eyebright flower extracts, contribute to a sensation of comfort during use, especially around the eyes. Directions: Lather a small amount of the gel with the gradual addition of water to clean a face and neck. Rinse off.


Dead cell removal from the skin’s surface refreshes the skin’s appearance and enhances its renewal. 

A mild, biomimetic oil gel designed to remove dead cells and encourage the renewal of the skin’s surface. Gentle yet thorough exfoliation is obtained without any acids (AHA) or abrasive particles, instead, relying on intense hydration of the upper epidermal layers, and lightly massaging the skin. Once the cells absorb the moisture and become plump and soft they spontaneously fall off with a soothing fingertip massage. Leaves the skin feeling perfectly smooth and revitalized! Directions: Apply generously on both cheeks and spread to remaining facial areas with gentle massage movements. Within two minutes the gel will take on an oily texture. Massage for as long as necessary to smooth the skin and remove scales and dead cells. When finished rinse with water and wipe with a soft cloth.


Dry dehydrated skin texture can be improved by quenching it with moisture to obtain a smoother appearance while enhancing the skin’s sensation of comfort.

A rich hydrating cream that quenches the skin with moisture upon application. Premium polysaccharides such as Sodium Hyaluronate and 3 Xylitol derivatives have been integrated into the formula to boost the moisture retention capacity of the skin. Quality phytosterols, Jojoba seed oil, Shea butter and Squalene slow down moisture loss by strengthening the epidermal lipid barrier, increasing skin elasticity and softness. A Peptide sequence (Matrixyl 3000) improves skin appearance by minimizing the visibility of fine lines and gradually improving skin firmness. Directions: Spread morning and evening overall facial areas and neck (especially those areas prone to redness). Recommended for use after cleansing.


What a pleasure it is to use this silky soft hydrating serum and enjoy its vital replenishing components!

A skin-pampering hydration serum is excellent for use under any makeup foundation or any day or night cream. The formula is enriched with premium moisturizing components (freeze-dried Aloe Vera extract and hyaluronic acid) that enhance the moisture retention capacity of the skin. Film-forming components such as Panthenol and silk amino acid, protect the skin and reduce trans-epidermal water loss, leaving a pleasant, smooth sensation on the skin. Premium seed oils, such as Jojoba and Olive supported by an oily fruit extract of Siberian Sea buckthorn known for their rich vitamin content, replenish the lipid barrier of the skin. Vitamins E and A act as antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical damage. Directions: Apply by itself, or under your day or night cream. Excellent when used under makeup, providing a smooth and glossy appearance to your skin.


You will learn very fast that you can trust this triple benefit formula for coverage, protection, and wrinkle-relaxing effect.

This concentrated formula gives optimal daycare with broad-spectrum protection for normal to dry skin, minimizing solar radiation damage which can lead to premature ageing and hyperpigmentation. When fully absorbed, the semi-translucent texture of this BB cream will adapt to your skin tone, giving it a more natural appearance. The cumulative effect of using the cream daily increases skin firmness and contributes to a gradual brightening of hyperpigmented areas. Applied in the morning, it still looks great at the end of a busy day, concealing discoloration and uneven skin tone. It is available in two tones: Natural (3041) and Beige (3042). Directions: Using sparingly, carefully spread the cream with fingertip massage to form an even layer on face, under eye area or wherever required until a smooth, even coverage is obtained.


Originally created for the purpose of sales in pharmacy chains, the brand packaging has a discreet and classic format. The brand is constantly in development. Planning to enter the global market, management takes into account the development of new marketing strategies and changes in design and branding.

Anna Lotan Ltd., a manufacturer of Derma Lotana, is a pioneer in professional skin care with a presence in more than 48 countries worldwide. With more than three decades of experience in educating aestheticians, they offer specific treatment protocols for various skin conditions on the basis of original and innovative products developed in house. A vast range of formulations includes active treatment products for use in the salon, as well as supplementary retail products carefully selected for home care of each customer on the basis of a “face to face” diagnosis. All formulations are developed in house at the company’s laboratories, which also provide R&D services to other companies both in Israel and abroad. Many of the products are designed and clinically tested for sensitive or allergic skin before being marketed to the public. The products and services offered by Anna Lotan are drawn from these primary sources: skin physiology resulting in biomimetic formulations and natural active ingredients derived from herbs and minerals.

Company strategy is to emphasize the functionality of the carrier of each formulation. Because the active ingredients available for cosmetic products need to be safe and without side effects, they are often of limited activity. Anna Lotan makes the most of the composition of the carrier in order to obtain results suitable for safe use on a daily basis, relying on the customer’s senses to accept or reject their choice of product. For this reason, most Derma Lotana products are mild formulations and provide a sensation of comfort for the user. Anna Lotan follows socially responsible business practices, uses natural, renewable resources and supports both environmental and social programs which empower people to improve their lives. While the Anna Lotan brand is distributed exclusively to professional aestheticians worldwide, other brands are distributed via pharmacies, health food stores, and other marketing channels. 


Some Derma Lotana products recommended retail prices in EUR are:

These prices can be adjusted in accordance with the needs of each individual market after in-depth analysis.


Derma Lotana is ready for international expansion. In general, the retail brand is open worldwide except for the following countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. The brand could be distributed via pharmacies, beauty stores, natural product outlets, online sales platforms, and other marketing channels. Derma Lotana welcomes any collaboration with capable distributors who will fully understand all the principles of the brand and proudly carry the reputation of the best of the best skin care products developed over the years, especially in those countries where the company’s products are not yet available.


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