SOVA candies is a novel niche brand founded by Olga Shiyan in 2016 that is aimed at producing natural sweets from fruits and vegetables with exclusive and exotic flavors. The world's first fruit candies are made based on the technology of careful preservation, used in Egypt many centuries ago at the times of fascinating pyramids and pharaohs. SOVA flapjack, a novel kind of luxury marshmallow, is made with the observance of a special temperature condition that results in maximum preservation of all vitamins and microelements. The healthy sweets consist of fruits and vegetables of the highest quality that can be eaten without any harm to the body shape and health. They do not contain any sugar and other harmful additives. On all sides, the myth that healthy and tasty food cannot be combined in one product thrust on people. The main goal of the company is to dispel this myth. Unique fruit&veges candies from SOVA are the most striking evidence that the amount of same time tasty and healthy food is constantly increasing.

Despite the abundance of various products nowadays, it is almost impossible to buy something natural, without preservatives and additives, so Olga Shiyan, the founder of ultra-unique SOVA brand, decided to create high-quality and natural products. It is she who sets the development vector of SOVA brand. The sweets from SOVA contain all the useful elements as well as the fruits they are made of (vegetables are under consideration). It is a great example when tasty food isn't just harmless but even useful. SOVA uses very high-quality ingredients. The company tracks how ripe are the fruits and vegetables, which candies will be made of. 'Only the best and ripe ingredients' is the main motto of the company. Olga Shiyan always tries to optimize the cooking process.

Currently, the manufacturer uses only fresh fruits. The quality control goes on at every stage. Heat treatment is performed at the temperature that allows saving all the nutrients and vitamins of the products used. The company uses the high-precision American equipment that allows controlling the drying process at all the stages, without disturbing the temperature regimes.


Olga Shiyan has developed the world's first fruit candy or if you wish, the first fruit in the candy world. It all started with her family. Unlike Olga’s son and husband, who are unbearable sweet-toes, she was a fruit-lover who eats sweets in very rare cases. She wanted to switch the attention of her family to healthy sweetness. But they did not like dried fruits, and often she heard about the dubious quality of the above-mentioned sweets. Her goal was to create a product that would give a rich, natural taste with inherent sweetness from a fruit or a berry that her boys will absolutely love. Delving into history, she found the option of careful fruit preservation, which was used in Egypt at the time of fascinating pyramids, great pharaohs and wise tsarinas. She went deeper into those recipes, tested a lot, refined and upgraded this method. She has studied many sources while searching for a solution. Finally, having updated the way of making sweets, withdrawn from history, she got the desired result.


The first stage is a preparatory one. During this stage, the manufacturer makes the selection of the best variety and type of fruits. For SOVA candies, this means that the candy will come out perfect to taste, and the benefits of the fruit consistency will be as concentrated as possible.

The second stage is the main one. This stage includes the preparation of flapjacks. The fruits are washed with warm water and then pour over with hot water in order to permanently neutralize the harmful microbes from the surface. Then they are beaten in a blender, but not for long, so that the healthy fiber does not become a useless ‘trash’. Then evenly to distribute the puree of fruit and put to dry at 40 degrees. The process takes quite a long time! The first part of the drying is 8-9 hours.

The third stage is the final one. After the fruit has been dried, it is necessary to remove the dried layer and cut it. Then it is needed to twist it and tie into a roll. Olga decided to bring this old spirit from antiquity to the modern customer through SOVA. This resulted in special shape and design, namely, as planned, she has shaped flapjack into an ancient scroll tight with a rope in a classic version. While the shape remained, she decided to abandon the idea of tying a ribbon both for the convenience of the customer as well as for the general user-friendly concept of the Retail product. The packaging improvement process goes on. At this stage, to improve storage quality, the founder
plans to launch the vacuum package.


The SOVA candies range includes sweets made from apples, bananas, pineapples, kiwi. Each package weighs 30 g and contains 2 candies. The company also offers to order products as box offer (Kid_box, Mommy_box, Fitness_box, Stop_Diabetes).

Apple sweets. Dehydrated apples are very rich in potassium, which has a positive effect on the nervous system and regulates pressure. In addition, they contain a large amount of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and vitamins of group C and E. Flapjacks made of apples have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract improving digestion. FYI: Three candies contain two apples.

Banana sweets. A dehydrated banana is even more useful than a freshly picked fruit from a tree. It contains vitamins in abundance: B1, B2, B6, PP, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and Copper. The combination of these microelements contributes to the maintenance of the heart muscle, and the presence of serotonin improves mood in general. FYI: One candy contains half a banana.

Pineapple sweets. The dehydrated pineapple contains Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Calcium and vitamin C. The peculiarity of this taste is that pineapple contains bromelain, which has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Apple and Cinnamon sweet. The composition of these sweets is 98% apple and 2% cinnamon. Due to the apple, these sweets contain such trace elements as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and vitamins of groups B, C and E, and cinnamon helps reduce the load on the pancreas. This is the perfect option for those who want to lose weight.

Kiwi sweets. Dehydrated kiwi contains vitamin C, which is stored in sweets due to low heat treatment. This sweetness is useful for people suffering from diabetes because kiwi has the lowest glycemic index and low-calorie content.

Strawberry sweets with strawberry chips contain the minimum amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Sweets have slightly strawberry sour and strawberry flavor. The sweets contain Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Fluorine and vitamins of groups C, E, B (Package weight 20g).


Kid box is designed for children and contains 7 packs of bananas, 4 packs of pear, 4 packs of apple sweets + an extra bonus.

Mommy box contains mostly banana sweets (14 packs) + free bonus, in the future, Olga Shiyan wants to include sweets from plums.

Fitness box contains 7 Kiwi, 4 Pineapple, 4 Banana sweets + an extra bonus.

Stop Diabetes is intended for people suffering from diabetes and includes 7 packs of kiwi and 7 packs of apple-cinnamon sweets.


Candies (Caramel)

SOVA candies is a 100% natural product. Fructose which gives sweetness is used only from fruit. The combination of fruit fiber and fructose (natural sugar) leads to a slow breakdown of sugar, as a result, there is no overload of the pancreas, deposits of excess simple carbohydrates in the fat. In addition, taste buds are not dulled by a large dose of sugar.

Dried fruits

SOVA candies make sweets at the lowest possible temperatures (40-45 degrees), thereby, preserving the vitamin composition of the fruit. This is a long process. Nevertheless, in the case of dried fruits, it takes three days or more to dry them without using chemicals.

Pastila, the kind of marshmallow is the closest product in terms of production and composition. When compared with such competitors as Bob Snail, FruTim, and Fruittella on the Ukrainian market. Bob Snail is the main competitor. Its candy-making process is similar to SOVA candies. However, their product is quite rubbery and the same in the taste, because they take apples as a basis and only up to 15% of the declared taste (raspberry, cherry, etc.). The remaining competitors in this segment add sugar to the products and the temperature of making candies is 60 degrees.

If we compare them on the Russian market, then Belevskaya pastila will be a competitor, but it has a different principle of making sweets. They bake apples, then mix the baked apples with proteins and sugar, and then bake again. SOVA candies are similar to Tatar pastila but without adding honey and other sweeteners.

Chocolate candies

Chocolate candies have more composition and are larger in calories. Banana sweets have the most high-calorie taste from SOVA candies, for example, 100 grams contains 346 kcal. While chocolate contains approximately 550 kcal per 100 grams.

The main advantages of SOVA candies, in comparison with competitors, are the following:

According to Olga Shiyan, in order to dynamically scale the company, all processes must be perfectly lined up. The company has already achieved this result in taste. At the moment, it is necessary to polish the production and delivery system to end customers. In the future, the company plans to produce candies with exotic fruits, which grow in those regions. This will increase the already huge gap from competitors in terms of quality. Moreover, of course, it will fill up the line with incredible combinations of such fruits as durian, cherimoya etc. The company is already negotiating with potential partners who will be engaged in local production.

The main goal of the company is a useful sweetness in every home, not only on shelves of Ukrainian retailers. This product may be especially popular in northern countries such as Canada, where fresh fruit is a great luxury. Moreover, SOVA candies are better preserved and easier to transport than raw fruit. Olga Shiyan also aims to expand products, which will include sweets with various spices, and even pizza and cakes tastes.