SOVA candies is a new niche brand founded by Olga Shiyan in 2016 and aimed at producing sweet treats from only natural fruits with exclusive and exotic flavors. SOVA Flapjack is a new kind of sumptuous dessert without sugar and harmful additives. All sweets are produced in compliance with a unique technology that allows saving all the vitamins and minerals of fresh fruits. The modern world has divided almost all existing food products into tasty and healthy. Olga is not the first to set the task to bring these two seemingly incompatible categories together. Moreover, Olga managed to do it so elegantly and concisely. SOVA candies are just fruits without extra water and no additives, processed by know-how technology. The company has found a new unique way to create delicious and airy sweets, the consumption of which does not harm human health and even benefits.

The first fruits in the world of sweets SOVA candies are made according to ancient Egyptian technology. This technology of careful gifts of nature preservation came to us from the time of the wise pharaohs and magnificent pyramids. Thus, to master and especially adapt the secret knowledge of the past to modern realities did not work right away. At first, there were years of trials, errors and a great desire to make the better lives of the loved ones, most of which, the son and husband, are an incorrigible sweet tooth. Olga was leading by a great fear that the most expensive people in the world will face obesity, and God forbid, diabetes. This feeling encouraged Olga to do everything in her power to prevent such an outcome.

It is not an easy task to convince a person to eat healthy food and to force to eat a healthy diet is almost impossible, even if it is about your husband and son. There must be own strong desire, otherwise, that's not going to happen. In the beginning, Olga turned to the classic options for healthy products, i.e. dried fruits, candied fruits, other snacks. She tried almost every alternative with the same result  - it was not tasty for her boys. And as it turned out in a more detailed analysis, it is not very useful. It seemed that the desired product simply does not exist in nature, it can not be bought, so can only be created.

Olga found a solution in Flapjack, loved not only by her boys but by everyone around her. She went deeper into those recipes, tested a lot, refined and upgraded this method. She has studied many sources while searching for a solution. Finally, having updated the way of making sweets, withdrawn from history, she got the desired result. The solution combines the past and the present, the taste of sweets and the usefulness of natural fruits. Now it is winning the hearts of new and new fans around the world.


Ukrainian lovers of SOVA candies can buy sweets made of more than 10 different fruits including exotic such as kiwi, pineapple and even papaya.

On the international market, the candies are presented in a few the most popular flavours but this is temporary. The company is constantly increasing its production capacity to enable fans from across the world to enjoy all kinds of Flapjack.

Tastes that are currently available in the international market:

Apple Flapjack. Dehydrated apples are very rich in potassium, which has a positive effect on the nervous system and regulates the pressure. In addition, it contains a large amount of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and vitamins of group C and E. Flapjacks made of apples have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract improving digestion. FYI: Three candies contain two apples.

Banana Flapjack. A dehydrated banana is even more useful than a freshly picked fruit from a tree. It contains vitamins in abundance: B1, B2, B6, PP, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and Copper. The combination of these microelements contributes to the maintenance of the heart muscle, and the presence of serotonin improves mood in general. FYI: One candy contains half a banana.

Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack. The composition of these sweets is 98% apple and 2% cinnamon. Due to the apple, these sweets contain such trace elements as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and vitamins of groups B, C and E, and cinnamon helps reduce the load on the pancreas. This is the perfect option for those who want to lose weight.

Banana Flapjack with Strawberry Chips. It contains the minimum amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Sweets have slightly strawberry sour and strawberry flavor. The sweets contain Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Fluorine and vitamins of groups C, E, B (Package weight 30g).

Olga and other SOVA candies specialists are constantly working on creating new tastes. Non-classical product combinations are of particular interest. It is possible that in the near future customers will be able to try sweets with chocolate, nuts and even Borodino bread. Although, this is all at the level of hypotheses. No official statements were received from company representatives.

There is a chance to see Flapjack for people with diabetes on the shelves in the foreseeable future. This is a special area of ​​SOVA strategy, designed to facilitate and improve the lives of people suffering from such a terrible disease.


The first and main advantage of SOVA candies, in comparison with its competitors, is the attitude to the product and the whole production process.

First of all, the company uses only ripe and perfect fruits, which, perhaps, is not done by any other producer in the world. This approach allows getting sooo sweet products without adding sugar and other sweeteners while maintaining 100% natural product.

The most gentle manufacturing conditions of SOVA allow saving all healthy microelements and vitamins contained in fruits, increasing the time required to process one batch sometimes up to several days. Therefore, many competitors violate them, resulting in a product that looks like Flapjack, but does not contain part of the benefits that are stored and transmitted in full to natural SOVA candies.

One more key factor of SOVA uniqueness is a сareful control of the intensity at which the fruit is ground. For each individual position it is different. This control allows saving in sweets as much fiber as possible, because it is a fiber that helps assimilation, without putting into fat all that is in candy, including fructose.

Moreover, most SOVA sweets have a one-piece composition. Eating candy means the same as eating a fresh apple or banana, only without excess water. This allows each type of candy to have its own unique taste and to be the carrier of own unique set of microelements.

The main advantages of SOVA candies are the following:

First and foremost, fans of SOVA candies are those people who lead a dynamic lifestyle and who are active in sports. Their nutrition is usually limited to rigid diets and there are so few fun foods. SOVA banana-based candies may become the solution since they taste good and satisfy hunger. They are very high in calories, yet have no sugar and with such low weight and size irreplaceable for hiking and other sports activities.

Breastfeeding moms who can't eat almost anything can consume banana candy from the very first days of breastfeeding. SOVA is hardly the only joy in food that they can afford.

Mothers of young children often become SOVA customers, since they try to give all to their children. SOVA Flapjack is an excellent alternative to delicacies that is not inferior to the classic candies in taste and appearance and significantly superior in quality and usefulness.

People who are overweight and are being in a constant battle with their access pounds also choose SOVA for themselves. Pineapple and kiwi candies are just created for them.

All other representatives of Homo sapiens, who at least, somehow treat themselves as modern and thinking people, prefer SOVA sweets. Just imagine that you only carry a few sweets in your pocket that easily replace a pound of banana or apples. If there is no time for a full lunch or breakfast, no trouble, just stop for a minute, drink coffee with SOVA candy (by the way the sugar will be also perfectly replaced) and move forward full of strength at the same pace.

The company is constantly developing products for new categories of customers, such as the candy line for diabetics mentioned above.

The complete absence of preservatives and other additives brings love not only to clients but also to various microorganisms that don't mind eating natural fruits without excess water. The quality of packaging is very acute for the company.

In addition to the measures that have already been taken, namely high strength packages and triple sealing, the company is constantly in the process of development and improvement. Vacuum packaging, which hopefully will completely replace the existing one in 2020, is currently under testing. With the help of a vacuum, candies will be stored even more reliably and the shelf life will be increased.

Negotiations with the printing company are currently underway in order to increase the environmental component. The main goal is to switch to packaging made of exclusively organic materials.

The company devotes a lot of time to the aesthetic characteristics of packaging and marketing materials. The company constantly works with printing and industrial designers, that allows framing the products with the best solutions that meet all the world standards.

The main production capacity of SOVA candies is concentrated in Ukraine. In addition to the production, there is a constant process of optimization and improvement of the production cycle under the guidance and control of the founder Olga Shiyan.

Such an approach allows saying that the company will be able to scale up and cope with any volume of orders, without giving up its basic principles, namely, providing healthy and tasty product to consumers.

As the international expansion plan, the company is aiming to open mini production facilities in countries where exotic fruits are grown. So soon SOVA Flapjack with durian, cherimoya and other overseas oddities will appear on store shelves.


As a rule, the peak of sales in Ukraine falls on the cold season. This is the period of vitamins deficiency that is so carefully stored in SOVA's products. This tendency allows forecasting good sales in countries with a predominantly cold type of climates such as the UK, Germany, Norway and even Canada.

Top sellers are cafes located in gyms where the most targeted audience is assembled. Athletes are people who keep to a strict diet and dream to please themselves for a well-trained workout without breaking the number of allowable calories.

Many regular customers in Ukraine order SOVA Flapjack based on an online monthly subscription. The customers systematically pay the same amount of money at the beginning of each month and receive a supply of sweets for the whole family. This allows to abandon the traditional (harmful) sweets and to please themselves only with healthy treats. This method of sales is gaining in popularity in the world, and SOVA company believes that it is very important for niche brands, and makes a big bet on it in the future.

The main purpose of the company is to bring healthy sweets to every house and of course, this house does not have to be only in Ukraine. Olga is sure that the sweets, so much loved by her countrymen, simply allow nobody to stay indifferent, regardless of territory, mentality and cultural characteristics. After all, everyone should have the right to eat delicious and healthy food. SOVA candies are ready to provide with this right the entire population of the mother earth :)