Initio: an invisible pheromonal force


Floraiku - a mix between Haiku and Flowers


WITAL tea combines the best technologies and materials

Al Nassma: more than the first and finest camel milk chocolate

The spectacular beauty of the Arabian desert has fascinated travellers and locals alike since millenniums. In the Arabian world, camels are renowned as the ship of the desert. This getaway allows visitors to experience the real magic discovering the splendour of these magnificent creatures. The farm offers visitors robust delightful treats obtained from the lusciousness of their dairy offerings. Here, the camels are impeccably cared for and bred, in order to obtain the finest quality of camel dairy milk, rich in vitamins and minerals, and well known for tremendous healing powers. This precious resource is further treated to produce the world’s best camel milk chocolate, fit for royalty. Al Nassma Chocolate is the United Arab Emirates' first and only camel milk chocolate brand, founded on October 22, 2008. The development and launch of the brand took almost four years. The name of the chocolate 'Al nassma' has its roots in the Arabic language.

9 days ago

Caviar House & Prunier combines luxury with sustainability

Caviar House & Prunier, which is known to produce the finest caviar and smoked salmon in the world, claimed that love begins in the stomach. The Prunier Caviar is created from recipes that have been closely guarded secrets for centuries. In addition to the finest caviar and smoked salmon, the house supplements their assortment sensibly with high-quality delicatessen products from the best producers in the world. Caviar House & Prunier combines tradition and modernity for you with the goal of achieving the highest culinary quality. Today, connoisseurs and those in the know all over the world rely on their historical expertise. And for their absolutely top-class products, the employees of Caviar House & Prunier deliver absolutely top performance every day. Caviar House & Prunier supply consumers with the finest that nature has to offer in collaboration with the best producers in the world.

10 days ago

Nails inc keeps nails in healthy condition with a glamorous finish

The UK’s number one nail brand, Nails Inc was founded by Thea Green in 1999, and has quickly become one of the most innovative fast-growing independent beauty businesses in the market, with new brands being added to the portfolio. It is renowned for being the first premium nail bar in the UK, boasting 16 luxury destinations in stores including Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Fenwick and Brown Thomas, as well as five standalone stores in Japan. Nails Inc has a widely established global product distribution across 25 countries, with prestigious retailers such as Sephora. Currently, the company has stores in the UK, US, France, Middle East, Singapore and Hong Kong. With a series of industry accolades due to its first to market product innovation, original must-wear shades and collaborations with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Diane Von Furstenberg and Alexa Chung, Nails Inc continues to lead the way in the nail category.

10 days ago

KT Tape: an elastic sports tape designed to relieve pain while supporting muscles


LUNA: small wonders for great skin


David Rio provides a rich, indulgent chai experience

Organic raw chocolate

Grezzo Raw Chocolate is a brand that made possible to change sweet treats into healthy 100% vegan food. The idea of creation came to Vito Cortese, pastry chef of natural cuisine and raw food from Italy. The healthy deserts exclude the use of animal products, the refined flour and sugar, gluten and yeast, which makes biscuits and chocolate available to those who suffer from intolerance to gluten or lactose. The unique technology of cocoa beans drying is behind the healthy nutrition of the Grezzo’s raw chocolate so that it is 5 times healthier than the chocolate made of fried beans. The pastry professional chefs use ingredients that mother nature offers such as valuable cocoa beans raw or precious, not fried Sicilian almonds, which are widely used in the sweet. The brand’s philosophy voices the following: food is one of the main elements that can be treated to improve the lifestyle and the health. Born in the heart of Italy, Grezzo made a significant breakthrough in the world of gourmet raw food.

10 days ago

Natural Shilajit - Purest Body Cleaner and Energizer

Shilajit or moomiyo, that can produce energy within cells is a traditional ayurvedic product that gets extracted from the solidity of animal and plant material over millions of years in the Himalayan regions of Tibet and in India. Herbal remedy known as Shilajit is considered the best carrier of nutrition and energy for the body. Now, it is found in most of the countries and has been used in many products because of its healing properties. Natural Shilajit is rich in many nutrients and contains minerals, humic acid, loads of vitamins and fulvic acid, which are considered key components that act as good cleansers since they remove harmful metals from the human body. The founder of the Natural Shilajit Brand Andrey Konovalov is the first who introduced and expanded the authentic Altai Shilajit as a dietary supplement to the US market and looks forward to the global market expansion. 

10 days ago

VODA UA is the silver-ionized water that cares about you

VODA UA is Ukrainian water that has a unique chemical composition, containing silver ions, which makes the water clean, tasty and highly useful. The water is produced by Mineralni Vody Karpat TOV. Extracted from one of the purest sources in Ukraine, VODA UA identifies as a 100% natural water. It is bottled without any physical and chemical corrections. Naturally, clean water sources are located in the heart of Ukraine, Cherkassy region, called "Little Carpathians". The unique ecological conditions and the exceptionally valuable water sources are highly recognized in Ukraine and around the world. The company provides the still water and sparkling water in the glass bottles, and in PET bottles. Furthermore, such water does not contain any chemical and artificial adding.

13 days ago

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