Scent Bar: concentrated fragrances with a high compound of perfume


WELT: The Smart Belt for Fashion & Health


Amabrush: The Original Fully Automatic 10-Second Toothbrush

VAVA Home Cam: Wire-free Security with a One-Year Battery

VAVA Home Cam is a wireless security camera designed to go outdoors or indoors, sets up in minutes, and has no monthly service fees, giving you more choice over how you control your footage. Instead of complex systems requiring expert installation and ongoing monthly monitoring fees, the customers need simple, reliable home security that just works, outdoors AND indoors. VAVA Home Cam installs and sets up in minutes, and is designed to fit easily wherever you need an extra pair of eyes. Unlike other security cameras that need to constantly be plugged in, recharged or require expensive battery replacements, VAVA Home Cam comes with a specially-engineered rechargeable battery designed to last up to a year on a single charge.

34 days ago

World's best chocolate

Amedei is an Italian chocolatier and confectionery company, located in Tuscany, Italy. The chocolate is produced from the rarest sorts of cocoa and contains only natural ingredients. Numerous times Amedei was awarded by London Academy of Chocolate for the highest quality and ecologically sustainable production. Assortment of the brand includes good 120 varieties – from delicious pralines and creams to professional size bars and chocolate drops for the finest desserts in the world. The majority of people, looking for quality chocolate, will admire Amedei.

35 days ago

Fire extinguishing ball

The Elide Fire Ball is a new innovative fire suppression technology, world’s first self-activating, unattended and portable fire suppression ball. It ensures safety and protects people, property and equipment against deadly and damaging fires. It is a scientifically-proven and affordable solution for virtually any situation or scenario where there are risks of starting fires. It can be in the house, office, vehicle, factory, boat, restaurant…it can be anywhere! All a person needs is to throw the ball into a fire and it will be activated in 3-10 seconds and will disperse extinguishing chemicals. But when fire starts and no one is present, Elide Fire Ball will self-activate when it comes in contact with fire and give a loud noise as an alarm. No special trainings or skills are required to operate the ball. Till date, more than 10 million Elide Fire Extinguishing Balls are sold globally.

35 days ago

World-first raw milk safe for drinking


Best magnetic shark repellent

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  • 52 Retail and Distribution Companies;
  • Purchasing volume over EUR 200 million a year;
  • 50 Countries are covered;
  • Cash upfront payment;
  • Bulk Discount and Equity for Distributors;
  • Scale-up Brand Revenue 10X+ within one year.