dieNikolai is the youngest member of Nikolaihof Wachau, Austria's oldest winery, with almost 2.000 years of history. In 2015 the youngest son of the owner family, Martin Saahs, decided to process the unused bio-dynamic resources, from the own wine gardens to the worlds first Demeter-certified grape cosmetics. The idea was to create the worlds cleanest and most sustainable cosmetic line. Therefore nearly all ingredients for dieNikolai are coming from the own, bio-dynamic vineyards. All products are based on the precious grape seed oil, which is especially known for its high proportion of antioxidants. Mixed with bio-dynamic resources from their own vineyards, such as saffron, linden flowers, elder, etc. dieNikolai offers individual face care routines for different skin types. Packed in recycling materials, dieNikolai ensures a wholistic sustainable approach with the smallest possible footprint.


As the youngest son of the Saahs family, Martin was born and raised with the anthroposophical approach of Rudolf Steiner in all parts of life. Ever since he has been working closely with the family and his brother, the wine-maker, to represent the winery and its approach internationally. After several international work experiences in China, India, Spain and the USA he decided to come back to Nikolaihof and process the unused precious Demeter-certified resources. Together with his school friend and former L’Oréal Marketing Manager Günter Stöffelbauer, he founded the “by Nikolaihof GmbH” in 2015 and created the cosmetic brand “dieNikolai”. Backed by Günters cosmetic experience and Martins bio-dynamic know-how, they started to find partners to develop and produce high-quality face care by the strict standards of Demeter. Today Martin and Günter are closely working together at dieNikolai, Martin mainly focusing on resources, production, supply-chain, and Günter on marketing & sales.


Demeter is the oldest and strictest organic certification worldwide. It certifies bio-dynamic agriculture, who follow the anthroposophical approach of Rudolf Steiner and complements the organic principles with spiritual aspects as the moon calendar. Due to its strict standards, there are less than 10 Demeter certified cosmetic brands in the world.


Hello, I am dieNikolai!

I am the youngest member of Austria's oldest winery, Nikolaihof Wachau. Built by the Romans, almost 2.000 years ago, Nikolaihof is located in UNESCO World Heritage Wachau and we have been making high-quality products with our natural resources for centuries. For almost 50 years, Nikolaihof has followed the anthroposophic philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, as one of the first wineries worldwide. Certified by Demeter, we meet the world’s strictest standards in biodynamic and we are proud to count ourselves among the pioneers when it comes to quality and sustainability.

For my organic grape skincare, the resources from our own vineyards are carefully processed by hand. All my products are based on the precious grape seed oil, which is especially known for its high proportion of antioxidative Vitamin E. Combined with other home-grown ingredients, such as saffron, linden flowers and elder, I created highly concentrated face care products for different skin types.

All products completely palm oil-free, mineral oil-free and formulated without any synthetic preservatives. Therefore the ingredient list is short and the cosmetics are suitable for sensitive skin. Sustainable packed in recyclable glass jars and CO2-neutral boxes, you make sure that
neither your body nor the environment gets contaminated with chemicals.

dieNikolai - Organic grape cosmetics from Austria

• Worlds only Demeter-certified grape cosmetics;
• Nearly all resources come from own vineyards;
• 100% Organic - no ingredients from conventional resources;
• Palmoilfree, mineraloilfree, no synthetical preservatives;
• Short list of ingredients & suitable for sensitive skin;
• Sustainable & luxury packaging with glass and recycling materials.


As one of less than 10 Demeter-certified cosmetic brands in the world, I chose to combine the highest organic standard with the luxury and elegance of perfumery products. Therefore I focus on pure and highly concentrated face care and offer daily routines for different skin types. By using only a few different ingredients and avoiding all synthetical additives, I created products with incredible short ingredient lists and a much higher concentration of active ingredients. Even for conservation I avoid any synthetical preservatives and use pure alcohol, distilled from our wine, in a minimum portion. By using min. 90% bio-dynamic and max. 10% organic certified ingredients, my products are 100% organic, without any ingredients from conventional agriculture.

Pure & highly concentrated

• 100% organic: No ingredients from conventional resources;
• Less is more: Few different active ingredients but higher percentage;
• No synthetical preservatives;
• Palmoilfree, mineraloilfree, siliconefree;
• Suitable for sensitive skin.


All products are based on our precious grape seed oil which is known for its healthy effects on the body internally and also externally used as cosmetics. Here are the main properties of grape seed oil and extract:

• Best known for a high proportion of antioxidative Vitamin E;
• Light, moisturizing oil, suitable for all skin types;
• Moisturizes and helps skins flexibility;
• Correcting benefits: Supports cell renewal process;
• “Taxi-Effect”: Takes other ingredients with it into skin.


To make sure the highest efficiency and effects of the products, I suggest a 3-step face care routine in the morning and evening.

1. Cleansing: Cleansing Gel / Milk & Facial Tonic.
2. Serum: Facial Serum & Eye Serum.
3. Face care: Skin type compatible moisturizer.
4. Once Weekly: Exfoliation & Mask.


All products are packed in a glass and cardboard box.

1. Cleaning Gel 200ml. Facial Cleanser for all skin types

• Gentle foaming & refreshing cleaning gel, used with water
• Removes make-up, sebum and pollution effectively
• Basic Cleanser suitable for all skin types
• Does not dry out or irritate skin
• Can replace shaving gel

2. Cleansing Milk 200ml. Facial cleanser for dry skin

• Rich cleansing milk, applied with a cotton pad
• Removes make-up, sebum, pollution and non-waterproof eye make-up effectively
• Nourishes skin while cleansing with grape seed oil
• Often complimented with facial tonic

3. Facial Tonic 200ml. Cleansing complementary & facial mist

• Soothing linden flower extract & strengthening grape seed extract
• Used with a cotton pad to remove cleansing leftovers
• Spray directly on face to use as moisturizing mist before serum

4. Facial Peeling 50g. Powder for facial exfoliation & detox mask

• Only 3 actives: Grape seed flour, healing earth, wine stone
• Mix powder with cleaning gel/milk to create your individual facial exfoliation product
• Mix the powder with Facial Tonic or Serum to create detox mask
• Exfoliate once weekly to remove dead skin cells & enhance skin radiance


All products are packed in а glass and cardboard box

1. Grapeseed Oil Intensive Serum 30ml. Correcting complementary

• Pure: Only 4 different ingredients
• Concentration: 40% grape seed oil, 44% grape seed extract
• Broadband antioxidant, suitable for all skin types
• Moisturizes and makes skin soft
• Corrects skin damages as pigmentation and wrinkles
• Helps face care to penetrate the skin
• No essential oils & free from allergens

2. Eye Serum 15ml. Correcting complementary

• Light Serum with antioxidative false flax oil & grapeseed oil
• Moisturizes with “tears of grapes” and hamamelis extract
• Fights signs of raging with antioxidative grape seed oil and false flax oil
• No essential oils & free from allergens


All products are packed in a glass and cardboard box

1. Grapeseed Oil Darling 50ml. Rich cream for demanding, dry skin

• Intensive face care with 42% of vegetable oils
• Moisturizes intensively and retains skins moisture with beeswax
• Instant-Effect: Apricot oil for healthy-looking, radiant skin tone
• Penetrates fast without making skin greasy
• Gentle fresh fragrance from lemon balm essential oil

2. Radiance Fluid 30ml. Intensive care in light texture for normal to dry skin

• Moisturizes intensively with 35% vegetable oils
• Light, elegant texture to apply easily
• Instant-Effect: Apricot oil for healthy-looking, radiant skin tone
• Gentle fresh fragrance from lemon balm essential oil

3. Moisturizing Fluid 30ml. Light moisturizer for mixed and oily skin

• Moisturizes with 25% vegetable oils
• Light, elegant texture to apply easily
• Soothes irritation with linden flower- and saffron-extract
• Also loved by men as face care and after-shave balm
• Gentle fresh fragrance from lemon balm essential oil


Special care products are designed as problem-solvers for skin in problematic conditions. They are inspired by Ayurvedic medicine and have been formulated with cream and ghee. All products are packed in a glass and cardboard box

1. Grapeseed Oil Intensive Care 50ml. Rich cream for very dry, mature skin

• Intensive face care with 42% oils
• Nourishes intensively with ghee
• Moisturizes and retains skins moisture with beeswax
• Penetrates fast without making skin greasy
• Gentle fresh fragrance from lemon balm essential oil
• Can be used complementary as face mask or temporary regimen

2. Nourishing Wonder-Balm 50ml. Rich cream for irritated & damaged skin

• Nourishes gently with ghee and cream
• Supports skins natural regeneration process
• Soothes with lindenflower and saffron extract
• Designed for sensitive and irritated skin
• Can be used as a natural healing cream from head to toe

3. Mattifying Moisturizer 50ml. Cream for mixed and oily skin

• Moisturizes gently with cream
• Mattifies shiny skin intensively
• Helps skin to gain back its natural oil balance
• Soothes with linden flower and saffron extract
• Designed for sensitive and irritated skin


1. Hand care 30ml aluminium tube. 3 SKUs with different formulas & fragrances

• Sommelier HC: Nourishes with ghee, no fragrance
• Vineyard HC: Mattifies with cream, a fragrance with essential oils of lemon verbena &
honey extract
• Rosemary HC: Nourishes with vegetable oils, a fragrance with essential oils of rosemary
and rose

2. Lip care 6ml opal glass jars. 2 SKUs with a different fragrance. 100% organic - no emulsifiers or preservatives

• Lemon balm kiss: Fresh fragrance with lemon balm
• Rosemary kiss: Herbal fragrance with rosemary


All products are packed in 100% recycled PET bottles

1. Riesling Shower Gel & Shampoo 200ml.

• Refreshing, gentle foaming shower gel & shampoo with Riesling wine and grape skin
• Moisturizes with grape seed oil and sunflower seed oil
• 100% bio-degradable & less then 10 ingredients

2. Elder Shower Gel & Shampoo 200ml.

• Strengthening, gentle foaming shower gel & shampoo with elderflowers & elder
• Moisturizes with grape seed oil and sunflower seed oil
• 100% bio-degradable

3. Linden flower Shower Milk & Conditioner 200ml.

• Rich shower bath for dry skin.
• Nourishes skin while showering with grape seed oil and sunflower seed oil
• Recommended once weekly as a conditioner for very dry hair
• 100% bio-degradable


The brand delivers “the real organic deal” to those, who are looking for certified sustainable, non-cheating, organic cosmetics and want to reduce their personal ecological footprint in the bathroom. Backed by 50 years experience in bio-dynamic agriculture, dieNikolai guarantees sustainable high-quality cosmetic products from the seed to the finished packed product. Built on the belief that skincare is a very personal and also sensory issue, dieNikolai communicates with its users as an actual person. This personal approach builds customer relationships and communicates the values of the family business.

• The only Demeter-certified grape cosmetics in the world;
• 100% organic ingredients - no conventional resources;
• All active ingredients come from own vineyards;
• No synthetical preservatives and fragrances;
• Palmoilfree, mineraloilfree, siliconefree.


dieNikolai is communicating as a real person to engage users personally and represent the family company values. Coming from a 2.000-year-old vineyard, producing most resources by ourselves, the brand is closely connected to Nikolaihof Wachau and its history. Users and Partners are welcome to visit the historic vineyard and dive into Demeter-agriculture and bio-dynamic wine, food and cosmetics. The elegant cosmetic textures come in luxury glass bottles and jars, packed in extravagant recycling boxes to meet perfumery standards. To make it easy for beauty advisers and users to navigate the brand follows a color code: blue = mixed skin, pink = dry skin, gold = complementary products.


The main audience for dieNikolai is women, 40+ years who look for honest, organic skincare. However, many younger users, men and especially people with bad skin condition have discovered products for their routine.


dieNikolai is currently available in 8 countries (AT, DE, CZ, SK, IT, CH, HK, US) being distributed in traditional retail channels as 150 organic- & beauty shops, health shops, pharmacies and online. The brand is offered to retailers as a full package rather than individual products. To connect with users dieNikolai offers intensive Facebook and Instagram content with photos and videos, at the moment mainly in the German language.


While focusing on face care as a key market, the brand develops new products every 6-12 months to complement the 20-SKUs. Starting with shower baths in fall 2019, the objective is to offer all needed bathroom products from head to toe in Demeter-quality from the own vineyards.

Recommended Retail Prices dieNikolia for Europe:

Facial Cleansing

Cleansing Gel 100ml Refreshing gel for all skin types € 24,00;
Cleansing Milk 100ml Smooth cleansing for dry skin € 24,00;
Facial Tonic 100ml Cleansing complementary / refresher € 22,00;
Facial Peeling 100ml Peeling powder to mix with cleanser € 19,00.

Face Care

Grape Seed Intensive Serum 30ml Complementary antioxidant & booster for daycare € 55,00;
Grape Seed Oil Darling 50ml Intensive care with 40% vegetable oils € 69,00;
Vegan Moisturizing Fluid 30ml Light calming fluid with saffron, for oily and mixed skin € 49,00;
Vegan Radiance Fluid 30ml Rich care in light fluid form for dry skin. € 49,00;
Eye-Serum 15ml Light, antioxidative care € 45,00.

Special Care

Grape Seed Intensive Care 50ml For very dry skin, with ghee € 69,00;
Nourishing Wonder-Balm 50ml For irritated, damaged skin, with cram and ghee € 61,00;
Mattifying Moisturizer 50ml For shiny skin, with cream € 61,00.

Shower & Hair

Riesling Shower Gel 200ml Fresh shower gel with Riesling wine € 17,90;
Elder Shower Gel 200ml Gentle shower gel with elder berries € 17,90;
Lindenflower Shower Milk 200ml Rich shower milk for dry skin € 17,90.

Hand care

Sommelier Handcream 30ml w/o fragrances for wine lovers € 11,90;
Vineyard Handcream 30ml Gentle scent of lemon verbena € 11,90;
WWF Rosemary Handcream 30ml Sustainable care for nature lovers € 11,90.

Lip care

Rosemary-Kiss 6ml 100% organic lip care with rosemary € 9,90;
Lemon balm-Kiss 6ml 100% organic lip care with lemon balm € 9,90.


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