Boring might have been yesterday - now your lifestyle will be colorful! They bang. They’re loud. These celebrate you and your easy drinking fun. That's why they're here, so you can drink easier and experience more magic with Nu Magic® Water. More than H20 - no bullsh*t, no sugar, but 100% drink flow for the recommended daily amount of water. Nu Magic® Water comes without unnecessary fillers, other blah blah, or plastic bottles. It loves simple tap water and becomes a fancy functional drink via multiple shakes in the glass bottle. It takes water to the next level. Thanks to the micronutrient market leader BIOGENA, it heralds a new era with bright colors, refreshing varieties, scientifically proven function, and seamless quality. With the dream team partner of NEOH's secret sugar replacement formula, the sugar drama in the beverage market is solved in the most innovative way. Feel it, taste it, love it.


No doubt you know them too, those busy bees who never have time to drink. Those who find water just too boring, or who simply adore their coffee and fizzy drinks. Perhaps you recognize yourself in this description? Well, that’s why Nu Magic® Water wants to be your partner in crime. Because who really loves drinking water – and in sufficient quantities? Seriously, no-one! Nu Magic® provides your body with power and energy, keeps you up and running and helps you achieve your flow.

That’s why they came up with “More than H2O”, with less plastic, less sugar, more hydration, and more nutrification. Simply more than H2O. 

Let’s meet the six magical F’s. Don’t you know them? Then listen up. 

More ColorFul, Flavorsome & Fancy. Speaking of fancy stuff, have you admired the colors?  Have you tasted the Nu Magic® Spirit? Say hi to Color, Flavor, Function, your partners in crime on the scene. Confidently fancy thanks to 100% natural aromas & backed by science.

More Function, Fulfillment & Fun. Every member of the Nu Magic® Water Gang meets a current mood. Looking for Beauty & Glow? Or Mental Balance & Relax? Hype up the Immune System? Full performance with Brain & Focus? Something for your mood with joie de vivre and zest for life? Or everything all at once with the all-stars from Nu Magic® Water in the Gimme-Five starter pack?

But let’s start at the beginning:

In the creation phase, after two years of head-scratching and bright ideas (not to mention the no-brainers), they came up with the easy way to drink more and to love it – for you, your hydration and our Blue Planet.

Speaking of the Blue Planet – 1 million plastic bottles per minute – scary statistics, but we all can do better than that. With a measurable promise - to consume less plastic. 

Empower yourself with the PeoplePlanetPower-Solution

#fightclimatechange       500 x better CO2 footprint than a plastic water bottle

#fightplastic                      99% plastic reduction compared to a plastic water bottle

#fightsugar                        99% sugar reduction compared to Ø 500 ml soft drink

#betterhydration             100% drinking flow for the recommended daily amount of water

#smartnutrification         100% nutrient flow for targeted, nutritive supply of micronutrients, in some cases above the 100% daily requirement

Do you think greenwashing is lame? Nu Magic® Water does too!

A personal concern

"I'm sure you know this - most people drink far too less water or unsweetened drinks every day, and if they do, they don't like it because it's simply boring and tasteless. Together with a strong team of co-founders, I solved my personal drinking problem: Either a glass of water until two in the afternoon or coffee or cola for the supposed energy boost, that was my drinking behavior before this innovation - the main thing was that it tasted good and pushed me. By the evening at the latest, I was completely dehydrated, over-sugared and/or my poor supply made itself known with headaches, loss of energy and a bad mood. With Nu Magic® Water, I want to give normal water uniqueness. The science team behind Nu Magic® Water has succeeded so well with the extra kick of targeted vitamins, minerals and plant extracts based on 100% natural flavors that many people suddenly love (learn to) drink with joy." "This is the problem we are now tackling worldwide: "better hydration", "smart nutrification", "fight sugar", "fight plastic", "fight climate change" and thus measurable promises to future generations and our planet. We are happy about every customer who drinks more with Nu Magic® Water, even has fun with the new drinking experience and with a strong sustainability impact."

The personal founder story of CEO & Female-Founder Julia Ganglbauer, MSc

Are you in?

Because the idea of chic isn't just superficial – content is queen for Nu Magic® Water. That is something to be proud of. Not only because they don’t want anything to do with that nonsense. They also say, “No, thank you, ma‘am” to refined sugar (which these are already refined enough) , noticeably reducing the amount of sugar in your food. What they offer in its place is unique nutritional added value, with their fancy function (more nutrification). In other words, it's scientifically proven that Nu Magic® Water is good for you, by lifting your water tables to the next level, but they want more – do you?

All that remains is to say:

They deliver real added value - scientifically proven and perfectly dosed for you, thanks to their Science Team! They want to care about you, your health and your lifestyle. They want to support you in what you do and who you want to be - as long as you drink more, more than H2O.



This drink is your perfect partner in crime. Oscar gives you the necessary glow during your working day. Oscar makes you feel fabulous on your night out. And best of all: Oscar is always available. Let‘s face it: together you’re simply too glam to give a damn.

Size: 42 g (12 Sticks x 3,5 g)                                        Suggested Retail Price: €9,90


This drink is your om on a busy day. Missed your train – om. A stain on your new jeans – om. All tables in your favorite restaurant taken – om. It still sucks but hey, don‘t be too hard on yourself. Put on some sweatpants, order takeout & be your own hero.

Size: 48 g (12 x 4 g)                                                     Suggested Retail Price: €9,90


This drink is your healthy Tinder date. The aroma of a bouquet of fruits. The romantic feeling of a never-ending flirt with vitamins. And after a long day on the go – with only the two of you – it‘s obvious: you’ve got a new friend with benefits.

Size: 48 g (12 x 4 g)                                                   Suggested Retail Price: €9,90


This drink is your personal cheerleader for every one of your focused performances – no matter whether at work or at play. It doesn‘t give you wings but enough magic to make you think:

maybe it‘s really time to take over the world. Be bold. Be you.

Size: 54 g (12 x 4,5 g)                                                Suggested Retail Price: €9,90


This drink is so 2019. It‘s like partying all night long, dancing till dawn and singing along with your friends at a concert. Simply put: Perfection. What is considered world class today? Rose, Vanilla & Good Vibes. All day. Every day.

Size: 54 g (12 x 4,5 g)                                                 Suggested Retail Price: €9,90


Start your #betterhydration adventures now with your fancy, functional drinks in sustainable stick packs with added nutritional value, supported by science with fancy flavors & colors. Feel the good vibes & explore the magic with #smart nutrification & 100% natural flavors.

Consisting of 12 x Nu Magic® Water STICKS of ALL kinds:

Size: 49,5 g (5 x 4,5 g, 5 x 4g, 2 x 3,5g)                                   Suggested Retail Price: €9,90


It‘s me, your new travel buddy, your ultra-chic water bottle brought to you by NuMagic® Water. I‘ll stick with you through thick and thin and make you feel good about being environmentally conscious whilst keeping you optimally hydrated, healthy and fit.

Above all else, I am the ideal container for your NuMagic® Water. I can hold half a litre, and there are five different flavors for you to choose from to keep your body performing at its best.

Size: 500 ml                                                                                   Suggested Retail Price: €14,90


GIMME FIVE + WATER BOTTLE 0,42 l. - 12 x drink powder Nu Magic® Water + Nu Magic® Water Bottle incl. neoprene sleeve.

Nu Magic® Water Bottle incl. neoprene sleeve


Consisting of 12 x Nu Magic® Water STICKS of ALL kinds:

                                                                                                         Suggested Retail Price: €24,80


Nu Magic® Water - the new, fancy, functional drink in sustainable stick packs with nutritional added value, backed by science, with edgy flavors & colors. Yesterday it may have been boring - but today your lifestyle is bursting with color! Sustainable and always one step ahead, it's not just the contents that score with their values - the outside is also impressive. The packaging and branding are ecological and sustainable, so it makes an active contribution in climate change.

#fightclimatechange Nu Magic Water® lets the corks pop. These get loud. These celebrate you and your easy drink fun. That's why they're here, so you can drink lighter and experience more magic - Nu Magic® Water, to be exact. Nu Magic® Water doesn’t take a back seat to snooty grape juice or sassy bubbling water. There’s no chance of that with our colors! Nu Magic® Water is your fancy, functional drink with edgy colors & flavors inside sustainable stick packs. With these fancy colors, it doesn't stand a chance!


They are young, colorful and loud! Launched in April 2022, Nu Magic® Water is growing, has been welcomed by the community and has a high interaction with new partners and created its own fanbase.  They are taking off in the first year and still have much to do. In addition to the digital media, which is the focus due to the target group, it relies on a mix of different stationary measures to make the brand tangible.

An excerpt of our advertising measures:


Nominated for the German Food Innovation Newcomer Award 2022

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