A Premium Home-Style Ice Cream


Shlosem's innovative products are unique by their recipe and content


WITAL tea combines the best technologies and materials

Beardbrand: the best beard care for you

The Beardbrand's story started in 2012 when Eric Bandholz participated in 2012 West Coast Beard & Mustache Championships. He was about 8 months into his yeard and was competing in his first beard competition. It was at this event that Mr Bandholz first experienced the bearded lifestyle at its fullest. Later, Eric Bandholz, who is the company's CEO, Lindsey Reinders, and Jeremy McGee launched Beardbrand. Currently, this American men's grooming company is based in Austin, Texas. It provides a wide range of innovative products for grooming, styling, and maintaining of beards, hair, skin, and moustaches. The Beardbrand's founders started with an initial financial capital of $ 8,000 and did not profit from sales in the first 10 months of the company, trying to keep it afloat. After the company was mentioned in an article for The New York Times, it got around the "beard's" world.

28 days ago

SOVA candies: Natural sweets from fruit without harmful additives

SOVA candies is a novel niche brand founded by Olga Shiyan in 2016 that is aimed at producing natural sweets from fruits and vegetables with exclusive and exotic flavors. The world's first fruit candies are made based on the technology of careful preservation, used in Egypt many centuries ago at the times of fascinating pyramids and pharaohs. SOVA flapjack, a novel kind of luxury marshmallow, is made with the observance of a special temperature condition that results in maximum preservation of all vitamins and microelements. The healthy sweets consist of fruits and vegetables of the highest quality that can be eaten without any harm to the body shape and health. They do not contain any sugar and other harmful additives. On all sides, the myth that healthy and tasty food cannot be combined in one product thrust on people. The main goal of the company is to dispel this myth. Unique fruit&veges candies from SOVA are the most striking evidence that the amount of same time tasty and healthy food is constantly increasing.

29 days ago

World's strongest coffee

Death Wish Coffee is a coffee brand that bills itself as "the strongest coffee in the world" with 200% more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee. in a 12-ounce cup of coffee, there is an average of 650.4 milligrams of caffeine per serving. it is made from robusta coffee beans which are much higher in caffeine than arabica coffee beans, which is generally used in most commercial coffees and coffee houses. Death Wish Coffee provides extra energy and possesses a unique aroma and mild taste.

36 days ago

D.S & Durga provides the ability to conjure unseen worlds


Yuetex: home textile with an excellent quality


Invisibobble: the new all-rounder hair ring, perfect for all styles

Dr. Vranjes Firenze is still the cradle of luxury, artisan, perfumed products

The history of Dr Vranjes Firenze is truly fascinating. From the very beginning, master perfumer Paolo Vranjes, founder and sole nose at the Maison, has been able to inspire and anticipate, conceiving avant-garde products and sensing the perfect moment to review the ways in which an artistic fragrance can be read. Paolo grew up in Bologna, where his love for fragrances was born thanks to his grandfather, a trader in precious fabrics with a passion for essences. His curiosity and passion were supported by his innate talent, reinforced with academic studies in chemistry, pharmacy and cosmetology. In 1983, in Florence, he founded the Antica Officina del Farmacista together with his wife Anna Maria. The city has always played a fundamental role in the creative and productive process. The cradle of beauty, the beloved and distinguished city. In Italy, Florence boasts the longest tradition in the art of working with essences and fragrances, with craftspeople able to support every type of creation.

38 days ago

Grishko: aesthetic dance shoes, wear and accessories

Grishko Ltd. is a privately held manufacturer that provides most elegant and camera-friendly dance shoes, wear and accessories. The company was founded in 1989 by Nikolai Grishko in Moscow, Russia. Currently, all Grishko® products pass the highest level of quality control in accordance with international standards. Grishko® has been the brand of choice for top Ballet stars for many years and they often talk about the products when interviewed. It carefully preserves the traditions of artisanship in the making of pointe shoes: the master shoemaker always put their heart into their creation. Following fashion trends, the company's designers launch clothing collections several times a year all with the Grishko® style. In addition, this sophisticated brand cares greatly about customer's health, that is why it uses only eco-friendly materials in productions.

38 days ago

KIND Snacks achieve a balance of health and taste

Since 2004, KIND has been on a mission to make the world a little kinder one snack and act at a time. KIND was born out of its founder's desire to create a snack that was healthy and tasty, wholesome and convenient. What began as a line of premium Fruit & Nut bars sparked the creation of a new healthier snacking category. Today, KIND has a family of more than 70 snacks that offer solutions for a variety of occasions. Its recipes use nutrient-dense, premium ingredients like nuts, seeds, whole grains and fruit, which are recommended for a healthy diet. All snacks are gluten-free, do not contain genetically engineered ingredients and are not sweetened with sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. Kindness has always been at the core of its business. KIND was founded with a social mission, the KIND Movement, which celebrates and inspires kindness. Today, the Movement is brought to life through the brand and The KIND Foundation.

39 days ago

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