Wireless and handheld ultrasound scanner


Digital cutting-creasing machine

Portable espresso machine

Idiosyncratic scalp hypothermia method

Chemo Cold Caps is a hair loss prevention technology, known also as scalp hypothermia, which helps patients with terrible diagnosis named cancer to preserve the hair loss during the chemo sessions. The special technology works like a refrigerator, cooling the head skin and doesn’t allow chemicals to penetrate into the hair structure. The thousands of patients have already seen the incredible effect of having the hair remaining practically unchanged. Moreover, it freezes out the most spread spin-off effect of cancer therapy, emotional distress.


Revolutionary obstetrics device

Odon device is a revolutionary solution in the field of obstetrics. It comprises ingeniously simple construction of the inserter and the plastic sleeve that covers the fetal head and allows you to retrieve it safely both for the fetus and for parturient. Created by a man, far from medicine, the unit amazes the leading medical specialists of the world.


Stem cells spray

SkinGun is a medical device applied for spraying of a patіent's own self-donated stem сеlls to treat burns and skіn damages. Owing to the innovative way of spraying SkіnGun increases the effect of the general treatment and reduces time of skin regeneration process. New clinical trіals of the devіce demonstrаte that SkinGun covers 200 larger surfасе of the damаgеd skіn compared to other traditіonal methоds. It is able to spray more than 20.000 drops, containing stem cells on the 8cm surface against 100 drops of conventional syringes.


Best visualizer of veins

Innovative stand-up paddle board

Revolutionary coffee printer

Super firm condom

HEX – is a super firm condom created by LELO, a Swedish intimate lifestyle company that designs, develops and manufactures upmarket sex toys, BDSM accessories, and massage products. Each condom is made up of 350 small latex hexagons. The company plans in future the development of new materials. The Swedish innovation was called the biggest breakthrough in the industry over the past 70 years. This condom is impossible to pierce even with a needle.


First desktop waterjet cutter

WAZER is the fіrst in the wоrld desktop waterjet сutter develорed and marketed by WAZER Inc. located in San Franсіsco, Саlifornia. A group of engineers from Pensylvanian university set a goal to create a portable, productive and not very expensive system, that could deal with those materials, which were not possible to cut with a laser. The developers managed to adapt industrial technology for the needs of small construction bureaus and productions. The device supplies a jet of water saturated with abrasive particles under high pressure - that is, cuts the material by controlled erosion. In result edges are flat and smooth.


World-first raw milk safe for drinking

Made by Cow is a manufacturer of world's first safe-to-drink raw milk. It uses a NSW Food Authority approved, new patented breakthrough cold pressure technology relying on careful herd management and more hygienic milking practices to produce a higher quality milk. Due to the advanced method the brand offers the Jersey milk known for a higher fat content preserving its properties, as well as essential nutrients and pure flavor. The customer now can taste milk the way nature intended. Made by Cow cold-pressed raw milk proved to be a hit selling out as soon as its product hits the store shelves.


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