Fast-acting hemostatic product

The world's smallest gym

Premium sleeping cabins at airports

Evidence-based skincare line

BIOPEPTIX – is a unique series of innovative cosmetic products developed by Israeli company Aviv Cosmetics and produced in the USA. The line contains active ingredients, based on the latest research findings in dermatology - biopeptides, growth factors and anti-glycation agents. At the same time Biopeptix includes plant extracts, fruit acids in therapeutic concentration and natural fruit puree. Combination of scientific research and natural ingredients made this line a real breakthrough in cosmetology, offering patients best of the two worlds. 


Best SPA skincare brand

NIANCE – is a premium anti-ageing skincare line from Switzerland, developed and marketed by Swiss Mountain Cosmetics GmBh. As a genuine Swiss brand, NIANCE provides highly effective skincare solutions, excellent purification and rejuvenation of the skin. Owing to the latest research findings in dermatology and rare plants from the Swiss Alps, scientists in NIANCE laboratories managed to create a multi-anti-aging skincare line, capable to rejuvenate the skin on all its 3 levels. 


The fastest and most hygienic hand dryer

Dyson Airblade™ stands out for being the fastest and the most hygienic hand dryer system. The appliance made a revolution in a stagnant category. The technology behind the Dyson hand dryer was developed and patented by the company engineers constantly pursuing perfection. Dyson Airblade reduces drying time to 10 seconds. For the sustainability conscious, the hand dryer can help conserve energy, minimize operational costs and reduce carbon emissions. With Airblade in a tap, hands can be washed and dried at the same sink. The appliance won lots of awards, got approval from NSF International, HACCP International and lots of positive feedbacks from the businesses experiencing Airblade technology.


Professional hair care cosmetics

Personal electric watercraft

Robot cameraman

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