Teana is an innovative Russian skincare company founded by Dmitry Stoforandov in 2007. Mr. Stoforandov holds a PhD in pharmaceutical science and is the man behind all Teana cosmetic formulas. He is a scientist and a pharmacist, who has enriched the cosmetics industry with almost 300 unique skincare formulas and who keeps bringing new trends and energy into this field. Teana has been producing cosmetics which are as effective as beauty salon treatments for more than 10 years. The company uses manufacturing sites in Russia and France. Teana's goal is to make skincare simple, affordable and pleasant. Teana Laboratories' mission is to make the life of its clients happier and more beautiful.

Why customers appreciate Teana:


“All the main standards of beauty are created by nature itself. Therefore, our products are based on natural bioactive ingredients, the effective action of which is ensured by advanced scientific developments.”

                                                                                                                        Dmitry Stoforandov

Dmitry Vladimirovich Stoforandov, the Creator, General Director and mastermind of Teana laboratories, has a sound experience of successful work at the junction of pharmacy and cosmetology, is a Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences. As a child he had been mixing his mother’s face creams to create something special. Then after becoming a pharmacist Dmitry brought about 300 unique skincare formulations, new trends and his creative power to cosmetic industry. Having really turned on the heat to produce high-tech cosmetics for the "home salon", he founded the company from scratch and personally developed formulations of the first line of products - mono-dosed ampouled serums packed in pharmaceutical glass and containing a high concentration of bioactive ingredients, which are still an undoubted brand hit. Dmitry Vladimirovich's motto is: "We need to produce the product for which we vouch and to be guided in business by our conscience first of all". And for almost 13 years now, Teana has been producing unique professional cosmetics. Its effectiveness is confirmed by testing, and the number of satisfied customers around the world is constantly growing.


Teana implements the most advanced solutions in the field of cosmetology in convenient packaging format of cosmetics for independent use at home. All lines are perfectly combined with each other, so the clients can create an individual care program for themselves, taking into account all the nuances and needs of the skin.


The brand is widely represented online and offline. Top mass media in Russia regularly write about the products, and Teana also conducts monthly creative mailings to popular bloggers in order to raise brand awareness. In 2018, Teana received 2 prestigious Tagline Awards for Best Integrated Advertising Campaign. Teana participates in charity events, sponsor various beauty events, holds meetings and zoom parties for potential clients.


Teana is now selling well nationwide in Russia and has distributors in Lithuania, Latvia, Uzbekistan and Belarus. The best points of sales are online and offline beauty stores and drogeries like Drogas, where it is currently sold and others like Watsons, Douglas etc. 


Teana is actively building brand awareness on social media through the following channels:

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Teana's products regularly receive prestigious awards for innovative skincare and performance. Teana has been awarded prizes for top glossy women's publications, as well as international prizes won at exhibitions.


Teana skincare provides the most up-to-date and innovative solutions in modern cosmetology. Teana tracks the latest achievements of scientific labs all over the world. Therefore, the company is among the first to obtain samples of new ingredients and to conclude contracts for the supply of modern cosmetic raw materials while others may not even know about them yet. Traditionally, Teana purchases ingredients for its products in France, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Marocco. The ingredients are high-concentrated substances that are extractable from plants only through a series of complex chemical processes. Absence of impurities and high concentration – a guarantee that Teana's products will have a predictable and evident effect.

Keys of success of Teana's products:

Teana has a variety of products and cosmetic lines to solve different skin problems:

1. SUPER PEPTIDES - ampoule serums with super-effective peptides

TEANA VEGENIUS - 100% natural ingredients, vegan-friendly, innovation & nature

2. VEGENIUS VEGETABLE MILK - 100% vegetable milk in pharmaceutical ampoules for intensive skin care

3. VEGENIUS POWDER SERUMS - 100% natural powders with powerful skincare benefits due to their botanical composition

4. VEGENIUS FLOWER WATERS - Pure floral waters are based on the water-soluble fractions of valuable essential oils and are enriched with  dihydroquercetin which is a powerful natural antioxidant

5. VEGENIUS SMOOTHIE FACE MASK - Edible smoothie masks are all natural and contain fruit powders, dietary fibers (detox effect) and stevia extract

6. VEGENIUS – BIO ESSENCES (the exact molecular “twins” of living plants, giving the skin 100% of valuable ingredients)

7. LIFTING TAPES - lifting effect  in just 7 days

8. Molecular microfluids OCCLUX  -   act similarly to beauty salon cosmetic masks, but you can wear them all-day

9. Cone snail toxin - TOXY for expression lines correction - a botox effect without a cosmetologist

10. 10-day beauty regimen FUNGUSTO based on mushroom extracts

11. EXPERT BOOST -  Neuroactive boosters give a deep, long-term and visible effect without “beauty injections” by optimizing the cells’ functions

Alternative to beauty salon cosmetology

Correction of skin imperfections

Intensive lightening

Protection from the main causes of aging

Strengthening the skin’s structure and anti-age care

Eyebrows and lashes growth

12. ROYAL FORMULA -  Premium water-in-oil emulsions for dry and mature skin

13. Neuroactive serums STRESS CONTROL - new safe solution for correcting stress-related skin conditions through impact on skin neuroreceptors, contain revolutionary active ingredients: Neurophroline ™, Mariliance™, Matrixyl® 3000

14. NATURAL HAND MADE SOAP. Made in France

15. BLUE RETINOL Peptide Cosmetics - anti-aging skincare with retinol-like natural extract

16. PERFECTION Sensory Peptide Anti-Age Cosmetics - combining innovative peptide complexes with anti-age  herbal extracts, launch a complex rejuvenation and restoration program in the skin, reducing the visible signs of aging


18. FIFTH SENSE Biopeptide Cosmetics  - a perfect everyday skincare solution. The effect of endorphins for your skin happiness

Sensorial Gels for regular eye zone care

Sensorial Multilamellar Creams

Sensorial Makeup Remover Gels

19. BIOACTIVE AMPOULED COSMETICS –targeted to improve conditions of any skin types. Bestsellers

20. SHAKER MASK, Made in France - Produced with the latest fine grinding technology, these powder masks are easy to use and act fast. Innovative natural ingredients provide active care, restoring and revitalizing the skin