BeOnMe is an Italian cosmetic brand born in 2016 in the heart of the Alps, surrounded by the energizing beauty of the Dolomites Mountains. Its organic cosmetics, made in Italy and certified by Ecocert®, are designed for true nature lovers who appreciate the efficacy of pure ingredients, are sensitive to environmental issues and aware of the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle. Developed to support a healthy beauty routine, all products boast vegan and eco-sustainable ingredients, selected for their effectiveness and free from synthetic components. Three skincare lines, Beauty, Sport and Tattoo, give life to a colorful, smart and performance-oriented cosmetic range addressing the unique nature of all young skin types. The collection, in fact, responds to the needs of Millennials and Gen Zers, two young generations that embrace the concept of conscious consumerism, appreciate targeted formulations and a good quality-price ratio.


BeOnMe was born from the desire to develop pure, natural, organic cosmetics, and to satisfy the needs of a super-sensitive and reactive skin that couldn’t tolerate anything but natural ingredients free of synthetic components and allergens. It all began when, a few years ago, Yvonne, BeOnMe inspirer and founder, started to self-produce her cosmetics to cope with severe dermatitis that no specialist nor product seemed to be able to relieve.

It took years of accurate study, application, patience and a stronger and stronger passion: and what it had begun as a small DIY cosmetic range for private use finally became a refined organic skincare collection, extremely effective, functional and clean. Together with Massimo, her life partner and co-founder, supported by his entrepreneurial career and a solid partnership with an extremely cutting-edge, Italian niche cosmetic laboratory, they gave life to the registered brand.

From the beginning, BeOnMe and its three skincare lines heartily match the founders’ passions (beauty, sport, tattoo), values, ethics and green philosophy:

"BeOnMe cosmetics are dedicated to those who love nature, taking care of themselves and sharing their best life experiences. By choosing to use and produce only natural, organic and sustainable cosmetics, we don't expect to save the world, but to do our part alongside all those who have chosen this path and all those who make their best every day to live with a healthy, ethical, and responsible lifestyle."

Yvonne and Massimo

Indeed, the brand name BeOnMe (be-on-me!) and its tagline, skincare for nature lovers, are a promise to those who act responsibly trying to reduce the impact of their daily actions on natural ecosystems. From such high ideals derive concrete choices, six pillars that drive both the products’ development and the business approach: 


BeOnMe embraces Nature’s vitality and freshness with a smart collection of organic and performance-oriented cosmetics, developed with clean formulas and translated in versatile and comfy textures.


        Innovative formulas

Nature’s beauty and creativity are captured in advanced and effective formulations: packed with organic ingredients, precious botanical extracts and biotechnological complexes, they offer a cocktail of potent phytoactives to infuse the skin with purity and balance.

        Unique ingredients

Enzymatic hydrolats, prebiotics, natural surfactants, marine unicellular algae, rare and precious organic oil-mixes and flower blends, like the fragrant aromatic Butterfly Bush flowers. This is the result of never-ending research for ingredient innovation and of a close partnership with a cutting-edge, niche cosmetic laboratory.

         Pure mountain water

The formulations contain mountain spring water coming from the majestic Alps: light, extremely pure, pH neutral and microbiologically controlled, very well tolerated by the skin.

          Pro skincare lines

Tattoo and Sport, two unique lines of high-tech and multi-benefit products engineered to ensure superior performance. They were developed, respectively with a team of tattoo artists, and with feedback from pro athlete testers.


          Beauty line (Face – Body – Hair)

A cosmetic line for young skin to bring out its natural radiance! It supports all skin types, from the impure, combination and sensitive to the ones showing the first signs of aging. It also takes care of hair and body with precious botanical extracts and biotechnological actives. 

          Face care line

          Body care line includes:

          Haircare line includes:

          Sport Line

High-performance formulations created to make the body feel free to unleash all its energy and dynamic vitality. The line includes:

          Tattoo Line

Organic cosmetics designed to address the unique nature of all skin types and enhance the vibrant uniqueness of each tattoo. The line includes:

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          BEST SELLERS

          Cleansing Scrub Gel

It brightens and smoothes the skin. The different sized granules help get a deeper cleansing. Based on aloe, it contains all-natural hydrated silica granules, apple-cider vinegar, Malva Sylvestris extract, and also nettle, with its healthy cocktail of proteins, vitamins, tannins, and flavonoids.

          Purifying Face Mask

Innovative, soft lipogel texture: it doesn’t dry, doesn’t pull, doesn’t irritate. It dissolves like magic when it comes in contact with water. It evens the complexion and mattifies the skin. It contains a special mix of seaweeds extracts (Fucus Spiralis, Tetraselmis Chuii) and sage hydrosol. 

           Face Serum Impure Skin

A light serum that absorbs rapidly, lends a matt, hydrated finish to impure and combination skin as it soothes, restricts dilated pores, reduces imperfections and rebalances oily skin, without drying it. Based on aloe, it contains a refreshing sorbet of lavender, lime, and bitter-orange blossom hydrosols.

          Spot Treatment

Shock treatment against pimples and imperfections. Gel texture: it doesn’t drip and, thanks to its practical applicator, it’s easy to apply. It contains aloe, thyme extracts, tea tree oil, and is enriched with gluconolactone.

          Purifying Shampoo

Specific for oily hair and dandruff. A waterfall of chamomile, lavender, mint, lemon and natural surfactants to deeply cleanse and purify scalp and hair. It lends a pleasant sensation of freshness.

           Massage Gel

Fast-absorbing gel designed for sports massage, before and after physical activity. It offers a pleasant relief to traumatized skin areas, helps to soothe swellings and to promote tissue oxygenation. With calendula extract, jojoba, thyme, rosemary and tea-tree oils.

           After Tattoo

With its generous blend of organic oils (sweet almond, castor, sunflower, shea butter, and tocopherol), it soothes and moisturizes the skin after the execution of a tattoo, helping to preserve its vibrant colors.

          Recommended Retail Prices for best-sellers:



Beauty is in everything natural! BeOnMe celebrates the most varied types of nature’s beauty and the wonderful diversity of every human creature, with a contemporary and exuberant brand personality that breaks down the sober aesthetic codes of the traditional eco-skincare, while opening to a more joyful and colorful concept of nature. An indie brand with a playful and fun approach to skincare, capable of resonating with a young audience that wants to feel emotionally involved.


The packaging is white, minimal, modern, characterized by a colorful label. The label is removable and may be playfully reused on other surfaces. The products don't have secondary packaging.



BeOnMe custom washcloth made of 100% terry cotton made in Italy is completely recyclable. It is safe and very absorbent, ideal for removing masks and treatments, for cleansing face and neck, for drying face and hands. Thanks to the texture of its terry cloth it is perfect to carry out a gentle cleansing of the face. A functional skincare accessory and ally for removing makeup, clean and dry the skin, make treatments and cold face packs.



BeOnMe consistently researches and invests in all the newest communication trends to keep evolving and taking new challenges to connect people, develop a dialogic relationship with users and partners, sharing knowledge, values and an energizing vision of inclusive beauty.

          This is why BeOnMe:


BeOnMe goal is to answer the audience’s and commercial partner’s concrete needs, providing useful and selected marketing tools, like product guides, how-to-use cards and videos, graphic skincare routines and online training courses.

BeOnMe also highly encourages real people to be the best testimonials, as well as promote user-generated contents that can be shared on social media and with partners. A word-of-mouth potential maximized by targeted buzz marketing strategies.

           DIGITAL FOCUS

BeOnMe commercial strategy harnesses the power of digital marketing and involves constant investments and updates to ensure BeOnMe remains competitive in the Internet marketplace. BeOnMe digital plan includes:

           Search Engine Optimization

BeOnMe invests in growing the presence online as well as maximize organic search traffic to ensure its cosmetics are well represented on the Internet and naturally rank for desired, relevant keyword searches.

           Paid Search

BeOnMe invests in paid search advertising, such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads, stay up to speed on all the latest developments, and work with the best tools to ensure all campaigns are getting the highest Return On Investment.

           Social Media

BeOnMe manages content calendars, craft posts that are both useful and entertaining and track engagement and follower growth to make sure BeOnMe is offering significant contents to its audience.

From BeOnMe Instagram feed: pre make-up skincare routine for Carnival

         Influencers Marketing

The company also partners with a reliable network of influencers through affiliate programs. BeOnMe partners with such influencers as @damntee | @alicecarbotti | @metamorphosia_fx @merisiel_irum | @wayofyaw | @basic_gaia @martinapiccu | @fabianabarra | @tessagelisio | @klea.277. Finally, BeOnMe invests in dynamic and engaging Instagram and Facebook advertising. Next steps also include investing in TikTok.

          Direct E-mail Marketing

A key tool to increase brand awareness, draw attention, establish and improve relationships with the audience while tracking feedback and monitoring the product success.



Today BeOnMe cosmetics are available in Italy, all over Europe, in Canada, Taiwan, soon in Greater China and the USA. The brand is registered in 27 EU countries and also in the UK, Australia, Philippines, India, New Zeland, Serbia, and Singapore. After the first years full of successes, the company plans a further exponential growth on international markets supported by a targeted expansion strategy, adequate investment capacity, and organizational development plans.


BeOnMe believes in the added value of collecting independent reviews and of partnering with beauty experts, journalists, influencers, micro-bloggers, and vloggers. Among many others, BeOnMe has been featured in the following





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