Diamonds® is a new unique product of Austrian consumer health and well-being micronutrient company Biogena. Biogena is an Austrian family business with headquarters in Salzburg, Vienna and Freilassing. Biogena develops, produces, and markets high-quality dietary supplements based on the pure substance principle and Austrian science. The Diamonds® premium supplement contains 44 exclusive high-end ingredients, the quality of which can no longer be surpassed, were perfectly combined in perfect rich coordination. The new preparation combines the latest scientific findings with the good feeling of leading everyone to their full potential. It helps to support the person on 5 levels - health, energy, focus, balance and glow - together they result in their own individual brilliance and radiance. Biogena Diamonds® helps to release it and make self shine.


Biogena is an Austrian family business with headquarters in Salzburg, Vienna and Freilassing. Biogena develops, produces, and markets high-quality dietary supplements based on the pure substance principle and Austrian science. Biogena is the high-end premium consumer health brand with the uncompromising mission of helping as many people as possible worldwide achieve greater health and well-being. Unique premium preparations, targeted diagnostics, and knowledge offerings are the pillars of the Biogena Group‘s high-quality health portfolio. The unique Biogena manufacturing standard is characterised by radical quality born from a passionate belief in the pure substance principle that uses only the finest ingredients, guaranteed to be free from artificial colourings, preservatives and technical additives. Additionally, each individual batch is quality controlled by the accredited and independent LEFO institute. 

Own experts and supply chain infrastructure

The Biogena Group, which was founded by Albert Schmidbauer, covers the entire value chain with its own experts and infrastructure. From product development and quality assurance to production, from software development to logistics robots, and from graphics to customer service and accounting. Thanks to Digital Business Excellence, the Biogena Group is well-positioned for the future and can thus ensure excellent quality along the entire value chain.

Strong management

In cooperation with the owner and chairman of the supervisory board, Dr. Albert Schmidbauer, and the more than 380 employees, the management board helps to realise the vision of the Biogena group of companies. The team of Julia Ganglbauer and Stefan Klinglmair together with the owner and CEO Dr. Albert Schmidbauer stands for implementation strength, reliability, and innovative spirit and are supported by their consistent commitment to the company values: trust, responsibility, appreciation, performance, and courage. 

Knowledge and Research

Biogena's scientifically-supported product formulations are based on the work of the Biogena science team. Nutritionists, pharmacists, biologists, and physicians work side by side with over 10.000 Biogena partner doctors and practitioners, manufacturers of raw materials, diagnostic experts, and universities to implement the latest scientific findings and create useful new compounds. The Biogena science team focuses on developing new products and concepts, compiling and disseminating scientific data, ensuring quality and seeking out new ingredients.

Better Product Quality. Assured.

Since 2006, the German laboratory LEFO-Institut GmbH carries out independent quality testing on both the raw materials and every batch of Biogena products. Their experts verify and warranty that all Biogena preparations comply with food quality laws and regulations from A for analysis to Z for zero defects. The tests themselves go above and beyond the legal food safety requirements. These independent experts evaluate a wide range of parameters including impurities, pesticides and heavy metals. Bottom line: none of them stand a chance. The Managing Directors of Biogena, the laboratory, and the shareholders continue to personally vouch for this fact. 

Sharing knowledge

Biogena aims to create, share, and increase knowledge and “infect” others with Biogena's enthusiasm for health. Therefore offers webinars, podcasts, and events for various target groups. There is definitely something for everyone. For example, certified in training to become a certified Mikronährstoff Coach® (Micronutrient Coach) with Biogena Academy

Advice from micronutrient experts 

With Biogena certified micronutrient advisors in branded Biogena stores, it is possible to learn about Biogena’s innovations in a comfortable, open setting, a place where all may ask the most pressing health questions and where Biogena micronutrient advisors only want one thing: Good Health for You.

Biogena commitment 

Biogena value-oriented company management includes modern working environments, work-life compatibility, a strong customer orientation with the highest quality standards and excellent service, a fundamental commitment to the environment, social responsibility, and fair operating and business practices.


Developed and designed for people with the most exquisite taste, who are fascinated by the endless wealth of opportunities for bringing spiritual, emotional and physical health into perfect harmony. Biogena Diamonds® is a formulation like no other; the diamond standard of high-end supplements, a masterful composition that could only be dreamed of up until now.

44 Exclusive High-End Ingredients

With Biogena Diamonds®, Biogena turns science into an art: 44 vitamins, minerals, trace elements and plant extracts working together in perfect harmony, combined in the ultimate symbiosis. State of the art and utterly uncompromising. Clinically tested brand raw ingredients ensure the highest quality. Biogena Diamonds® embodies the purity of diamonds in its principle of pure substances and helps to support the person on 5 levels:

Health with vitamin C, D, selenium and zinc to support a functioning immune system. Vitamins D and K help to keep the bones healthy. The Biogena Brilliance Blend® provides one with a brilliant dose of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Focus with pantothenic acid as a contribution to mental performance as well as iodine and iron to support normal cognitive functions. The Biogena Phytogena-Komplex® goes all out with the haute couture mix of secondary plant extracts and SIRT super ingredients. 

Energy with the B vitamins riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B6  for one's energy metabolism. Power nutrients such as folate and magnesium reduce tiredness and fatigue. The consummate intelligence of nature taken from plant extract jewels combines together with 60 mg Kaneka Ubiquinol™ CoQ10 active. 

Balance with B group vitamins such as thiamin, niacin, vitamins B6 and B12 as well as magnesium, as an aid to the stable functioning of the nervous system and psyche. The gold standard ingredient – an impressive 100 mg of the unique, patented pine bark prestige extract Pycnogenol®, was tested in more than 160 clinical studies.

Glow with zinc and biotin. The two support the maintenance of healthy skin and hair. The Biogena Carotinogena-Komplex® glows with the shining stars lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene.


Apart from the impeccable quality standards, Biogena also boasts environmentally friendly packaging in the form of the Biogena eco-bottles. A high level of tolerability and optimum bioavailability is the result of seamless, state-of-the-art research and development by the greatest scientific team in the sector.

The store design is based on a consistent self-service concept as well as the creation of encounter spaces that support the proactive but non-intrusive exchange of information. Key features here are an open design as well as the use of sustainable and natural materials and elements.

Production and Infrastructure

When the Biogena Good Health World is completed in summer 2021, we will have a state-of-the-art production facility for science-based micronutrient products, including demonstration production and a world of experience for good health. In the Good Health World, the production capacity can be increased from the current 150 million to 1.5 billion capsules per year. Production will still be based on the pure substance principle as well as the highest internationally relevant quality standards such as ISO 22000:2018, GMP for
foodstuffs, HACCP, organic production, and halal. The logistics for the corporate group is handled centrally in the company’s own logistics centre (plus extension and robots) in Natternbach in Upper Austria. On approx. 2,000m2 of modern facilities, more than 221,000 packages are shipped to 40 countries every year. At present, all packages are still packed and prepared for dispatch completely by hand. The introduction of a piece-picking robot is being planned. This technical support will enable us to enlarge the logistics team, thus allowing for faster and more extensive processing and creating new jobs.


Biogena Places

Biogena's service quality encounters can be experienced in 17 Biogena stores. The Biogena places are open and close to nature, places to linger, places where there is time and space for attentive and cordial consultation. It is possible to ask the certified micronutrient consultants important health-related questions. They will advise about the amazing world of micronutrients and have only one goal: 'Good Health for You'.

Diamonds® the RRP is €169,90 (90 caps - 3 caps/day). It’s sold in Austria and Germany in its own Biogena Stores as well as online in other countries: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Lithuania, Israel, Switzerland. It’s in registration for GCC, Russia, Thailand. Other countries are open.

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