In 2013, Holger Hampel founded Kosho Cosmetics and started developing the first exclusive range of products – Kosho Matcha Effective which he led to a successful market entry in 2015. Kosho Matcha Effective is an innovative Swiss skincare line for healthy and rejuvenated skin of all age groups and skin types. It translates the natural and traditional effectiveness of organic Japanese matcha green tea. Naturalness, tradition and the latest Swiss skin research and biotechnology. These are the factors that makeup Kosho’s facial care line. The brand is a pioneer in skin care with matcha extract. The active substances of matcha tea have an invigorating as well as soothing effect. Organic matcha extract has the same effect on the skin, stimulating yet relaxing, creating a harmonious balance. Organic matcha extract is characterized by its high content of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and is considered an antioxidant 100 times more potent than vitamin C. Due to further catechins and tea flavonoids in exclusive organic matcha extract, Kosho Matcha Effective provides natural protection against cell transformation caused by free radicals, against UV radiation and other harmful environmental influences. 


Kosho Cosmetics was founded in 2013 by Holger Hampel and Roman von Arx. Both partners have a long field experience with natural skincare. As a founder, Holger Hampel always had a passion for natural and sustainable products. The founder of Kosho pursued this passion during many years of research in the food industry. He wanted to use his knowledge of natural raw materials for other purposes. That’s why he began developing natural cosmetic care products and researching new active ingredients. One day, practically by chance, he discovered matcha green tea. It quickly became clear to Holger that this unique natural product has enormous potential! Not only as food but also for the health and protection of the skin. Enthusiastic about matcha, Holger Hampel explored how it could be used for external applications and undertook further training to deepen his knowledge of cosmetics.


The promise of Kosho:


Kosho’s uniqueness Kosho Matcha Effective translates the natural and traditional effectiveness of organic Japanese matcha green tea into an innovative Swiss skincare line for healthy and rejuvenated skin of all age groups and skin types.


The production of matcha is by far the most elaborate in the world of tea: only around 300 tea farmers in Japan master the cultivation. And only about 20 percent of their harvest is exported, making matcha a rarity. Four weeks before the fine youngest leaves are harvested by hand in May, the tea plantations are covered with opaque nets. This slows down the ripening time of the tea, which contributes to the special quality of matcha: With only ten percent of the actual sunlight available to the tea plants, a particularly high amount of chlorophyll is formed in order to carry out the vital photosynthesis even with little solar energy. The result is a bright green leaf that contains in addition to chlorophyll many valuable amino acids.


Matcha consists of only the fine tissue of the best leaves. Stems and veins are carefully removed. After selecting, steaming and drying, only the best material reaches the mills made of granite and the leaf tissue is gently ground to the finest powder – in an ancient process yielding only 30 to 40 grams per hour. This premium product is called matcha (“ground tea”). As organic matcha extract, it is the precious, exclusive essence of the innovative Swiss cosmetics line Kosho Matcha Effective.


Kosho Matcha Effective was developed for a healthy firmer face skin with a radiant and even complexion. Its properties:


Since the twelfth century matcha belonged as much to the tradition of the samurai as their legendary swords and was at the center of their tea ceremony. This ceremony follows to this day the timeless principles of the way of tea. It leads from harmony, respect and purity to tranquillity. These principles prescribe the procedure and rhythm of the ritual. And they inspire the Kosho Matcha Effective cosmetics line with its specific values. Kosho follows the Japanese way of tea ceremony and incorporates this timeless ritual.


All ingredients of Kosho Matcha Effective care products are precisely matched and carefully aligned. They are gentle and at the same time highly effective. Applied onto the skin, Kosho Matcha Effective creates a special, noticeable and lasting harmony you can feel. All Kosho Matcha Effective products are developed and produced with deep respect for people and nature. The careful selection of the purest raw materials ensures the quality. And the gentle, environmentally friendly production process meets highest demands of sustainability. The mild cleansing before the actual care gives you a feeling of purity. Kosho Matcha Effective helps you find a deep sense of well-being allowing you to relax and forget about everyday life – like a ritual. It is a ritual that makes us pause in wonderful tranquility. Together with harmony, respect and purity, this tranquility allows Kosho Matcha Effective to provide a unique, lasting experience for the senses. Every time you touch your skin. And in your thoughts for a long time thereafter.

The philosophy of Kosho sustainability: 


All Kosho's products are:

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Kosho's specific selected and aligned products for efficient care

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Highly Effective Swiss Spa Treatments

Except for the retail lineup, there is a Kosho Spa treatment programme that offers clients an incomparable beauty ritual with immediately visible results. The effect of an organic matcha extract: 

Natural and highly effective spa treatments

Swiss science, Japanese beauty knowledge and the power of nature through the purest and highly efficient active plant ingredients are combined in Kosho Matcha Effective to create a medically effective care series of the premium class. State-of-the-art formulations guarantee the best possible efficiency in effect and performance – for visible and noticeable results. All products are clinically tested.

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Wash bag (organic cotton wash bag);

Necessaire (organic cotton zipper bag).



The name Kosho derives from the Japanese and can be translated as a lake, the body of water or also with an old book. These terms symbolize the values that Kosho Cosmetics stands for: Kosho is tranquillity and equilibrium, reflection and balance. Kosho is like a meditation at a quiet lake. And Kosho is also timeless knowledge preserved in old books.


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Kosho combines Japanese tradition with the latest Swiss research. It is the premium brand for the selective retail sector. Kosho is a pioneer in matcha green tea cosmetics (the world’s first facial skin care line with an active ingredient from matcha green tea). The skin care range is developed for all age groups and skin types.


As an exclusive user of matcha green tea as a key ingredient, Kosho doesn’t have competitors. However, the brand shares the values of: