The Munich cosmetic label biOriens with roots in Morocco used up itself completely the healthy and sustainable beauty. More and more people want to treat themselves fairly and sustainably with natural, genuine active ingredients. biOriens serves this need with a high-quality care line, in which modern knowledge unites with traditional methods of the Moroccan Berber, which set since primeval times in the nutrition and skin care on oils. The basis of the care products are high-quality vegetable oils, whose effectiveness is protected and continuously revitalized by a special biophotonic glass bottle. Argan oil, omega oil and prickly pear seed oil in organic quality ensure a radiant, natural and vital appearance and prevent skin aging. They also show excellent improvements for skin problems. Their positive effect on skin health has been proven in scientific studies.


Behind the innovative company are the founder Fatima Chatir and her siblings. The three sisters come from Agadir in Morocco, the heartland of argan cultivation in southwestern Marocco. They have known the nurturing properties of vegetable oils since childhood and with their company continue the centuries-old tradition of Berber culture.

Fatima, Fadua and Asmae Chatir are beauty enthusiasts and successful entrepreneurs. The trio relies entirely on its own women's cooperative in production and thus provides Moroccan women with economic development and prospects. Only the best raw materials are used for the label's premium products. High ethical requirements, quality and hygiene standards and certified processes are a matter of course for this cosmetic label. Fair wages and good working conditions are close to the hearts of the cosmetic entrepreneurs.


Fatima managed the wellness and beauty center in the Palais Des Roses Hôtel & Thalasso for many years before she joined the management of a Munich luxury hotel. She extended the classical Thalasso therapy by Wellness and care treatments with Argan oil occurring only in Morocco and had thereby large success. Since then she is convinced of the fact that 100% vegetable active ingredient combinations are most effective and skin-friendly.

Our skin is the natural barrier for pathogens and harmful environmental influences. Therefore, ingredients should support the skin in its natural functions and provide sufficient moisture. Because dry, damaged skin is much easier for microorganisms to overcome. Omega fatty acids are particularly valuable because they can be incorporated into the skin barrier as building blocks. Natural antioxidants and antiseptics prevent skin aging, infections and inflammations and support the treatment of many skin problems. Argan, prickly pear seed and black cumin oil are rich in these active ingredients when used 100% pure and fresh.

The idea to bring vegane oils with a high dose of active ingredients freshly to the customer did not leave Fatima no more peace. She wanted to make the advantages of a purely vegan care from her homeland accessible to a mass market in Europe and worldwide. Together with an investor biOriens was founded.


"Boosting Your Beauty" is the brand claim of the vegan care line of biOriens cosmetics. Our customers get attractiveness and well-being with a boosting effect: stressed and strained skin is regenerated. The skin appears immediately fuller and younger - quickly and easily without complex care rituals. Added to this is the good feeling of being fair and sustainable. We offer Clean-Beauty, hygienic, without harmful additives, fairly produced and sustainable for the environment. The words "organic" and "fair" are not just empty promises, but authentic and certified.


biOriens differs from other brands since quality and effectiveness are the company's main priorities. Also sustainability, indulgence and wellbeing are the centre of company attention. It is also impossible not to mention that compare to other natural cosmetic brands biOriens is 100% sustainable, 100% fair, and 100% organic. biOriens has the following USP.

Attractivity and Wellbeing

Premium Quality

Luxury and exclusivity

Sustainability and social responsibility

Authentic and certified

Professional Private Labelling


The products of biOriens are versatile in use. The luxurious care oils are true all-rounders and simplify the daily care routine: prickly pear seed oil for facial care and argan oil as a versatile moisturizer for the whole body and mask for the hair. Both oils mixed with black cumin and almond oil provide the skin with all omega fatty acids in an optimal ratio. Omega oil is excellently suited for the regenerative care of face and hands, which in times of corona are flayed by all the washes. The oils have a light consistency and are quickly absorbed. They are rich in vitamin E and natural antioxidants and counteract day after day the aging of the skin.

In addition to everyday care, our products are also ideally suited for the intensive care of particularly stressed skin areas such as neck and décolleté as well as hands/feet, knees and elbows, which often give away the true age. They are also used to support the therapy of skin problems.

1. Organic Argan Oil – The All-Rounder

Vegan Anti-Aging care for hair, face, body and nails - 100 ml, RRP 49.90 €

biOriens Argan Oil is a genuine all-arounder which is moisturizing, strengthening, and regenerative for your hair, face, body and nails. Both dry and rough skin becomes silky smooth once again. Tangled, unmanageable hair gets back its shiny gloss. The moisturizing effect gives your whole look a new freshness boost and ensures well-being and attractiveness. Organic Argan Oil by biOriens® is perfect for soft massages, refreshing body scrubs or regenerative masks. Naturally beautiful from head to toe with the multi-talent from biOriens cosmetics.

Active Ingredients of Highly concentrated hydration booster

Fairtrade certified Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil and all ingredients are from organic farming and 100% pure, authentic and transparent.




For the perfect dosage, a spray head, as well as a pipette, is enclosed. Use the oil in a sufficient quantity - as required or on a daily basis. Apply it in circular movements. You can also apply the oil by adding it to your usual skin cream.

Interesting facts

Argan oil from Morroco has become one of the most popular beauty products worldwide. Celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kate Moss and Stella McCartney use argan oil from Morroco.

2. Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil – The perfect Beauty Helper

Vegan Anti-aging care for face, neck/décolleté and hands - 30 ml, RRP 69.90 €

Our luxurious beauty elixir from the Moroccan desert helps to bind water to the skin for a very long time. Being highly antioxidative, our oil soothes itching and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is a very effective anti-aging product coming from nature; not only does it provide intensive care for your skin, but it also protects, heals and regenerates in a long-lasting way. Therefore, it is very effective at treating skin conditions such as neurodermatitis, acne, eczemas, psoriasis and cellulite. The precious ingredients with all its positive characteristics are a blessing for your skin. It is the first choice for sensitive skin which is stressed, tired, impure or suffers from irritations.

Active Ingredients

Ingredients from organic farming - 100% pure, authentic and transparent. Opuntia Ficus-Indica Seed Oil (100%).




For the perfect dosage, a pipette is enclosed. Apply a few drops of Prickly Pear Seed Oil on your face, neck and decolleté in circular movements. You can also apply the oil by adding it to your usual skin cream. The oil has also proven to be very good for hands and is the first choice for sensitive, irritated and impure skin. The oil can be used on a daily basis or as required.

Interesting facts

The high-end fashion magazine ELLE described prickly pear seed oil as "Beauty elixir from the Moroccan desert" and came to the conclusion: "Prickly pear seed oil can even replace wrinkle creams!"

3. Organic Omega Oil – The Beauty Secret

Vegan Anti-aging care for healthy skin and strong hair - 50 ml, RRP 59.90 €

Our special mixture of oils consisting of argan oil, almond oil, prickly pear seed oil and black cumin oil is the beauty secret of Morocco. The secret recipe is put together in a very special way to provide the skin with all omega fatty acids in an optimal balance. This mixture helps your skin to look radiant and vital, and to stay healthy. Healthy hair and skin as the main basis of your natural beauty.

Active ingredients 

Ingredients - 100% pure, authentic and transparent. Fairtrade certified Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (100%)*, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (100%)*, Opuntia Ficus-Indica Seed Oil (100%)*, Nigella Sativa Seed Oil (100%). (* = Ingredients from organic farming)




Comfortable with pipette and spray head.

Interesting facts 

biOriens organic omega oil is the new beauty secret of Morocco. It is unique on the market in its formulation.


The high-quality packaging and design underline the high quality of our luxurious care line. All products are filled in biophotonic Miron violet glass bottles with effective light protection and are delivered with a pipette and additional spray head in a recyclable folding box. The unique glass packaging protects and revitalizes the effectiveness of our natural cosmetics  –  quality and bioenergy are optimally preserved. The beautiful flacons with the elaborate design are a touch of luxury and exclusivity in every bathroom and thus a status symbol.


biOriens luxurious elixirs are perfect for gifts for any occasion. It is possible to surprise the loved ones with them, but also indulge oneself. The Agadir and Marrakesh gift sets are attractively packaged and decorated with Moorish ornaments. The noble packaging de-sign in natural tones and with discreet gold accents also makes a great eye-catcher in the bathroom and brings vacation feelings into own four walls. All Gift sets could be found at the official biOriens webshop page.

Argan Beauty Secret

Gift set with organic argan oil (100 ml) and Argan Natural soap (100g) comes in a beautiful gift box.

LOVELY GIFT SET FOR HER AND HIM: the organic argan oil and argan natural soap come in a fine, handmade box, respectively handmade leather bag - beautiful packaging. The box and bag are perfect for storing cosmetics and jewellery.

Options (RRP in €):

Kleopatra Beauty Elixir

Gift set with organic prickly pear seed oil (30 ml) and donkey milk natural soap (100 g) comes in a beautiful gift box.

DELUXE GIFT SET FOR HER AND HIM: organic prickly pear seed oil and donkey milk soap come in a fine, handmade box, respectively handmade leather bag - beautiful packaging. The box and bag are perfect for storing cosmetics and jewellery.

Options (RRP in €):


The products of biOriens are currently sold in 7 countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France and Great Britain) in beauty salons, organic food stores as well as online and offline retail chains such as Zentraldrogerie, GRADMANN 1864 Parfümerie, etc. They are also available through our own webshop and at our location in Munich. The company supports all sales partners with a product magazine in German and English free of charge. A translation into other languages can be arranged. Texts, images and video material for the creation of marketing campaigns will be made available to the partners. Besides the own website, biOriens is present in social media with own Instagram and Facebook page and is promoted by numerous influencers (e.g. review of the bio-blogger c6beauty from May 19, 2020 published in social media and on her blog).

On top, the company offers to distribution partners professional private labelling (see Brand's USP).