WITAL is a boutique German tea house with a unique product concept called WITAL TEA – a tea brand created in the luxury niche market for clientele with refined and exquisite tastes. The uniqueness of the product lies within its origins. All the exclusive WITAL TEA varieties are collected from the most distinguished, rarest and thoroughly cared for plantations worldwide. WITAL creates luxury tea blends from the finest leaves from around the world, using the experience of the prominent German tea taster Stephan Schonewald combined with the cutting-edge innovation. The highest quality and standards are applied during each step of the process: from tea leaf selection to harvesting and packaging into royal tea bags.

WITAL mission is to deliver the finest teas & exclusive tea blends from around the world enhanced by the latest innovations defining global modern luxury. Through diligent craftsmanship, the brand aspires to change consumer preferences towards high-quality tea by offering overall excellence. Inspired from masters of centuries-old ceremonial tea traditions, the house of WITAL has combined the world’s finest teas and blends to deliver a truly unique and luxury tea drinking experience for the discerning customer.

First Line is a flagship luxury tea selection. The line incorporates heritage, quality and attention to detail at the highest standards. The raw ingredients are sourced from distinguished and some of the rarest and most sought-after tea plantations in the world, making this tea very special indeed. Each pure cotton tea pouch contains the finest selected whole leaf teas and is hand-stitched and packed in individual airtight sleeves to maintain freshness and the delicate flavours and aromas.

Organic Line is fully biodegradable certified organic tea selection. The company believes that unique packaging and pure premium hand-selected organic leaf tea makes this the market leader in quality, taste and environmental credentials. WITAL organic line incorporates the latest German innovation grass paper outer box and compostable tea foil envelopes which ensure ecological responsibility without any compromise to the tastes and flavours of the teas foil envelopes offer the best barrier functionality. The organic line teas contain no synthetic properties, thus such a commitment to the environment and attention to detail further enhance the company's values of social and environmental responsibility whilst ensuring sustainable growth for future generations.

Wellness Line has been created for the consensus consumer whose health and wellbeing is held in high regard. WITAL Wellness line teas is nature’s answer to help promote health and conditioning with botanicals known to support a healthy mind, body, soul and vitality. Wellness lines organic tea is pure indulgence without the compromise of taste and quality. As with all WITAL teas only the best raw whole leaf teas, natural botanicals and fruits are infused to create a healthy alternative to manufactured drinks. The wellness lines teas are packed in sustainable, fully biodegradable boxes including “NatureFlexTM” cellulose foil pouches that perfectly protects the tea quality whilst minimizing a negative effect on the environment.

WITAL portfolio has been specially created to fit both commercial and retail customer requirements. The exceptional quality of WITAL tea is broadly recognized by such prominent companies as Commerzbank Frankfurt, Kaefer & BMW Munich, Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart and Moscow. The WITAL is presented in popular luxury stores such as Harrods, Caviar House & Punier London, KaDeWe Berlin, Julius Meinl Vienna amongst others.