Bold&Goodly begins with a discovery that mingles love to the body. Bold&Goodly founder, started to search for a product that actually works on her acne-prone/oily skin while her intent is to find a natural or organic product that is free of synthetics and also helps anti-aging, and thus the story began. The brand lives by its values, that is candid, reliable, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, creative and cares about the customers and their happiness more than anything. All B&G products are curated from the most natural and organic ingredients. All mysteries and aromas of these ingredients are gifted to the body with healing effects. As a brand, B&G vision is to produce real, functional products that really work, and to make its customers happy in terms of the packaging, design and formula. The brand follows the latest innovations and trends in the cosmetics sector, as well as the ecological updates in the world. As a result, each collection is highly effective in treating the problematic skin, protecting the skin against external factors and helping the skin ageing whilst all the products are free of any harmful ingredients.


The story of Bold&Goodly was born from the desire to develop natural, organic and pure cosmetics that satisfy the need of the customer with a product line that is free of synthetic and harmful ingredients. Three years ago, Müge, Bold&Goodly founder, started to search for a product that actually works on her acne-prone/oily skin while her intent is to find a natural or organic product that is free of synthetics and also helps anti-aging, and thus the story began. As she could not exactly find what she needed, she aspired to create a new, sustainable and exceptional brand that produces high quality, organic skincare products that actually works.

While Bold&Goodly aim is to create effective products, the founder always tries to focus on the details, such as the feeling of the formula and the packaging which always makes any product remarkable.  Inspired by the passion for the environment and nature as well, B&G is aimed to use only clean, useful and active ingredients while producing its products. The company's purpose is to create the most natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free products that actually work wonders with the skin with healing effects. The founder believes that happiness lies in self-care, purifying a body and mind from stress. As a promise to the brand name, B&G is trying its best to create pure and courageous products that are outstanding in every way. For this purpose, the core pillars that drive to do business are:


In order to meet values and standards, B&G's Radiant skincare line is certified with Cosmos Organic certification. This lightweight and organic formula leave skin with such a soft feel. Nevertheless, B&G products actually work on acne-prone/oily skin. Moreover, they provide anti-aging effect to the skin.

Radiant Lifting Cream – 50ml (Recommended Retail Price (RRP) - €30) is developed for the radiance and moisture reflected from the skin to the soul. Lavender and grapefruit are fortified with palmarosa and ylang-ylang extracts that blend perfectly. It is striking in its uniqueness, as it combines the action of sun protection as well as anti-aging effects. The product deeply nourishes the skin by supporting the collagen structure, anti-wrinkle process and sun protection with SPF 15. It pampers ones soul with a perfect texture. Radiant Lifting Cream, produced with the international certificate of Cosmos Organic, provides the balance of moisture, which is one of the leading formulations of youthfulness where the skin becomes bright and vivid.

Radiant Smoothing Eye Cream – 30ml (RRP - €22) which spreads the youth of the eye contour to many years, helps to eliminate the daily fatigue and under-eye bags around the eyes while removing the appearance of the capillaries that have emerged on the surface. It provides long-term youth by deeply supporting collagen structure. It is produced with the international Cosmos Organic certificate and enriched by the combination of black currant, chamomile, daily, palmarosa and cypress oils which help to balance skin tone and sebum ratio around the eyes and give freshness and brightness to the eye area.

Radiant Soothing Tonic – 125ml (RRP - €11) is synthesized from different climates and geographies with geranium, lavender, palmarosa and may chang oil extracts and an assertive and organic product with the international Cosmos organic certificate. Developed in accordance with all skin types and catching perfection with its antiseptic feature, the product has gained original quality with the freshness it brings to the skin before and after makeup. It tightens pores, radiates skin, reduces skin fatigue and stress.

Radiant Purifying Cleanser – 250ml (RRP - €14) a brand-new product that calms the face, taking on the colors of the soul. Traditional lavender and tea tree are added to the magic of ylang-ylang oil and the final touch is completed with juniper essence. Radiant Purifying Cleanser, produced with the international Cosmos Organic certificate, gently removes makeup from the skin and moisturizes it during the cleaning phase; it prevents the formation of acne. It is developed in accordance with all skin types, the product gives a silky touch to the skin after cleansing, purifying the skin from daily stress.

Exfoliating Peeling Gel Aloe Vera & Walnut Shell – 100ml (RRP - €15.50) cleanses the pores deeply, purifies and revitalizes the skin. It cleans by gently peeling the skin with the walnut shell powder in it. It moisturizes the skin with the aloe vera, sweet almond and sesame oils it contains. It gives freshness and vitality with rosemary, lemon and orange oils. It works against acne and blackhead formation with tea tree and lavender oils.

Purifying Clay Mask with Green Clay & Peppermint Oil – 100ml (RRP - €16.50) cleanses, purifies and refreshes the skin deeply. It helps to absorb excess oil and reduce discolouration. It balances the sebum ratio in the skin and makes the skin smoother. Purifying Clay Mask, which provides a refreshing effect with mint oil, helps to maintain the moisture balance of the skin with aloe vera, sweet almond and sesame oils. It gives freshness and vitality with rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus oils.

Botanical Facial Steam – 16gr (RRP - €7.5) is specifically prepared for the steam bath, opens the pores, calms and moisturizes the skin allowing it to receive the benefits of the herbal and botanical blend that B&G product has including calendula, dandelion, rose petals and buds, jasmine and hibiscus.

Bold&Goodly Natural Bath Bombs - 85gr (RRP - €6)

The base of B&G bath bombs is rock salt with olive oil, shea butter and essential oils to melt into the skin and make it softer. As rock salt cleanses the toxins from the pores, the magnesium inside increases the blood circulation, relieves the muscles and reduce the blood pressure also causing to reduce stress.

Completely natural, handmade, does not contain additives, they are free from SLS, parabens, or any other harmful ingredients.

Bold&Goodly Natural Soaps - 95gr (RRP - €6.50, special collection/baby - €7).

All B&G soaps are handmade from high-quality olive oil from Aegean Region in Turkey with natural content, they are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and vegan. As the base of the soaps are made from natural ingredients, they do not irritate the skin or dry out. Every soap is unique with its ingredients, scent and healing effects and they can be used on face, body and hair.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) and the details are discussed upon request.


Bold & Goodly collection is presented to you with its carbon footprint philosophy in local values ​​and packaging selection. B&G products are in pure amber packaging suitable with brand core values, being candid and natural. The amber packaging also helps to sustain the shelf life of the organic products at the most possible. Whether the brand uses glass or plastic packaging, all of them are recyclable with great respect to the environment and the world in which it obtains inspiration and material.


Bold&Goodly is sold online in its own online store and throughout Turkey. It actively gives customers to try products and gets customers reviews and collects the opinions of real buyers. In addition, the brand actively maintains positions on social networks including Instagram.

To the attention of buyers, the brand also offers various sets in different designs for a bathroom in eco-friendly packaging.