Velnfood Company is widely represented in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. It creates dietary products, as well as nutrition for diabetics and athletes in a very wide range. Currently, there are more than 120 products in the company's portfolio. The customers are people who decide to monitor their health and nutrition, actively engage in sports, as well as those who control blood sugar. It is important for Velnfood Company that a person who has chosen a new lifestyle for himself does not feel discomfort when changing a diet. Regardless of the reasons, the company wants to maintain the familiar taste of products and variety in the diet. All products that it produces are high-quality, healthy, have a low glycemic index, and a natural composition.


This is an interesting story. The company Velnfood is the first company in Russia to start creating dietary confectionery products. The company was founded by two brothers, in August 2014 in Moscow, two months before the start of the great economic crisis in the Russian Federation. They not only managed to survive but even make a profit in the first calendar year. That is why the founders are inclined to believe that difficult times have tempered them, added determination and once again determination, and now they are moving forward no matter what.

The first six months they worked without a brand, did not even have a logo. The founders owe the original name to their mother, it was she who came up with the brand “FITANDSWEET”. Under it, the company now produces confectionery in Russia. And in August 2019, it was decided to open its own production in Ukraine, Kiev. Nowadays, products under the Veln brand are successfully manufactured there. The history of the company continues, so this is an unfinished chapter.


Everything is simple here. One of the founders of the company, co-owner and CEO, is a personal trainer with 15 years of experience. For many years he worked in clinics of aesthetic medicine and weight loss. For several years he worked as a masseur. He didn’t even have to come up with the first product, but he knew what it was supposed to be. It was necessary to figure out how to make it.


At the moment, the company owns a fairly large range of products such as briefly perishable and perishable products. The long-perishable products include the following assortment of meringues, waffles, jams, marmalade, candy, muesli, cookies, gingerbread cookies, crackers, marshmallows. Each of them has three or more varieties of flavors with a shelf life of 60, 90, 180, 360 days. The perishable product category includes the following assortment of cheese, curds, sauces, puddings, rolls, cake, pies, muffins bread with a shelf life of 3 to 7 days.

There 4 best sellers in the confectionery category with long shelf life:

These products do not contain sugar and are made on the basis of oligofructose (from chicory), therefore they have only poorly digestible carbohydrates and fiber, and also do not contain fats. They have a preriotic effect. Suitable for all low-carb diets and have a great taste.


"Fitandsweet" is the brand name that reflects the concept for confectionery products but that have benefits regarding health and fitness. Under the brand name “VELN” the company produces unsweetened products. The packaging design is created to maximize the content. Thus the product packaging looks great on the shelves, relative to competitors.


Now about the business. The company's customers are primarily partner stores. It cooperates with a large number of stores in many cities in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. The partners are chain stores, sports nutrition stores, fitness bars in sports clubs, diabetic stores, as well as specialized stores selling diet food. The company ensures that deliveries are made on time, clearly and without errors every day.


In 2017, Fitandsweet in Russia became the winner of the Healthy Nutrition Award in the category “The Best Company - a Producer of Healthy Nutrition Products”. However, the biggest reward for the company remains good customer reviews.