The Miracle Body luxury series of teas by Mariya Boycheva developed with the help of experts in healthy eating, helps to live happy, calm and healthy. Being the personal trainer in active callanetics and aerobics coach, Mariya Boycheva has rich experience in healthy living and knows what works and what does not. The teas are made on the basis of 100% natural herbs and aromas. The production of Miracle Body products is made by a licensed Bulgarian company with 25 years of experience. The teas are definitely working without creating an addiction and their taste is more than great. The founder knows the desires of her clients, beautiful women, that aim to achieve the perfect balance between top physical shape and inner harmony. Miracle Body products are beautiful, delicious and fragrant, and create a sense of luxury and style.


"Never betray yourself!" and "Life may be a battle, but I know how to win!"

Mariya Boycheva, The Founder of Miracle Body

The two key mantras in Mariya's life that have accompanied her over the years in making many difficult decisions. The many years of experience in the fashion and sports environment, as well as her daily life as a mother and housewife, met Mariya with different people, with different goals and desires.

As a gym owner and active callanetics and aerobics coach, she constantly communicates with people who want to be healthy and look good. Mariya has been training herself since she was 16 and takes take care of having a healthy and beautiful body. From the age of 20, she doesn't stop with her training and nutritional advice, to help a number of men and women to look good.

Mariya knows how difficult it is nowadays to find a product that meets such expected results and at the same time is harmless to human health. That is why at Miracle Body she chose to create products that contain all-natural herbs and spices, with the help of which we contribute to our body to be healthy, beautiful and strong.

Of course, in order to realize her idea, she trusted one of the leading companies in the production of natural herbal raw materials. A company with over 25 years of history, both on the Bulgarian and European markets.

As a woman who is a connoisseur of beauty, Mariya wanted Miracle Body products to be beautiful, delicious and fragrant, to create a sense of luxury and style. Each tea in the series is full of colors, natural aromas and pleasant taste. One can see this after the first sip of tea.


Miracle Body is here to prove that the miracle of nature exists. With the help of all-natural herbs and expert technologists, Miracle Body creates quality health and beauty products. All herbs and flavors are 100% natural and produced in Bulgaria by a licensed company that has been on the European market for more than 25 years. The Miracle Body tea series has unique flavors and aromas, tested and developed for a long time to make sure that customers will get the desired result and enjoyment. The daily meeting with people who want to improve their appearance and health, ambitions the company not to stop being creatively useful. That is why Miracle Body chose to work with some of the best specialists in nutrition and training programs, who prepare bonus programs and tips for even better results.


At the moment there are three series of Miracle Body luxurious teas.

The SLIM LIFE - For a slim and beautiful body

Slim Life series uses ingredients such as green tea, buckthorn, clove and guarana to reduce appetite, deflate bloated belly, ease digestion and improve metabolism. 

Slim Life tea benefits are:

Reception of Slim Life:

Ingredients of Slim Life: Cinnamon, Rooibos, Sencha Green Tea, Senna, Cocoa Beans, Buckthorn, Cloves, Orange Peel, Star Anise, Guarana, Natural Flavor Chocolate, Natural Flavor Orange, Pink Pepper, Wheat - Blue, Stevia;

Green tea contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, E, F. It is known to purify the body. Naturally helps burn fat and calories. Used for weight loss. Boosts metabolism. It also has a rejuvenating and brightening effect on the skin. The drink is consumed to prolong life. Gives energy, improves memory and heart function. Protects against diabetes. Buckwheat helps regulate weight, speed up intestinal metabolism and helps break down fat. 

Cloves stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes and thus regulate proper digestion. The herb is a powerful antioxidant and therefore has a beneficial effect on the liver and improves metabolism. Clove extract has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels and helps with diabetes. 

Guarana helps to overcome exhaustion and fatigue, supports the concentration, endurance and vitality of the human body. Helps control body weight - stimulates fat burning and reduces the feeling of hunger.

Recommended Retail Price: 10,9 euro. One package of 120 g contains ≈ 40 doses of tea.

MORNING DETOX - Natural detoxification of the body

With the Morning Detox series, one achieves natural detoxification, a stronger immune system and toned skin with the help of ingredients such as nettle, field horsetail, rose, calendula.

Morning Detox benefits are:

Reception of Morning Detox:

Ingredients of Morning Detox: Pu-Erh, Nettle, Oolong, Sencha Green Tea, Horsetail, Rosehip, Rose, Dandelion, Mango, Coconut, Natural Flavor Mango, Stevia, Marigold;

Nettle strengthens the immune system, has anti-inflammatory effects, regulates hormone levels in the female body and has a powerful diuretic effect.

Rose speeds up digestion, has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Tea made from the seeds of the oil-bearing rose is a strong diuretic and is taken for inflammation of the urinary tract, and has a mild laxative effect. Rose oil is used in compresses and as an analgesic. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory, choleretic, antispasmodic and anti-allergic effects. It is used as a vasodilator and sedative.

Marigold supports the natural course of metabolic processes, cleanses the liver of toxins and normalizes blood pressure. Some of the most impressive health benefits of calendula include its ability to accelerate healing, protect the oral cavity, improve the appearance of the skin, improve vision, reduce inflammation, reduce the risk of cancer, eliminate spasms.

Horsetail is used as a diuretic - it rids the body of excess fluids. The use of horsetail has a beneficial effect on kidney function. Toning and tightening properties have a positive effect on joints and brittle nails. Horsetail cleanses the body of accumulated lead.

Recommended Retail Price: 11,9 euro. One package of 120 g. contains ≈40 doses of tea.

STRESS RELIEF - For better and quality sleep

Stress Relief series reduces stress and anxiety, improve sleep and relaxes the nerve system with ingredients such as lavender, lemongrass, mint, valerian and clove.

Stress Relief Benefits: 

Reception of Stress Relief:

Ingredients of Stress Relief: Chamomile, Green Rooibos, Lavender, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Licorice, Rosehip, Basil, Cloves, Anise, Siberian Ginseng, Valerian;

Lavender has a calming effect that promotes healthy sleep. Lavender aroma is due to the linalool molecules that stimulate the olfactory nerve in the brain and have a balancing effect on the central nervous system. This makes lavender a very good solution for treating panic, stress, fatigue, hysteria, anxiety and depression.

Lemongrass tea helps calm the nerves. The drink improves concentration and brain function. Used for fatigue and headaches. The ticket is used for insomnia and for the treatment of depressive conditions. Recommended for stress and anxiety. The plant acts on cancer cells and prevents their appearance. It also helps with thyroid problems.

Due to the high content of menthol, the herb Mint is also involved in many medications that help treat cardiovascular disease. Menthol has a relaxing effect on the stomach muscles and thus prevents spasms. The cooling effect of the compound helps with pain and bloating.

Cloves reduce headaches. It also stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and thus regulates proper digestion. Licorice tea soothes stomach irritations and is used to prevent nausea. The herb is a powerful antioxidant and therefore has a beneficial effect on the liver and improves metabolism. Clove extract has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels and helps with diabetes.

Valerian is used as an aid in menopausal nervous disorders, migraines, hysteria. It is used in the initial stages of hypertension, in spasms of the gastrointestinal tract, bile ducts. Soothes agitation caused by mental trauma. Helps with chronic coronary heart disease, first-degree hypertension, calms the pulse.

Recommended Retail Price: 10,9 euro. One package of 90 g. contains ≈ 30 doses of tea.


The brand is very active in social networks, constantly interacts with its customers and maintains Instagram page and Facebook page, where it promotes a healthy lifestyle and shares tips on keeping the body in good shape.