Reizl is a chocolate that “REIZ the bar” in the chocolate world. In a long-held dream, the Reizl family has set out on a journey to create a range of, organic and vegan chocolates, that are ethically produced, elevate the enjoyment of eating and are just Naturally More Delicious. Reizl chocolates are a revolution in the world of healthy food. In a relatively short time in its home market, Croatia, the brand has already gained significant attention, received excellent reviews from its loyal customers and has become available in a variety of major healthy food retailers including DM, Bio&Bio, Tvornitca Zdrave Hrane, Bio Planet, BIPA and more. Thanks to the great taste, experienced management, and top marketing, the brand has huge potential and is actively developing plans to widen its customer base in markets across the world.


The Reizl chocolate story began in 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia when the family began producing chocolates, primarily targeted to a domestic market. It was during this time that a better appreciation of the industry was developed. An understanding of what was good and what needed to be improved upon. Most importantly the Reizl family had embraced a set of values that they wanted their products to reflect and their customer’s to accept. 

The goal was to produce a chocolate that not only created a memorable experience from the first taste but right through to its aftertaste. To ensure that they meet this goal, careful consideration has been made to source cocoa free from slavery and free from non-organic ingredients that affect the taste. Reizl chocolates stand out for being able to fuse the flavours of chocolate and the flavours of fruit into a combination that is just Naturally More Delicious.  This goal is not limited to the chocolate but extends into the packaging where a substantial impact to the environment is made. Reizl have implemented the most compostable packaging available to the industry to date. The Reizl philosophy is that everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to invest in our future by protecting our nature.


Currently, the Reizl lineup consists of 6 delicious Organic & Vegan chocolate bars, both dark and white. Each bar weighs 70g. The bars have a unique combination of chocolate with the natural tastes of red mandarin, sweet orange, lemongrass, coconut, mint and ginger.

The brand does not stop there and is constantly in the research phase with the goal of creating a product line that will satisfy even the most demanding chocolate lovers. It is important for Reizl that their products are dominated by dark chocolate to bring out the cocoa flavour, as well as the rich taste of carefully selected ingredients.

All the products are:

NEW - 100% organic, vegan and home-compostable 30g chocolate bars

Recently the Reizl has launched the 100% organic, vegan 30g chocolate bars with astonishing tastes and home-compostable wrapper that can be composted in your own garden without any harm to nature. The wrapper is dissolving in nature within several weeks into water and carbon dioxide, thanks to the outer conditions. With this new launch, the brand continues to follow its principles and keep the planet clean. Moreover, the bars are:


Behind the name of the brand is the Reizl family name. The founders felt that they wanted their product to reflect the values they stood behind and so it was important to show that to the market by presenting their name as the face of the brand. This adds to the motivation to excel in whatever it is they do.

The brand’s visual communication is based on the standards shown through the logo, photographs and style.  There is nothing superfluous in the style of the brand. The geometric shapes of the chocolate bar in a package depicting natural ingredients make the design of the product stylish and modern. Each distributor shall be given a branding pack for use.


In the long term, the brand plans to introduce new products and accessories. The distributors shall be informed about them in time.


The Reizl company will continue to focus on overall marketing and brand protection, creating the necessary collateral but individual markets, it would be best for each distributor to make their own marketing activities in concert with the overall direction of the company. We understand that you know your market best. It could be a part of the purchasing discount, which should be discussed prior to an order. Reizl actively conducts its marketing activities, increases brand awareness, participates in exhibitions and communicates with customers in social networks. The brand participated in Natural & Organic Products Europe – ExCeL, London 3-4 April 2022.


UK GREAT TASTE AWARD (1 gold star *) 2021


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