SELF is a 100% vegan skincare line developed especially for the modern skin in mind. It all started when Isabelle discovered that her daughter was suffering from eczema and she could not find 100% natural products that were nourishing, calming and protecting for her skin. Her search culminated in her own skin care line, which is developed together with professional lab technicians and produced in Belgium. All SELF products contain 100% vegan and natural ingredients for long-term protection and hydration. Each product is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, making SELF products safe and suitable for all skin types. SELF uses certified recyclable packaging in order to add the 'natural touch'. The brand has already established its name in Europe and is developing globally.


SELF is being yourself

Today all have modern skin that is extra sensitive due to stress, pollution, UV radiation and blue light. Cleaning and soothing the skin with mild products is, therefore, a must. SELF is a 100% vegan skincare line developed especially for the modern skin in mind.  SELF is a pioneer in natural luxury skincare, Isabelle couldn't find 100% natural products for her daughters skin issues that were up to her standards of efficacy, quality, and purity. The brand picked all the ingredients at the highest levels of concentration to deliver maximum results and without a single drop of artificial chemicals. SELF is for women who refuse to risk their health for beauty. If our team and our customers don’t feel that a product is perfect, we won’t launch it.

How does one get the most out of life? By trying to enjoy and appreciate every moment of life as much as possible. Every day provides a new experience that Isabelle, the founder of SELF brand, grab with both hands and recommends the same to all. Sometimes these things are very simple - like socializing with the family, the first rays of sunshine on one's skin or enjoying a nice glass of wine. At the same time, there is a drive in her to seek out the unpredictable power of adventures in life: to discover unknown places, to meet new people, and to confront new challenges in order to realize her dreams.

But life can be very demanding. Women has to be a good wife and mother, a good friend, a successful woman, etc. Obviously, can't be perfect in all of the things she does. But the most important thing of all is to be yourself. Isabelle feels it's essential to take good care of herself and her own body by being aware of what she eats and what products use. Everybody needs to feel well in each own skin, literally. And by her brand philosophy, she tries to convey this to all women.


1 0 0 % C L E A N

SELF products contain no chemicals, perfumes and other “nasties”. All the products are 100% natural. In addition, SELF is also one of the first European brands with the Zero Plastic Inside label.

1 0 0 % D U R A B L E

The entire production takes place in Belgium. In every step of the process, there is always attention to sustainability. Only certified recyclable packaging is used with respect to the environment.

1 0 0 % V E G A N & HALAL

SELF is officially recognized worldwide as a vegan brand by the Vegan Society. Throughout the entire production process, no animal products are used, and never test its products on animals.

1 0 0 % C R E D I B L E

SELF has been around since 2016 and is extremely grateful for the numerous awards that it has already received. SELF is dermatological tested and approved for sensitive skin.


SELF is a sustainable brand that means that it is manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects:


Meet five main ingredients that are known for their healing and protective properties for the modern skin. They form a strong team because they reinforce each other’s activities. 


One of the richest sources of antioxidants including vitamin E, polyphenols and ferulic acid. Its high concentration of fatty acids protects the skin against extreme conditions. It also helps prevent skin aging by slowing down the process that causes wrinkles.


Contains large amounts of laurine and palmitic acid that help restore the damaged skin layer.


Contains a high concentration of vitamins A, E, B that helps maintain skin moisture balance and helps reduce redness.


Packed with Vitamin E that improves the skin barrier and promotes the synthesis of collagen. Also has a calming and hydrating effect.


Contains vitamins A, D, E, F and other complex fatty acids. Helps in restoring dry and chapped skin. 

What do SELF active substances in the products do for the skin:



SELF facial care products are packed with vitamins and oxidants for long-term protection and long-lasting hydration. Thanks to 100% natural ingredients, every SELF product is suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

A L L - D A Y  D R E A M E R  D A Y  C R E A M

This luxuriously replenishing and soothing day cream is made with 100% natural active ingredients and aromas that provide intensive nourishment and long-lasting protection for the skin. It’s the most trusted companion against visible signs of aging. 


Massage into the face using circular strokes for all-day hydration.




Combine with the All-Night Starlight Night Cream for a perfectly-hydrated skin, 24/7.

A L L - N I G H T  S T A R  L I G H T  N I G H T  C R E A M

This moisture-regulating night & eye cream penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin for long-lasting hydration and nourishment. It does not only restore dry and problematic skin; it also helps reduce visible signs of aging. Best applied before going to sleep, so one can wake up to softer, smoother and younger-looking skin.


Massage into the face using circular strokes until it gets fully absorbed on the skin. 




Combine with the All-Day Dreamer Day Cream for a perfectly-hydrated skin, 24/7.

B O O S T  O F  F R E S H N E S S  F A C I A L  L O T I O N

This mild&multi-action facial cleansing milk gently removes tallow, dirt and makeup without damaging and drying out the skin. It also shrinks the pores for naturally radiant results, while still preserving the skin’s natural moisture balance and barrier function. Plus, it’s so gentle that one can even use it on the delicate skin around the eyes.


Apply 2 to 3 drops of the Boost of Freshness Facial Lotion on a cleaning pad and gently apply on one's skin using small circular strokes. Use after the morning shower or before a good night’s rest for deep cleansing and naturally radiant results.



B O O S T  O F  O X Y G E N  F A C I A L  S C R U B

Packed with rice kennels and natural essential oils, this delightfully soft but effective facial scrub removes dead skin cells while nourishing &repairing the skin at the same time. For best results, use once or twice a week.


Apply a thick layer to freshly cleaned moist skin. Massage the face using small circular strokes to let it sit in the skin deeply. Leave it on the skin for about a minute and then rinse with lukewarm water thoroughly. Follow with All-Night Starlight for a deeply hydrating treatment for the skin.




Having a dull complexion? SELF facial scrub brings the skin back to life. Use once or twice a week or whenever the skin needs a boost. On the other days of the week, one can use the Boost of Softness konjac sponge for gentle exfoliation.

B O O S T  O F  I N D U L G E N C E  F A C I A L  M A S K

This soft facial mask is made with 100% natural ingredients and offers intense nutrition for the skin. It is extremely hydrating, and it counters wrinkles at the same time, too. When the skin is feeling extra dry or whenever you need an extra dose of comforting hydration, put on the mask and enjoy the SELF-care moment. The skin will thank for it.


Apply a thin layer onto freshly cleaned skin and let it sit on the skin for about 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and dry gently. For best results, use Boost of Freshness all-in one cleansing milk before putting on the mask. Good for all skin types, it’s suitable for everyday use.



Aside from five main ingredients this product also contains:


This extract derived from the Mexican Tequila plant is a natural elastomer with excellent skin enhancing properties. Has proven effectiveness in reducing wrinkles and has a long-lasting soothing effect on the skin.


Supports skin regeneration and has a calming and moisturizing effect on the skin.


Protects the skin against free radicals and helps improve skin elasticity. Contains a high concentration of Lycopene, a very powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against sun damage. Lycopene also ensures that the skin is well-protected against daily sun and pollution exposure, therefore preventing clogged pores, pimples and fine lines as well  as reducing wrinkle formation.

S O F T  L U X U R I O U S  L I P  B A L M

This luxurious lip balm melts oh-so-smoothly on the lips to replenish, moisture and protect the lips from dryness and humidity. Made only with 100% natural ingredients, it deeply hydrates chapped lips, instantly providing intense nourishment and leaving with silky smooth, supple lips. 


Dab onto the lips as often as like for long-lasting hydration and smoothness. 



Aside from five main ingredients this product also contains:


A vegan alternative for beeswax. Very rich in nutrients and easily absorbed into the skin. Acts as a barrier and helps seal in moisture for the skin.


Used effectively against inflammation and skin irritation. Also acts as an emollient that traps moisture and keeps skin well-hydrated.


Rich in phytosterols that help keep skin moisturized and protected against sun damage.


Acts as an emollient to maintain soft, smooth and supple skin.


Packed with nourishing antioxidants that draw water deep into the skin and seal it in for long-lasting hydration.

B O O S T  O F  S O F T N E S S  K O N J A C  S P O N G E

This cleansing sponge is made from 100% konjac powder, specially developed for gentle facial cleansing. It helps moisturize the skin while maintaining a healthy pH balance and all without damaging the skin’s own natural oils. 


Soak the sponge until fully softened and lightly rub over one's face using circular strokes. For best results, use in combination with the Boost of Freshness cleansing milk to gently remove dirt, tallow and makeup. After every use, rinse the sponge in water and gently squeeze excess water out. Air-dry the sponge to keep it in its best condition. Make sure to replace every 2-3 months.

S E L F  P I N K  C R Y S T A L  F A C I A L  R O L L E R

This ancient Asian skincare tool is the perfect addition to the skincare routine. Using the SELF Rose Quartz daily helps in eliminating toxins, reducing puffiness, and improving blood circulation to even out the skin. Most of all, it invites relaxation and SELF care, which are equally important to maintaining clear, smooth skin.


Start first at the chin, and roll horizontally out to the hairline. Next, move up to the nose, and roll from the corner of the nose out towards the ears. Afterwards, use the small end of the jade roller, and place it in the inner corner of the eye. Roll out toward the temples. Next, roll from the eyebrows upwards to the hairline, moving across the forehead. Finish by rolling the middle of the forehead horizontally out towards the temples. Use daily before you go to sleep, or as much as feel like.


SELF body care products contain 100%natural and vegan ingredients that respond exactly to what the skin needs. Each body care product is formulated to gently cleanse and hydrate even the most sensitive skin while nourishing, protecting and improving elasticity. SELF invites to treat one's body like a face and enjoy the invigorating me-time moments.

F I N E  D E L I G H T  H A N D & B O D Y  WA S H

This hand&body wash deeply cleanses the skin without drying it out. Containing no foam, it is formulated with a unique combination of rich essential oils to naturally cleanse the skin and give it long-lasting hydration. Perfectly suitable for all skin types and also for kids too. 


Gently squeeze a small amount of the body wash on the palm of the hands or on the loofah, then rub it all over the body. After a thorough cleanse, rinse it off with water. For long-lasting results, apply Fine Delicate Body Butter right after step out of the shower while the skin is still damp to help seal in the moisture.




It is also possible to use the body wash as a hydrating bath foam. Simply add a few drops of the body wash to the bath and let the power of the running water do the rest.

F I N E  D E L I C A T E  B O D Y  B U T T E R

Rich and light at the same time, this body butter melts smoothly on the skin for consistently glowing results. Made only with 100% natural ingredients, it provides intense nourishment for the skin while repairing and restoring its natural moisture balance with every use. 


Rub evenly over the body using upward strokes and until fully absorbed on the skin. Use whenever the skin needs a generous helping of comforting hydration.


• Naturally Soothing
• Intensive Moisturizing.


F I N E  D E L U X E  B O D Y  S C R U B

Made with Dead Sea salts and natural essential oils, this delicate body scrub effectively removes dead skin cells while providing intense
nourishment for the skin at the same time. Use as a body scrub to stimulate circulation and give the skin a silky-soft glow or as a bath salt to treat yourself to a revitalizing and detoxifying bathing experience. 


Apply a thick layer to freshly cleaned moist skin and massage all over the body using small circular strokes to let it sit deeply on the skin. Rinse with luke warm water and follow with Fine Delicate body butter for a lavishly relaxing self-care moment one won’t regret. Enjoy this delicate yet highly effective body scrub once or twice per week.




For a relaxing oil bath, simply add a few tablespoons of the Fine Deluxe Body Scrub to warm bath water. The natural oils will make the skin feel silky smooth afterwards.

The brand has developed special skin&body care routines and it is possible to buy products in such kits.


SELF thinks that the scalp and hair deserve as much love as the rest of the body, and decided to introduce two new products into the skincare line. The SELF shampoo and conditioner ARE free from silicones, parabens and chemical components such as SLS and SLES. They will give the hair more hydration, shine, gloss, strength and will preserve the hair color. Plus it’s suitable for all hair types, especially for ones with a sensitive and problematic scalp!

How can SELF shampoo and conditioner have all these benefits? The company uses the best ingredients straight from Mother Nature: Cocos Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Glycerine, Lypofructyl Argan, Shea butter, Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, and more. Each of these ingredients was selected because of its proven effectiveness. When combined, they work in perfect tandem to nourish and repair the scalp and hair.⁠

F I N E  R E S T O R I N G  H A I R  S H A M P O O

This gentle shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp without damaging the hair roots. The formula contains a unique combination of essential oils, providing an intensive moisturize to the scalp. The shampoo has been specially developed for dry, sensitive, itchy skin and is therefore suitable for everyone, even for the little ones.


F I N E  N O U R I S H I N G  H A I R  C O N D I T I O N E R

Fine Nourishing Hair Conditioner treats the hair with intensive and soothing care. The vegan and natural ingredients penetrate deeply into the hair roots, nourishing your hair from within. For shiny, healthy locks.


SELF does not stop there and plans to release several more new products, in the near future i.e. Q1 2022 will have also a deo.


Also for specific skin problems, the brand has kits such as an anti-acne kit and other sets that can be found on the website. Each SELF kit contains everything necessary for radiant, healthy skin. As an added extra, one may enjoy a nice discount.

A N T I  A С N E  K I T

This set contains four full-sized facial care products that fight dirt and give acne skin a well-deserved glow. The kit has been specially developed for people with oily skin who suffer from acne and blackheads. Treat the skin with vitamins and antioxidants maintaining a healthy pH balance and all without damaging the skin's own natural oils. For optimal effect, it's important to use the products for at least 6 weeks. In this period the skin barrier will adapt to natural ingredients, which can possibly lead to a temporary flare-up of acne. But it is recommended to continue the course of treatment for the best results.


The brand has already established its name in Europe i.e. in Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark. SELF has started in Kuwait, Oman, in few stores in the UK and the USA and wants to expand its global business. The company is looking for a partner with whom it can work together to increase sales through mutually beneficial cooperation.



If there are any questions about SELF, or just curious to learn more about the brand don’t hesitate to reach out and send an email to