Vegan Fox is a 100% hand-made truly vegan and ethical skincare brand from Latvia. Is was developed by Maija Rieksta-Riekstiņa for vegans, animal- and nature lovers. Vegan Fox supports activities that improve the lives of animals by participating in activities to ban fur farming and donating to animal shelters. There is a series of products for all skin types for all needs, Face Care, Body Care, Hair Care, Shower&Bath. Vegan Fox is already successfully sold in many European markets and in Baltics and is open for further international sales activity. The brand 92% -100% contains only natural ingredients such as oils, herbal extracts and powders, natural butters, and vitamins C and E. It has had Vegan Society certification since 2017.


The company Vegan Fox is a family business created by large mother and founder Maija Rieksta-Riekstiņa. The family-owned company produces ethical and vegan cosmetics, in which the natural ingredients are 92%-100%. All Vegan Fox products do not contain ingredients of animal origin and nothing is tested on animals. The company produces products in Latvia by hand, because it is more personal.

Every new day is a new opportunity. Several years ago Maija wasn't scared and took a big step to get out of her comfort zone, leaving a great position in a big company. She wanted to do something lasting that was in line with her life values and where part of her heart was added. Now, with Vegan Fox's products, can tell without hesitation that all efforts, energy, joy, and love she invested into the brand were not in vain.

Vegan Fox idea

It all started with a simple question – which cosmetics are truly vegan? Friends asked for advice on what to buy and what better not to buy. When the tiredness crept in when sailing on the ingredients of cosmetic products, the simple answer came – to create your own, clearly vegan cosmetics. The owner just had to get together and start building a business. Thoughts really have great power, because everything just started to happen – met the right people, listened to tips, came up with ideas from the first products, a fox came and demanded her place in the title because it is smart, beautiful, feminine and with great intuition.

What is Vegan Fox?

Vegan Fox supports activities that improve the lives of animals. Starting from participation in activities to ban fur farming to practical help to animal shelters in need.

«Everybody has the chance to help grow human and animal-friendly society. The choice of skin care can be the first step.»

Owner of Vegan Fox: Maija Rieksta-Riekstina


Vegan Fox is a young brand at the beginning of its journey. Vegan Fox inspires founders and others. Going their own way, everyone has the opportunity to change this world, where both humans and animals live worthily. Choosing cosmetics is just one step that shows our attitude and the things we care about.

The story of the brands is about dedicating our leisure time and resources to loving animals and restoring and cleansing nature, so that people, their children and all animals have the opportunity to live happier lives. By purchasing Vegan Fox products, people inspire each other to keep going and financial help to do more work to support animals and improve the environment.


Vegan Fox ingredients

There is a series of products for all purposes of self-care that could be bought separately as well as in kits.







Vegan Fox is already successfully sold in many European markets and in Baltics. It is possible to find Vegan Fox products in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic. In 2018 hand & foot creams set was on board for sale in Virgin Atlantic planes. Seen in Douglas, Etos (NL). Products are consistently produced and controlled according to Good manufacturing process standards (ISO 22716:2007 certification).