VODA UA is Ukrainian water that has a unique chemical composition, containing silver ions, which makes the water clean, tasty and highly useful. The water is produced by Mineralni Vody Karpat TOV. Extracted from one of the purest sources in Ukraine, VODA UA identifies as a 100% natural water. It is bottled without any physical and chemical corrections. Naturally, clean water sources are located in the heart of Ukraine, Cherkassy region, called "Little Carpathians". The unique ecological conditions and the exceptionally valuable water sources are highly recognized in Ukraine and around the world. The company provides the still water and sparkling water in the glass bottles, and in PET bottles. Furthermore, such water does not contain any chemical and artificial adding.

Life started with water and it is not possible without it. Clean, clear and cool liquid is all that's needed to be healthy. In addition, clean drinking water is an essential part of healthy nutrition. VODA UA has an ideal ph – 7.4. Furthermore, it contains a unique mineral composition and does not require any chemical correction, because it is already perfect.

The company makes everything that customers to be sure, that they drink only high-quality water, therefore VODA UA was certified by the national certification body, UkrSEPRO CERTATOM. Mineralni Vody Karpat provides the still water and sparkling water with the silver ions in different packages.

The glass is considered as one of the safest materials for water storage. The liquid in those bottles keeps fresh longer, does not lose useful minerals and microelements and its taste. Other benefits of glass bottle are high environmental friendliness and aesthetics of the product. Besides that, glass does not need additional quality checks and recycling. Still water in the glass is the choice of people, who care about the environment. Importantly, still water should be used during 180 days after producing.

It is proved that sparkling water more quenches thirst in hot summer weather. CO2 does not change the usefulness of water. This is the kind of beverage effectively restores the water level in a short period of time. VODA UA bottled without any physical and chemical corrections. Polyethylene terephthalate (or PET) are amenable to recycling and reusing. The substance of those paragraphs was adopted by the internationally acknowledged implementation of the environmental management system under the series of ISO. Importantly, sparkling water should be used during 360 days after producing.

Polyethylene terephthalate (or PET) bottles also have a lot of advantages. First of all, such kind of bottles are easy and convenient, and scientific researches make them healthy. Water in PET bottles does not lose taste and advantages. During the last years, there are more opportunities for product processing from PET and it helps to keep the planet clean.

The information about the concentration of the produced substance per 1 litre: