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OZONE GOLD natural ozonized cosmetics & supplements


Unrefined Riches Cosmetics for all skin types and tones

biOriens organic cosmetics for Boosting Your Beauty

The Munich cosmetic label biOriens with roots in Morocco used up itself completely the healthy and sustainable beauty. More and more people want to treat themselves fairly and sustainably with natural, genuine active ingredients. biOriens serves this need with a high-quality care line, in which modern knowledge unites with traditional methods of the Moroccan Berber, which set since primeval times in the nutrition and skin care on oils. The basis of the care products are high-quality vegetable oils, whose effectiveness is protected and continuously revitalized by a special biophotonic glass bottle. Argan oil, omega oil and prickly pear seed oil in organic quality ensure a radiant, natural and vital appearance and prevent skin aging. They also show excellent improvements for skin problems. Their positive effect on skin health has been proven in scientific studies.


WITAL natural tea with refined and exquisite taste

WITAL is a boutique German tea house with a unique product concept called WITAL TEA – a tea brand created in the luxury niche market for clientele with refined and exquisite tastes. The uniqueness of the product lies within its origins. All the exclusive WITAL TEA varieties are collected from the most distinguished, rarest and thoroughly cared for plantations worldwide. WITAL creates luxury tea blends from the finest leaves from around the world, using the experience of the prominent German tea taster Stephan Schonewald combined with the cutting-edge innovation. The highest quality and standards are applied during each step of the process: from tea leaf selection to harvesting and packaging into royal tea bags.


Elysius Premium Natural Aloe Vera Gel

Elysius Naturkosmetik is a manufacturer of The Elysius Aloe Vera Gel. Elysius has opened a new era of exceptional cosmetics combining externally luxury, elegance and grace with ecological purity of Aloe natural extract. It is a perfect combination of miracle plant properties with a high-quality glass bottle and stylish packaging. The Aloe Vera Gel contains 99,3% of real Aloe vera leaf juice ecologically grown in the Canary Islands, with more than 200 active ingredients, without any powder extract. Based on the anti-bactericidal properties of this unique plant, Aloe Vera Gel provides skin cleansing and regeneration, fights with acne and other skin problems. It perfectly cares the skin during sunbathing or can be applied as healing after sunburns. The scientists have proven that Aloe vera leaf juice has anti-ageing properties and fights with wrinkles, crow's feet, and baggy eyes, removing swelling caused by an excess of water between the layers of the skin. It could be also used to resume hair growth.


ARMINA organic floral cosmetic




Shlosem's healthy beverages unique in recipe and content

Dr.Weiler aesthetic taste spray that curbs sweet tooth

Exclusive interview for SPINOFF.COM with Dr. Matthias Weiler, AZ Zahncreme Gmbh, Founder and CEO, about the – aesthetic taste spray, which is a revolutionary new product to curb your sweet tooth. Dr. Weiler – THE AESTHETIC TASTE - spray works by a completely natural way. Flavors have been proven to curb cravings for sugar, by tricking senses into thinking, that the craving has been satisfied. Most of us consume too much sugar as it is hidden in many foods and highly concentrated in soft drinks and sweets. Sugar is the only substance that people consume, which has no nutritional value but a lot of calories. Excessive sugar consumption is nowadays recognized as the main health problem worldwide, leading to overweight.


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