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Balsamic Vinegar of Modena since 1605


Genoscope cosmeceuticals & nutraceuticals

Altearah Bio Emotive Organic Cosmetics

Altearah is a French manufacturer of 'emotive cosmetics ' that creates a number of signature Parfum de Soin, body products and face range treatments based on organic and 100% natural essential oils and active ingredients. It applies the unique concept of colours and emotions spanning the rainbow and beyond. The multi-sensory experience provides immediate well-being in the spa and at home to overcome the emotional disconnections or difficulties. Altearah whole-heartedly believes in the importance of responsible and environmentally conscious living. All Altearah products are certified natural, organic and respectful of man and the environment thanks to several quality certifications: Ecocert, One Voice, Sud de France and Slow Cosmetics. A full range of Altearah products is perfect for all skin types for professional use and resale.

22 days ago

Dr. E.Voss the art of skin care made in Germany

The dream was to develop a skincare product that would only consist of ingredients respecting the skin’s needs, protecting and caring for it. After years of applied testing, the dream became a reality and Dr. E.Voss Professional Care was born. Dr. Eckart Voss and the team are fortifying this by striving to offer very good customer care and consultation a logical complement to high-end professional products. Today, after years of success since 2011, Dr. E. Voss offers reliable skincare products which customers can trust because they see that they really work right in their mirror!

57 days ago

Green cosmetic brand from Tuscany

Dr.Taffi Bionatural Research Laboratories were founded in 1987, thanks to biologist Dr. Enio Taffi. Love for Tuscany and nature gave first inspiration and still are the most precious heritage for preparations. The mission of the family company to realize green cosmetics with natural ingredients and to obtain vegetable cosmetic excellence for skin, hair care, perfumes, toiletries. The cosmetic range of Dr.Taffi's products is striking in its diversity and includes collections of face and body skin care products. The aromatic compositions of each collection are charmed with their unique aromas of flowers, chilli peppers and fresh natural aromas. In addition, the company is a manufacturer of persistent and unique Tuscan Acqua Di Bolgheri branded perfumes. Along with cosmetics and perfumes, the company also produces cosmetics for spas, aromatic oils, fragrances for home and premises enchanting with a variety of aromas.

57 days ago

A Premium Home-Style Ice Cream


Natura Siberica Cosmetics of Wild Herbs and Flowers


Biopeptix evidence-based skincare line

Nanoplast forte is the power of science against pain

The company NanoTech Pharma has been operating since 2009. The company is a manufacturer and developer of a number of pharmaceutical products and products, including the medical patch Nanoplast Forte. Therapeutic anesthetic anti-inflammatory Nanoplast forte is a new standard for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Detailed clinical studies based on evidence-based medicine have shown that the Nanoplast forte therapeutic patch has high efficacy and safety for both reliefs of acute conditions and course therapy for various diseases of the joints, spine, muscles and ligaments.


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